Jubo : Text 054. Quirks

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: SyKim5, Clapkingle

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Shen Yuan immediately cheered and poured two more glasses for the two of them. When the champagne ran out, he had the waiter bring out a few more bottles of Louis XIII.

It was only them who could gulp down drinks like this with no regret. Altogether, the two men completely finished five bottles of champagne. In the end, neither men showed any signs of drunkenness. Immediately thinking that this would not do, they had the waiter bring out a bottle of vodka with an alcohol content of more than ninety percent. Drinking a glass of this would definitely result in drunkenness, unless the person had an extraordinary constitution.

Wang Cheng stared at the vodka, which Shen Yuan had poured. He had drunk liquor with more than eighty-five percent alcohol content before and that was the only time he had been drunk. After that, the old monk refused to let him drink that percentage of alcohol again. He did not know what his own drunken behavior was like; however, the old monk’s words could not be completely disregarded.

“You don’t dare to?” Shen Yuan saw him hesitating and immediately smiled. If neither one of the two men gets drunk after this, he would write his name backwards.

“Don’t try using psychological methods, just drink.” Wang Cheng lifted the glass in front of him, raised his head, and drank it in one gulp.

Shen Yuan just wanted to remind him that this kind of liquor had huge aftereffects and that drinking a gulp of it could easily cause intoxication, but before he could even open his mouth, the glass in Wang Cheng’s hand was bottomed out.

“I finished drinking.” Wang Cheng looked at him proudly.

Shen Yuan extended two fingers. “How many is this?”

“Do you think I’m an idiot, even a three-year-old kid would know that.” Wang Cheng snorted disdainfully. Just when everyone thought he was not drunk, he confidently added a sentence, “Of course it’s three!”

“Pffft, haha!” Shen Yuan spurted in laughter, “Good guy, acting like you’re not drunk. You almost got me deceived.”

“I‘ll take him back first. You guys can keep playing by yourselves.” Chu Yifeng stood up and pulled over the appears to be not drunk but is in fact, already drunk to the point of not being able to differentiate between one-two-three, Wang Cheng. Not waiting for Shen Yuan to respond, he immediately took the man with him and left the private room, leaving behind two men: one with a thoughtful expression and the other one who seemed to have a much more meaningful expression.

Chu Yifeng took Wang Cheng out of the Red Sun. The waiter had already driven the car over and respectfully handed him the key. Chu Yifeng opened the car door, threw the man in, and sat in the driver’s seat. Under the watchful eyes of the waiter, he drove away from the street where the Red Sun Bar was located.

“Boss, where are we going?” Wang Cheng clung to the back of the driver’s seat and his head stretched out from the middle to look at the driving Chu Yifeng. He appeared normal, but once he opened his mouth, his abnormality was exposed.

“Going home.” Chu Yifeng did not even turn his head around.

“Oh, then slow down. I’m afraid I might vomit.”

“Then withdraw your head.”

Wang Cheng obediently withdrew, but after a while he extended it again. “Boss, actually I’ve always wanted to tell you something.”

“Whatever you wanna say, wait til you get home to say it.”

“Why can’t I say it now?”

“Because I‘m driving.”

Wang Cheng did not speak again. He was silent for a long time. When Chu Yifeng thought he might have fallen asleep, he suddenly called him, “Boss.”

As soon as Chu Yifeng’s head slightly slanted, Wang Cheng’s face magnified in his eyes, and then he was kissed.

This ‘originator of the evil practice’ even smacked his lips with a ‘mwah’, said it was really delicious, and then kissed Chu Yifeng a few more times. By the time the latter managed to respond, he had already closed his eyes and fallen asleep with his chin pressed against the back of the seat.

This was the reason why the old monk no longer allowed Wang Cheng to get drunk in front of him. It was because Wang Cheng had a slight kissing habit; as long as he had not collapsed in drunkenness, one would always need to be on alert against him seizing an opportunity to kiss. The old monk did not mention to him about his drunk state. However, Wang Cheng knew that whatever it was that had caused the old monk to earnestly exhort and repeat this matter must certainly not be good; therefore, he would not easily get drunk in front of outsiders. Fortunately, his alcohol tolerance was also high so the old monk was not worried about him.

The next day, Wang Cheng woke up in a bright room, only to feel a splitting headache. The feeling of having a hangover was really not that good. He had not experienced it for a long time. A second later, he realized that something was wrong. The room furnishings and the bed under him did not seem to be his.

Wang Cheng suddenly sat up, as the door of the bedroom abruptly opened.

Chu Yifeng was standing at the door. “Come out if you’ve woken up.”

“That…anything…I was drunk last night. I didn’t do anything rude, yeah?” Wang Cheng awkwardly came in front of him. It did not feel like anything was different from the past, but as a precaution, he decided to ask, just in case.

“Really wanna know?” Chu Yifeng looked at him with a sly look.

Wang Cheng nodded and had a face full of expectation.

“…” Had I known this earlier, I wouldn’t have asked.

The corners of Chu Yifeng’s mouth raised. “You kept stealing kisses from me last night.”


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  1. Blood

    I’m sure Boos Chu enjoyed each one of them ….. maybe now he wants me to take responsibility (っ ̄з ̄)っ♡

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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  2. I want to ask you if you don’t mind, i want to translate this novel into my language, Arabic.

    if you don’t mind, can i do it?

    I’m waiting for your reply.

    Thank you on this The beautiful novel ♥♥


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