BMHS : Chapter 16.2 – It’s warm. It’s a real person. It’s not a dream.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

His previous body was not this bad. When he ran the whole course under the rain, he would still attend class as usual in the next day. He thought about it for a while. It seemed that because he has not slept well lately, his body had gotten worse.

“Achoo!” He sneezed again.

After taking a quick hot bath, Meng Ting was planning to nestle in his bed and cover his body with a blanket so that he could sweat a little and get better soon.

Meng Qi actually had a real friendly affection for Meng Ting these days. Meng Ting also beat him, but who told him to look good? He took some medicine and knocked again on Meng Ting’s door.

After knocking for a long while, he saw Meng Ting with his wet and messy hair as he opened the door.

“Are you stupid? Your hair hasn’t dried up and yet you already rushed to bed and went to sleep.”

Meng Ting’s hazy eyes opened wide, then he touched his own hair. It was indeed wet. He glared at Meng Qi. “This is sweat, you don’t understand.”

It was not at all easy for him to conceal his sweating, but it was really necessary to take a shower and wash his hair again.

Meng Qi was simply overwhelmed by Meng Ting’s ‘don’t understand’ attitude. He put his hand against the door and leisurely said, “Go dry your hair. I’ll have someone change your quilt. This is cold medicine. Take it and then go rest again.”

Meng Ting looked at Meng Qi then he turned around and looked at the bed that he messed up. At last, he nodded and moved aside to let Meng Qi come in.

Meng Ting measured Meng Qi with his eyes in a glance and ensured that Meng Qi would not mess around his room before he entered the bathroom.

Meng Qi personally experienced it once, and once again, he looked at Meng Ting, who was afraid that he might mess up his room. Even if he still had evil intentions, he did not have the courage to harm him. Furthermore, besides Yan Sui who was backing Meng Ting up, he could not afford to offend the entire Meng family.

As he had said, he had people come in and change Meng Ting’s bed sheet. Afterwards, he considerately poured him water to drink. When the servant came to deliver Meng Ting’s breakfast that was provided by Yan Sui, he also acted on his behalf to accept it.

However, Meng Ting stayed in the bathroom for a very long time. By doing this, he seemed to not understand how to show consideration to Meng Qi. Meng Qi also felt that he was a very understanding person. This was his first time to appear like this. He knocked on the door again ‘bang bang bang’ , “Meng Ting, did you pass out in there?”

“If you won’t come out, I’ll break the door!”

Meng Qi was going to change his words when Meng Ting opened the door. He wore long-sleeved pajamas, wrapped himself tightly, and dried his hair. His face was slightly flushed. Meng Qi did not know whether it was because he took a bath or because he was feverish.

Meng Qi raised his hand to touch his forehead, but in a split second, Meng Ting’s gentle eyes turned swift and fierce.

Meng Qi quiveringly withdrew his hand. “Here’s the medicine. Remember to take it and there’s breakfast over there.”

“If you still feel sick, just say it. It is not an inconvenience to invite a doctor at home.”

“Okay,” said Meng Ting. Then he stared at Meng Qi but Meng Qi seemed to be unable to pick up what Meng Ting wanted to imply so he could only tell Meng Qi directly, “Thank you. Now I want to rest. It’s not comfortable if you’re in my room.”

Meng Qi continued to stare at him again, but he had no choice but to get out of Meng Ting’s room. When he was about to leave, he turned around again and said, “I’ll go back to my place. If you’ve got something, go find Uncle Wen. Don’t hide it and not say anything.”

Meng Qi swore that he had never fended off this old maid’s [1] heart, but Meng Ting obviously did not understand that he rarely does this.

([1] May be referring to Meng Ting but it’s not clear.)

“Thank you.” Meng Ting politely said to Meng Qi and then closed the door.

Meng Ting was actually not completely oblivious of Meng Qi’s good intentions for him, but Meng Qi was a member of the Meng Family, so it was inevitable for Meng Ting to be unable to open his heart up to Meng Qi. He looked at the food container, the medicine bottle and the water on the table. He stepped forward, picked up the bottle and finally threw it into the garbage bin.

He opened the food container and took a few bites. He looked completely relieved now. He pulled out his phone from his pajamas’ pocket, then sent a text message to Yan Sui.

“I’m eating breakfast and it’s delicious.”

After he finished his breakfast, Meng Ting waited for a while until Yan Sui replied to his text message, then he nestled back in to his bed. During the entire day, he was muddle-headed, but no one was aware of Meng Ting getting sick except for Meng Qi, who had already left the old house.

As for Meng Ting, he got caught up once again in the cycle of a never-ending nightmare. He did not even notice that his mobile phone vibrated a few times already.

“This is Young Master Meng Ting’s room,” Uncle Wen received a notice at noon that Yan Sui would come to the Meng’s residence, but now that he received the person himself, he still felt that it was unreal.

On one hand, Yan Sui came here to chat with Old Master Meng; while on the other — which was more important — he came to see Meng Ting and in passing, took him to go and get their marriage certificate. Originally, Secretary Wang said that as long as he had both of their photos, he would be able to do it for them, but Yan Sui rejected him.

He thought that Meng Ting was hoping to marry him, so he should be very happy to get the certificate by themselves. Of course, for one thing, it was to make him happy and for another, the call last night had made Yan Sui rather worried about Meng Ting. He could not be at ease at all if he did not see Meng Ting in person. Besides, he had a few reasons, so he could come over.

Uncle Wen had been knocking on Meng Ting’s door for quite a while, but still no one opened it. He was in a bit an awkward situation, so he could only continue to knock.

After a long time had passed, only then did Meng Ting came and open the door.

His face was even more ghastly than earlier that morning. Because of his continuous nightmare, of course his mood became quite bad and now, he was even awakened by this monotonous and constant knocking sound. Naturally, his expression became more dire and a bit irritated.

“What’s the matter… Yan Sui?” Meng Ting could not help but to rub his eyes. He was afraid that he was still sleepy, so he was in a daze and mistakenly saw a certain person; however, even after he finished rubbing his eyes, Yan Sui was still right before his very eyes. His eyebrows were slightly knitted, and he was looking at him with slightly cold expression.

Aside from good intentions and maliciousness, Meng Ting was not sensitive to others’ emotions; moreover, at this moment when he was sick, he would naturally be a bit slower. He rushed forward and leaned halfway to Yan Sui. He reached out and touched Yan Sui’s cheek. “It’s warm. It’s a real person. It’s not a dream.”

There was a flash of helplessness in Yan Sui’s eyes. He took Meng Ting into his embrace and looked toward Uncle Wen.

Although Uncle Wen was very surprised by Meng Ting’s ‘impudent’ behavior to Yan Sui, with his experience as a housekeeper in that place for many years, he was able to maintain his expression and slightly bowed as he left and did not return.



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