BMHS : Chapter 20.1 – Anyway, this was Yan Sui’s first time to be pushed down on bed

Author : Jianjia Nizi

Translator : FoxyJung, Renkun27

Proofreader : KainGuru

Meng Ting’s jaw was slightly raised, his eyes were pure and clean, and he was completely clueless about how significant those words that he had uttered were. Perhaps, that was exactly what he wanted to convey; but for an average person, it was really difficult to utter such words with an earnest look.

It was not a love confession, it was Meng Ting’s sincere words; but it could still make people feel shocked.

The two of them gazed at each other for long time. Yan Sui’s ears gradually became hot and he was once again stirred up by Meng Ting’s words, making Yan Sui somewhat at a loss. He looked at him and Meng Ting did not shy away from his gaze. Meng Ting looked frank and sincere and there was sincerity in his eyes. He was certain. He was serious…

Meng Ting did not deliberately say these words to tease him, but after he carefully thought about it, he felt that he had to tell Yan Sui those frank and straightforward words that could warm up people’s heart.

He could not refute Meng Ting’s words at all. For him, Meng Ting was truly a treasure he could only find by chance. To be met with such words of confession, he felt overly helpless and also happy in his heart. It was the kind of happiness that could not be overlooked.

Without using much force, Yan Sui gently pulled Meng Ting into his arms and embraced him, then he said, “Yes, you’re right.”

He liked Meng Ting and Meng Ting liked him as well.

Once again, a smile bloomed on Meng Ting’s face. Rubbing his face against the other again would not be enough. He leaned over and glanced at Yan Sui’s lips, then he pecked his cheek.

His cherry-colored lips fell on Yan Sui’s tensed face. His kiss was like a feather carelessly brushing his cheek, bringing along a bit of Meng Ting’s scent.

Yan Sui’s eyes were dazzled and his body stiffened. At this moment, he should react a bit or do something a bit, yet he fell into this soft kiss—he was mystified. The firmness and frankness that he had before were completely gone now.

Meng Ting’s eyes were still opened wide. Kissing was a matter that was new and unfamiliar to him, but since he was not rejected by the other, he smiled then leaned on Yan Sui’s shoulder, “I want to kiss you. I couldn’t resist it. Will you wash your face later?”

Yan Sui pursed his lips. He was afraid that he would not want to wash his own face. He lifted his hands then touched Meng Ting’s face.

Meng Ting was still a little feverish and Yan Sui’s hands felt really comfortable touching him. He could not refrain from grazing his hands on Meng Ting’s face.

Yan Sui felt that Meng Ting liked this, so he also did not stop. After a long time, he let go of Meng Ting, then took him to continue walking, but the feeling of his heart continuously beating never wavered. He was drowned in this fast rate. He was twenty-eight years old, yet he never felt like this before.

There was no magnificent and exquisite parterre in the Yans’ old residence. There was only one emerald green lawn. Meng Ting could not see anything else, but he felt that the field looked good. He would not have to worry about not having a place where he could have his morning jogs later.

The sky was gradually getting darker and became more evident because of the white lamp at the edge of the lawn. It was going to rain today. Yan Sui took a tour around with Meng Ting. Seeing that it was almost time to take Meng Ting back, they only walked around once on each floor.

“Nanny Wang and Uncle Xiao lives here. When I’m not at home and you need something later, but you can’t find anyone in the living room, you can just come here.” After saying that, they walked some more. When they reached the fitness room, Yan Sui talked again, “This is our fitness room. If the weather is good in the future, you can run here and exercise.”

It was just a fitness room, but it was actually very big. There were all kinds of sports equipment. It was not easy for Meng Ting to use the lawn outside since it was just ordinary grass but was enough to be used for playing golf. The vast area that the lawn covered was beyond Meng Ting’s imagination.

Of course, he did not think too much about it. The Yans were rich. No matter what, he could also eat those meals and sleep on a bed. His request for Yan Sui has been low enough. As long as he could eat and sleep well, it was more than enough.

“If you want to learn anything in the future, just tell me. If I’m free, I can personally teach you. When I’m too busy, I can ask Uncle Xiao to invite people to teach you.” Yan Sui said this after seeing Meng Ting touch the sword equipment.

“Okay.” Meng Ting nodded. He was really interested in this fitness room.

Yan Sui brought Meng Ting back to second floor again, “This is my study room. There are many books here. If you want to read them later, you can come in and take them.”

Meng Ting hesitated for a bit to take a step further into the study room’s door, then he came in. He was naturally embarrassed by the seriousness of the study room. In a moment, he became a lot more reserved. Fortunately, Yan Sui did not let him stay here for long, then Yan Sui took him to the third floor.

“This is my father and mother’s wedding room. That is my grandfather and grandmother’s room. The other one is a vacant guest room.”

The two rooms were closed. He turned around then Yan Sui brought Meng Ting back to his room.

“You’re still sick. Don’t worry. You’ll get familiar with this place later.”



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    just beforr i was reading a novel that is….not so good. i was left with a feeling that i have wasted my time (;__;) thats why reading bmhs cleansed my writhing soul!!
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