Special Property

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Title: Special Property

Author: Kain Guru

Category: Romance, Drama, Boy’s Love, Mature


“Newbie, I’ve now chosen you to be my uke.”

Ren Kato will never forget these words on his first day at an all-boys boarding school. Here, the rule is “seme or uke,” predator or prey. It isn’t about love, or even sex. It’s about coping and survival. Either you rule or you become someone else’s property.

Through a sick twist of fate, he’s now the property of Kensuke Takahashi, the most predatory and unruly of them all. Thus, a very unusual and contentious relationship begins. But what happens when feelings between the boys start to develop? Will it bring them closer or rip them apart?


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Table of Contents :

Chapter 1. Foreword
Chapter 2. The Chosen
Chapter 3. Lunch at St. Catherine’s
Chapter 4. Know Your Role
Chapter 5. Touring St. Catherine’s
Chapter 6. Dinner at St. Catherine’s
Chapter 7. On the Topic of Semes, Ukes, and Showers
Chapter 8. Shower Time
Chapter 9. A Fated Encounter
Chapter 10. End of the Longest Day
Chapter 11. Breakfast at St. Catherine’s
Chapter 12. First Day at a New School
Chapter 13. Wolf vs. Wolf
Chapter 14. Reflection of the Wolf
Chapter 15. Rumor Has It
Chapter 16. Honest Feelings
Chapter 17. The Sports Complex
Chapter 18. The 9 o’clock Swap
Chapter 19. A Wet Dream
Chapter 20. If Only
Chapter 21. Arguments
Chapter 22. Can’t, or Won’t?
Chapter 23. The Voice of the Sunrise
Chapter 24. A New Challenger
Chapter 25. Visit to the Wolf’s Den
Chapter 26. Uke Game Night
Chapter 27. Uke Trouble
Chapter 28. Seme Trouble
Chapter 29. A Saturday Morning Swim
Chapter 30. Around the Track
Chapter 31. Life’s No Picnic
Chapter 32. Friendship
Chapter 33. A Different Perspective on Dating
Chapter 34. Conflicting Advice
Chapter 35. First Date
Chapter 36. Strong Counsel
Chapter 37. About Love
Chapter 38. My Wolf
Chapter 39. Fire and Gasoline
Chapter 40. Music to the Ears
Chapter 41. Caring, Yet Uncomfortable
Chapter 42. Reversible
Chapter 43. Saving the Wolf
Chapter 44. Fifteen Minutes
Chapter 45. Concern
Chapter 46. Cards
Chapter 47. Hot and Cold
Chapter 48. Reinjured
Chapter 49. Bonding
Chapter 50. Dinner with my Wolf
Chapter 51. Sleepover
Chapter 52. Another Saturday Morning Swim
Chapter 53. Foresome
Chapter 54. TLC, Part 1
Chapter 55. TLC, Part 2
Chapter 56. TLC, Part 3
Chapter 57. A Visit to the Headmaster’s Office
Chapter 58. Self-Centered
Chapter 59. All Apologies
Chapter 60. War
Chapter 61. Perviness
Chapter 62. Flirting
Chapter 63. Betrayal
Chapter 64. Beyond a Simple Friendship
Chapter 65. Third Date
Chapter 66. In Too Deep
Chapter 67. A Hot Shower
Chapter 68. Fourth Date
Chapter 69. Fourth Date, Part 2
Chapter 70. Lovesick
Chapter 71. Aftermath
Chapter 72. Tending the Wounded
Chapter 73. When You Love Someone
Chapter 74. Love, Finally
Chapter 75. Epilogue
Chapter 76. Author’s Note
Seme/Uke, Book Two of Special Property

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Also, I personally and legally own a copy of the cover image for this book and content herein. Please do not plagiarize my works without consent.

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Special thanks to my editor E Xandros for keeping me on track with all the details of this story.

Also thanks to Ren Hisaski for inspiring me to write and taking the time to answer my endless questions about his culture, and the other members of CrescentMoon.blog for their continued encouragement.