TUMBT : Chapter 74

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie -acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

When Su Ruhan turned and walked away, Mu Xueshi felt a heartrending intestinal ache hit him. He curled on the ground like a shrimp and groans of pain escaped his lips as his facial expression twisted into one of extreme agony.

At this moment, a very familiar pair of shoes appeared right before Mu Xueshi’s eyes. The shoes were familiar and so was the man who wore them. Mu Xueshi could not contain his excitement in his heart; but because of the severe pain in his body, he could not express his feelings. He could only reach out to grab a hold on to the Third Prince’s ankle. However, to his surprise, when he reached out with his pale hand, it was stepped on by the Third Prince with his right foot. His hand was firmly stepped on by the Third Prince.

Mu Xueshi’s heart sank. With his body in such a weak state, he was unable to withdraw his hand. It took a lot of effort for Mu Xueshi to just lift his head up to look at the Third Prince. Although he had a familiar visage, it was not as kind as it had always been.

The Third Prince indifferently looked at the beautiful face on the ground. He did not know why but, the more that this delicate little face looked sad and pitiful, the more that the Third Prince felt indignant. He originally wanted to trample upon that face, but he unexpectedly could not move his foot. Even trampling on Mu Xueshi’s hand required him to continuously control his strength.

When he sent Mu Xueshi away to the wasteland to serve his penal sentence and watched that burly man brandish a whip in his hands, using it on Mu Xueshi’s body, it never stirred any feelings in him whatsoever. However, by just living together for half a month, his feelings toward that person under his foot greatly changed. With Mu Xueshi around him every day, speaking a sweet and cloying ‘Xi,’ he was so easily conquered.

The Third Prince coldly groaned at the person under him, then walked out of the Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge with a livid expression. He did not need to turn his head back and he did not need to be soft-hearted — how Mu Xueshi fell ill was his own mistake. To the Third Prince, he was not Mu Xueshi. He was just his younger brother, the son of Imperial Tutor Mu. With this in his mind, the blue veins in the Third Prince’s forehead were bulging out. He leaped up into the air, leaving no traces of him left behind.

When Mu Xueshi woke up, he saw Su Ruhan sitting by his bed’s side. The room was very humid. He even felt his quilt was damp. Mu Xueshi tried his best to divert his attention so as not to focus on his pain or the matter that had happened earlier, and because of that, he kept on stroking the quilt. While he was grumbling, he tried to befriend Su Ruhan.

This had been the second time that Su Ruhan had saved him and he even decocted medicinal herbs for Mu Xueshi. Mu Xueshi solemnly felt very moved because of this. He had never expected that in this place where he was a mere prisoner, he had so many people who were good to him.

Su Ruhan was… and the Third Prince was, too. However, thinking back about the Third Prince, Mu Xueshi could not help but remember the scene wherein the Third Prince stepped on his hand. He felt so miserable in his heart so that he could hardly breathe.

Mu Xueshi had never expected that, as a thoughtless person as he was once, he would care so much about the Third Prince’s every action and every move. He had never felt such delicate feelings before, not even to the girl he once secretly fell in love with.

This was the first time that he had realized that getting along with others would be so painful. If he had known earlier that it would be like this, he should not have befriended the Third Prince. If he was just like before wherein he did not have any friends and did not have a girl who loved him, although he occasionally felt lonely or furious, he would never experience the pain and suffering after this loss.

Was it really too lonely in this world? If he could go back and become Chen Youzai again, with so many classmates and his parents by his side, would he be able to forget the Third Prince in just a few days?

The Third Prince placed explosive pellets in his mouth to blow him up before, he also dragged a servant to the center of the courtyard to flog him, and he even forced Mu Xueshi to witness it. Now, he stepped on Mu Xueshi’s hand… Even though the Third Prince got hurt because of Mu Xueshi’s mistakes, the Third Prince should have visited him as a sick person. The Third Prince put the blame on him and even thought of him as a despicable person. As a matter of fact, this was not trust among friends, but an insult and violation to his dignity as a person.

Moreover, the Third Prince always treated him coldly and indifferently. Even though Mu Xueshi had always been around the Third Prince, the Third Prince rarely looked at him in the eyes.

“No. No matter what, I should forget him. He’s so annoying!”

Mu Xueshi suddenly shouted loudly and used his little fist to ruthlessly punch the hard bed a few times. His two big gem-like eyes seemed as if they would spout fire. His spotless white teeth bit his rosy little lips hard, and his face looked as if he was facing a formidable foe.



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