Jubo : Text 034. The Two Certificates

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: KainGuru

The next morning, Wang Chang went out to buy breakfast. When he came back, he bumped into Chu Yifeng, who was about to go out, so he greeted him. Although they had not interacted that much, their relationship was not purely a relationship between a boss and his subordinate. They were more than acquaintances who met a few times, and they could be considered as food buddies.

Wang Cheng wanted to ask him if he wanted to eat breakfast. As he was about to lift the breakfast in his hand into the air, he suddenly remembered he only bought enough food for himself. If his boss said he wants to eat, he had to give it to him, so he would have to run back to the market to buy more food. Thinking about this, his hand naturally fell back down.

Chu Yifeng noticed his movements and the corners of his mouth slightly raised, “Is that pig okay?”

“Doing great. It’s too naughty.” Wang Cheng thought that he did not remember the pig. Last time, Chu Yifeng promised to help him with the two certificates, but there was no news.

“The two certificates have been finished. I haven’t had time to get them from my friend. I’ll give them to you tonight.” Chu Yifeng said.

“Okay, I’ll trouble you, Boss.” Wang Cheng nodded. He was not in a hurry.

“It’s no trouble at all. That’s originally my pig.”

“…” Why did he feel a bit uncomfortable listening to this?

After breakfast, Wang Cheng made his way to work, and it was crowded in the bustling bus. The clean and refreshing morning was squeezed out from sweating all over. Since his big brother was on a business trip, he had no car that he could take every morning. Now that he had to use the bus again, he was really not used to it. It was reasonable to ‘have a hard time becoming frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury.’

When he arrived at the company, Wang Cheng said good morning to the people who arrived first, then he took the kettle to the tea room to get water. It had become his habit to water the company’s flowers and plants every morning.

At the door, he met Tang Sisi who was coming out from inside. She did not have that usual indifferent sour face as if he owed her money; instead, she showed him a slightly smug—and a bit mysterious—smile. What was she so proud of? Did the people at the company ostracize her so much so that she became stupid?

Wang Cheng shook his head. He had no interest in scrutinizing the brain of this kind of person.

After watering the flowers and plants, he returned to his desk and took out the data that Li Yu had given him yesterday. This data was about the plan for Mount Feng Xia. He was also a member of the planning team. Li Yu seemed to be interested in training him, so she had shown him half of the data, which was only a semi-finished plan.

In fact, with Li Yu’s ability, the planning had already been done, but the complete information still needed to be kept secret; otherwise, it would be troublesome if it was known by the opponent. The reason why it was called a semi-finished plan was because the direction of the plan in it was very different from the complete one.

Wang Cheng seemed to be a little bit unconventional, but with the opportunity to learn, he always knew how to comprehend. He only had time to see a third of this data yesterday.

Even if it was only a semi-finished plan, it could be seen from the plan that Li Yu was unique in general.

After Wang Cheng became an employee of the company, he checked out plan contents online and found many examples. Although he found a lot, he realized that no plans could compare with Li Yu’s.

After spending more than two hours, Wang Cheng finally looked through the semi-finished plan that was given to him. Some of the words were too professional, so he had to read some books. If he could not find the terms in the books, he had to check them on the internet. He was exhausted. It was more tiring than being a laborer.

In the afternoon, Li Yu, who had been missing since this morning, suddenly came back and had a serious look on her face. When she came back, she did not greet him and went directly to Gao Yongfu. The two muttered together for a long time in the office. Not long after, Zhang Yiheng came over. He wanted to read the semi-finished plan.

“Brother Zhang, I just finished reading it this morning. How come you came here to take it?” Zhang Yiheng was the head of the engineering department and was not involved with the planning department.

“This plan is what I want, and you also know that after Li Yu came back, she didn’t talk to anyone except for Assistant Gao.” Zhang Yiheng replied.

Wang Cheng did not think much of it. He opened the drawer and gave him the plan.

At four o’clock, Chu Yifeng suddenly appeared in the company. Wang Cheng did not try to talk to him. He rarely talked with him in the company. The two did not have any interactions in the company. While several high-level executives were discussing something in the office, Wang Cheng simply counted down until the time that he could get off work.

In addition to the Mount Feng Xia project in Shiquan County, the company also engaged in other developments, but their focus was still mainly on this project. Because of this, Wang Cheng did not have much to do; however, he would occasionally help others with errands like buying drinks and snacks. He even helped Tang Sisi buy several times for afternoon tea.

Although he did not get along well with this woman, she still took advantage of other people in perfect assurance. Wang Cheng was not particularly a stingy person. As long as she would not deliberately send him to a far place to buy things, he would buy it. However, this matter really happened once before.

Wang Cheng still remembers that he had completed Li Yu’s assignment in advance on that day. He was free so he took the initiative to say that he would help everyone buy food. Li Yu did not hesitate and told him everything that she wanted; nevertheless, everything could be bought at the same place. When it was Tang Sisi’s turn, she also told him about the snack that she liked. During that time, Wang Cheng did not know that she was being deliberate. After buying other employees’ snacks, he asked an attendant without thinking where he could buy Tang Sisi’s snack. As a result, the attendant told him that it was a bit far away from the company. It would take him thirty or forty minutes to ride by bus to go to that place and by then, he knew that Tang Sisi was being deliberate.

Later on, Tang Sisi asked him why he did not buy her anything. Wang Cheng told her that the place where it could be bought from was too far away, so he did not go. On the contrary, Wang Cheng was then criticized by Tang Sisi, that he looked down on her because she was an insignificant front desk staff, that he only wanted to curry favor with Li Yu and the others, and did not buy her a snack. Wang Cheng easily said that she guessed it right. Li Yu and the others were the top executives of the company. Who else would he curry favor with if it were not them? Tang Sisi became immediately annoyed. From then on, this woman dared not to act deliberate again. It was probably because she realized that Wang Cheng was a man who was obstinate.

This incident only happened once, and Wang Cheng did not take it to heart. It was not his style to argue with a woman. He also did not comprehend whether Tang Sisi cared about it or not.

He went straight home after work.

Wang Cheng thought he could get a ride with Chu Yifeng, but there seemed to be no sign of him getting off work on time. Thus, he had to take the bus home in disappointment. He then had to walk about eight or nine minutes to get to the Tranquil Community.

This Tranquil Community was a place where wealthy people lived. With the theme of making this place green by planting trees and the name of ‘Tranquil,’ it was definitely a place that was far from the hustle and bustle.

At the big gate to the neighborhood, Wang Cheng deliberately greeted the security big brother.

“Big Brother, my family lives in here. I have to go in.”

“…” The security guard did not speak.

This young man was really vengeful!

Before he went in, he wondered if he was only hallucinating. Wang Cheng had a feeling that someone was always staring at him. He had not even been in the city for a month. He was handsome and had a good character. He could not have offended anyone. Was it just his imagination? Did he live too comfortably lately? Wang Cheng thought about it. During this time, he really did live, eat, and dress well, and he was also satisfied with his work. As a matter of fact, his life should not be too comfortable like this.

Chu Yifeng came back at seven o’clock. Wang Cheng heard his voice. He thought that Chu Yifeng still did not plan to come back. Thinking about the two certificates, he thought he may have to wait until tomorrow or even longer. Just when he thought of the devil, he appeared.

Wang Cheng patiently waited for an hour and the doorbell still did not ring. During this time, there was some movement from the opposite side of their apartment, but it was the sound of Chu Yifeng’s servant leaving. Wang Cheng thought that Chu Yifeng might want to eat and take a shower first, so he waited for another hour. After waiting for another hour, he looked at the clock on the wall and it was almost ten o’clock. Was the boss not going to come over and give him the two certificates? Or did he want Wang Cheng to come personally and get them from him?

Five minutes later, Wang Cheng stood outside the door of Chu Yifeng’s apartment.

If the mountain won’t come, then I’ll go to the mountain.


Wang Cheng rang the doorbell and about a minute later, the door opened. Chu Yifeng appeared in front of him with water vapor surrounding him. The lower part of his body was covered by a white bath towel. He held a towel in his hand and was wiping his dripping hair. It was clear that he just came out of the bathroom. The water droplets slid down his body and his tight abdominal muscles, falling into the bath towel. He’s unexpectedly…sexy?

He clearly came at a bad time.

“Come in.”

Wang Cheng hesitated whether he should open his mouth and simply say that he pressed the wrong doorbell; however, this statement seemed to be less credible. While he was hesitating, Chu Yifeng opened the door. This was the second time that he entered Chu Yifeng’s home. He had a servant who cleaned the place so it was always very clean, but their apartment did not fall short of cleaning. Wang Cheng would clean their place every day as long as he had time.

Chu Yifeng asked him to sit on the sofa in the living room for a while, then he entered his bedroom.

Wang Cheng finally had time to look at Chu Yifeng’s apartment. The last time he came in, he was in a hurry and he only wanted to find the other person to borrow ingredients. He was not able to look around at all. Now, he found that the interior design of this apartment was very different from that of his big brother’s. It had a black-and-white interior design, which was both stylish and elegant. It also had a mixed touch of indifference and rigor. It could even be compared to Chu Yifeng himself. Wang Cheng felt good about Chu Yifeng. Although he was a little indifferent to him as a friend, he was good to him as a boss.

After Chu Yifeng changed into his clothes, then he came out of his bedroom. Wang Cheng straightened his clothes and sat up properly.

“Boss, you said this morning that you’ll give me the two certificates.”

“You can’t wait.” Chu Yifeng held up the two certificates in his hand, but did not immediately give them to him; instead, he looked down on Wang Cheng and his eyes were deep.

“Boss, I was just afraid that you forgot.” Wang Cheng immediately denied it. He had waited for these for so many days. He would not wait for one more night.

“Do I look like I have dementia?”

Chu Yifeng’s expression almost made Wang Cheng unable to respond, but was the boss joking with him? Wang Cheng thought about it and hesitated. In the end, he decided not to tell the truth.

“Not likely.”

Chu Yifeng snorted and the certificates in his hands suddenly flew to Wang Cheng. It was so strong so that it seemed it was going to smash into Wang Cheng, but Wang Cheng was not an ordinary person. As soon as he stretched his hand, he was able to catch it. He had long forgotten that there was no difference if he did not even have these certificates.

“Thank you, Boss.”

“You can go now.”

“Goodbye!” Wang Cheng quickly trotted out. He did not intend to stay.



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