LL2 : Chapter 5. Mai Ding Doesn’t Need a Sense of Superiority

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: KainGuru

The conversation ended when dinner was over. Mai Ding did not even want to say goodbye to the couple, because they started to be shamelessly intimate at the hotel entrance — an offense against decency. Mai Ding followed An Ziyan into the car, fastened his seat belt, and then drive home. When Mai Ding looked at Zhou Ge and Ellen in the rearview mirror with disdain, he suddenly stared at it and saw something that made him puzzled. In order to confirm what he saw, he quickly rolled the window down and stuck his head out to look back. When the car next to them whizzed past, An Ziyan grabbed Mai Ding by the back of his collar and pulled him back.

“Do you want to keep your head?”

“It seems I just saw my colleague. I want to confirm it.” Mai Ding furrowed his brows and deeply thought about it: Was it Gao Guo just now? The woman with him looked very familiar. Did I mistake her for somebody else? An Ziyan nudged Mai Ding’s head, “Don’t think of anyone else.” He really did not like it that when he and Mai Ding were together, Mai Ding’s mind was filled with thoughts of other people.

“It’s just a colleague,” Mai Ding explained.

“Still not allowed.”

“Didn’t we agree to trust each other? You need to have faith in me for this.”

“And what does that have to do with this? You’re mostly working now, so all of your time after work is mine, do you understand?” An Ziyan’s tone was tough and he did not accept any forms of refusal.

“In the end, you’re really too possessive.”

“Do you understand?” He just repeated the question, and Mai Ding unwillingly replied, “I understand!” However, in his heart, he was willing to do it.

On the next weekend, Mai Ding, who wanted to take a good rest, suddenly received a short notice from Sister Hua, telling him to work overtime. Mai Ding’s mood was quite affected. Of course, no one would be happy having to work overtime on a Sunday. He was just like a student who looked forward to the holidays, but that were suddenly cancelled. When he arrived at the company, everyone’s complexion looked gloomier than him. At first, Mai Ding wanted to ask Gao Guo whether it was him that he saw that night, but he was worried that Gao Guo probably did not want others to know about his private life with his girlfriend. As usual, after Gao Guo gave Mai Ding his job, he looked like he did not want to respond to Mai Ding, so Mai Ding also could not ask him.

Perhaps, it was because everyone wanted to get things done as soon as possible and go home early, so their work was finished faster than expected. Mai Ding was preparing to go home when he was pulled to the side by Sister Hua, who had a mysterious look on her face. It seemed that she just heard some gossip from other colleagues and could not wait to find someone to spread it to. Sister Hua looked around and confirmed that the manager was not behind them, then she whispered to Mai Ding, “I heard that the manager’s wife has a man outside.”

Mai Ding was not interested in gossip, but his mind started flashing images of Gao Guo and his girlfriend together that night, but Gao Guo blocked the woman that night and Mai Ding did not see her clearly.

“It’s probably gossip spread by others.”

“I can’t say for sure,” Sister Hua’s mouth could not be stopped and she continued to talk. Mai Ding secretly glanced at Gao Guo, who was beside them. Gao Guo looked as if this matter was of no concern to him. He tidied up his things and walked away. Mai Ding blamed himself for thinking too much.

It was hard to free himself from Sister Hua but Mai Ding was finally able to return home. The house was very quiet. There was no TV sound and no piano sound. Did An Ziyan not get up or did he already go out? He stepped lightly and when he walked in, he saw an incredible scene. An Ziyan was sitting on the stool in front of the piano. The front legs of the stool were up. An Ziyan gently swayed the stool with one of his leg on the floor. He was holding a book in his left hand and a pen in his right hand. With the sun shining straight through the transparent windows, An Ziyan and the piano were both integrated into a picture with half of it bright and half of it dark. The pen turned between his fingers. The expressions he had on his face was between serious and lazy, which, Mai Ding had always yearned for. An Ziyan sometimes played the piano with such an expression and sometimes, he looked at Mai Ding with that expression.

He put his emotions aside first. An Ziyan’s actually studying, how strange. In Mai Ding’s eyes, An Ziyan was one who did not like to study. He frequently comes in late and did things as his pleased. He was one who was far from the image of a good student. Furthermore, even if he behaves badly, his grades were great and he did not need to study at all. Recently, it seemed that he often saw An Ziyan borrowing books from the library, and Mai ding did not think much of it. He thought it was something he usually read that was not related to studying.

“You, you, you, what encouraged you?” No matter what, Mai Ding could not help but ask and An Ziyan did not react too much to it. “Reading.” Mai Ding walked over and looked at the cover of the book with his head tilted. “This isn’t the kind of book that you’ll read.”

An Ziyan shrugged and inattentively said, “The company I want to apply for only recruits graduates. The interview’s very strict so I have to prepare in advance before graduating.”

“What? Isn’t it that you’re going to rely on your parents? Isn’t it that you’re unwilling to work and you’re going to live off your parents?” Mai Ding was shocked to hear the news. Oftentimes, what he said unconsciously was more unpleasant than what he said intentionally. It was most probably influenced by An Ziyan’s immersion in his ears and eyes. Now, when Mai Ding thought about it, An Ziyan must have somewhat planned this out in advance. That was why An Ziyan did not take into account his internship. If he did not come home early today, he would not found out about this. He said unhappily, “Why are you hiding such an important matter from me?”

“Because I want to surprise you.” His tone did not make his words sound thoughtful. Would Mai Ding be moved? He hid this from Mai Ding only because he wanted to surprise him by entering the company when he graduated. Mai Ding would be a fool if he was moved!

“You’re purely afraid that I’ll be fussy, asking this and that. You’re just too lazy to say it!” That’s what really happened, definitely!

“Of course, this is just a small part of the reason.”

“I think it’s the only reason!”

An Ziyan, who had been exposed, raised his head. “Yes, so what do you think?” Mai Ding, who acted aggressively just now, was suffocated until he was left speechless. He really could not do anything about it.

“It’s a big company, right? You can definitely get in, then what about the sense of superiority that I just built? Detestable guy.” Mai Ding knew that if An Ziyan wants to enter, he would definitely be able to get in. Of course, he even thought he would go to An Ziyan’s parents’ company and then take the opportunity to ridicule him. Mai Ding thought about this. It was difficult to hide his joy and he could not help but worry. What about An Ziyan’s character in the company, would he kill his superior after he was scolded? And after being offended by his colleagues, would he kill his colleagues? Would An Ziyan destroy the entire company?

An Ziyan closed his book and stood up. He put his pen behind Mai Ding’s ear and his words interrupted Mai Ding dreadful fantasy. “What sense of superiority do you want? Do you want me to be satisfied with this life?”

“My ambition can be satisfied by a gigolo?”

“Gigolo? At most, it’s a part-time job.”

“It’s not even a full-time job!”



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