Love is More Than a Word

Love is More Than a Word

Original Title: 识汝不识丁

Author: Su Youbing【酥油饼】

Category: Historical, Romance, Drama, Adapted to Drama

Content: 118 Chapters


Gu She was a cold, intelligent, and well-educated litigant. He started out with indifferent feelings toward the new magistrate Tao Mo in town but through solving many cases together, they gradually developed feelings for each other. What he did not know: the new magistrate was illiterate, and his post was bought through money. Described as naive and well-meaning, he only liked to stare at pretty boys. Throughout their journey, he also unveiled secrets behind his father’s death. A love triangle was formed when his old lover Emperor Wen of Chen appears half-way into the story. (Cr. / taken from LIMTAW’s VIKI Page).

Disclaimer: We don’t own this story. All credits to Su Youbing. No spoilers please. We haven’t read the entire novel. Please bear in mind that most of us are not native Chinese and English speakers and we are beginners in terms of translating novels. Please do not re-post this without our approval. We are open to feedback and correction so please feel free to send us a message anytime. Please support the author by reading the story in its original language here.

Usagi Notes: We have permission from Agrypnia Scan to continue this story. This was adapted to a series back in 2016 with the following cover photo:

Table of Contents :

Chapter 1 – The New Magistrate Takes Up the Post

Chapter 2 – The Famous Masters and Outstanding Disciples

Chapter 3 – It Never Rains but it Pours