TUMBT : Chapter 64

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

“Second Highness, I heard that the Third Prince has taken Imperial Tutor Mu’s disgraceful son into the palace as a male pet.” Guan Rong whispered to the Second Prince.

The Second Prince was currently playing with Su Ying. He did not listen at all to what Guan Rong has said. Little Su Ying was running up ahead while holding a plump bamboo pinwheel. The Second Prince chased after him and pretended to catch his breath from behind, just to make his sweetheart happy.

“Come here, you can’t catch me…” Su Ying was panting while he was running. His little chest was heaving up and down.

The Second Prince was too reluctant to let Su Ying run again. He deliberately sat on a rattan chair next to the flower bed. He shook his head as he said: “I can’t. I can’t. Daddy’s legs are broken. I can’t catch up with His Excellency Su Ying…”

Su Ying, with an angered face, had one of his hands holding his waist, while he pointed at the The Second Prince with the other, as he said: “Wrong, you should call Su Ying an immortal. I’m the immortal who transcended to the mortal world, specifically here to capture you, evil monster!”

“Very well, Immortal Su Ying!” The Second Prince stretched out his arms to let Su Ying pounce unto his embrace.

Ever since Su Ying was rescued from the Third Prince’s premises, the Second Prince no longer allowed him to go to the Third Prince’s small courtyard. However, Su Ying would always mention that, within the Third Prince’s room, there was a Celestial Being. There were two magical color beads on the Celestial Being’s face. Su Ying would then cry as he asked the Second Prince to help him find the Celestial Being and his magical color beads.

The Second Prince was puzzled in his heart. Why did Su Ying take special interest in the Third Prince’s treasures and ignore all of the toys that he has given him? Even in his dreams, he kept on talking about the magical color beads. The Second Prince was somewhat delighted in his heart. He also wanted to know how beautiful these magical color beads were, considering how obsessed Su Ying was with these beads, even though he has seen countless treasures before.

While the Second Prince was still thinking about it, someone next to him suddenly cleared his throat. He turned around, only to see Guan Rong pointing at Su Ying, who was in his embrace. The Second Prince then lowered his head, only to find out that the baby in Guan Rong’s arms has fallen asleep. Su Ying’s long eyelashes were covering his eyelids, and his delicate little face had a faint smiling expression.

The Second Prince’s heart suddenly blossomed with love and affection. He could not help but to bow down and kiss Su Ying’s smooth forehead.

Guan Rong, who was beside him, said: “Second Highness, did you hear what I just said?”

“What did you say?” The Second Prince asked him while he was gently patting Su Ying’s back.

After listening to his response, Guan Rong went over and whispered in the Second Prince’s ear: “I heard that the Third Prince has taken Imperial Tutor Mu’s disgraceful son into the palace as a male pet.”

The Second Prince wasn’t the least bit concerned about this matter that Guan Rong said in response. He just sneered: “The monks also have a day when they would break from their vegetarian diet. Indeed, the Third Prince has a unique way of looking at things.”

When Guan Rong saw that he was not able to achieve his purpose, he went on adding oil and vinegar [1] to his story: “But there are also people outside the imperial palace who propagate that you, Second Highness, are such a person, too.”

([1]「添油加醋」Guan Rong added details while telling his story to make it more interesting.)

“What kind of person am I?” The Second Prince narrowed his eyes toward Guan Rong, revealing a perilous atmosphere in his eyes.

Guan Rong, having met with such a look from him, obviously lacked confidence. However, the words that he spoke of had already gone to this extent — not carrying on with what he was saying was clearly impossible. That was the reason why he was forced to say very cautiously: “People outside the imperial palace were spreading rumors that there are two ascetic princes. One would be the Third Prince, and the other would be Your Highness… You… The…”

Guan Rong looked at The Second Prince’s expression, then he carried on saying: “Second Highness has not considered accepting an imperial concubine or a few male pets to shut the people’s mouths. Otherwise, the Third Prince would come around, while the Second Prince would still be the talk of the town. Since the birth of the little Banner Prince [2], you, the Second Highness, have poured your heart out on him, not taking into account your own…”

([2]「贝子」”Beize” – pertaining to Su Ying. It is a rank of the Manchu nobility below that of Beile. It’s translated as “Prince of the Fourth Rank,” “Banner Prince” or “Banner Lord.”)

“That’s enough. Get out!” The Second Prince could not hold back. There was a displeased look in his eyes.

Guan Rong heard this remark. He was left with no other choice but to sigh. He awkwardly left the Second Prince’s bedchamber.

The Second Prince looked down to see the baby in his embrace and temporarily forgot the words that Guan Rong had just said. In his heart, tens of thousands of imperial concubines or male pets were not as good as Su Ying’s nose and eyes. The Second Prince affixed his own cheek and Su Ying’s cheek together, enjoying the warmth and tranquility of the moment; however, he suddenly felt Su Ying’s cheek was inadvertently exuding a certain degree of heat.

The Second Prince’s heart tightened. He took off Su Ying’s little velvet robe and inner garments, revealing a smooth, white and tender little body. He suddenly found that the red mark on Su Ying’s body has gotten bigger. He lightly touched the red mark with his hand and felt that the red mark was the hottest point. It was slowly spreading to the surrounding areas. The heat that he felt on Su Ying’s cheeks actually originated from this part…

The Second Prince recalled that Su Ying seemed to have been easily getting tired lately. After playing for a while, Su Ying would always fall asleep in his arms. When he first came to the Imperial Physician for diagnosis and treatment, he only said that children within Su Ying’s age range generally have weak bodies and would most likely get tired for a period of time. It was not much of a problem.

These symptoms gradually appeared right after Su Ying came out from the Third Prince’s courtyard… Thinking of this, the Second Prince could not help but to look down only to see Su Ying’s quiet face. He had never revealed such anxiousness and panic in his eyes before.



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    W-wait! But third prince never did anything to Su Ying…right? Ah, I need to reread to remember 😅😅
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