BMHS: Chapter 38.1 – I haven’t forgotten. I said we’d kiss again in the evening

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Usagi notes: Halfway done proofreading Jubo chapter 38. Will be able to update the soonest tomorrow or on Tuesday.


All kinds of noises almost toppled this wedding hall over, but this was what one could call as a real scene of bustle and excitement. At first, they were all so reserved and it was as if they were not attending a wedding, but it felt much more exciting now.

One should not blame Gu Lang and the others for reacting greatly like this. Yan Sui’s actions today were really out of the blue. In their point of view, holding Meng Ting’s hands and hugging the boy in front of everyone should have been Yan Sui’s limit. He was, indeed, an iceberg that had not changed for tens of thousands of years. In every gathering that they had attended, unless he was teaching someone a lesson, he did not get close to any man or woman.

However, now that they had kissed for once, everybody shouted and cheered, which led Yan Sui to kiss the boy once again.

Meng Ting embraced Yan Sui by his neck. His eyelids quivered and in the end, he closed them.

He likes kissing Yan Sui. Yan Sui was willing—he was willing—even with so many onlookers around them.

After Yan Sui kissed Meng Ting’s lips, he kissed the space between his eyebrows and whispered, “Madame…no, it should be ‘my wife.’”

Meng Ting blinked. He could not digest the sudden and sappy name that Yan Sui used to call him. He replied tentatively, “My husband?”

“Oh, my gosh…”

Gu Lang, who walked over and wanted to talk with Yan Sui, overheard this dialogue. He immediately retreated back and looked as if he was severely injured by a shot that had penetrated through his heart.

These two were getting sappy and they did not draw the line at all. Have pity on him, a man in utter isolation [1], who was getting injured in here!

([1] 孤家寡人 – can also be an indirect way of referring to an unmarried person.)

Gu Lang’s exaggerated reaction made Meng Ting sweep his eyes on him. He had a slight puzzled look, “Did I say it wrong?”

He and Yan Sui just got married and they had not fully adapted to addressing each other like this in public. It should be right. He turned to look at Yan Sui.

The corners of Yan Sui’s mouth evoked a gentle smile, then took the boy into his embrace, and said, “You didn’t say it wrong. Gu Lang hasn’t married yet, so he doesn’t understand it.”

Gu Lang, who was helped by others to get up, received a heavy blow once again. He could not refute the heavy blow that he received. Nowadays, bachelors had no human rights.

“Hmn,” Meng Ting nodded, then he withdrew his gaze and looked back at Yan Sui once again. He held Yan Sui’s hand that was on his cheek, then held Yan Sui’s hand that had the ring on it for a little while, “Let’s go eat. Nanny Wang prepared quite a lot of delicious food yesterday.”

The topic jumped too fast. Even Yan Sui somewhat could not manage to react as well, but he still nodded, “Okay.”

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Yan Sui held Meng Ting’s hand and led him out of the wedding hall, all the way back to the drawing room where the banquet and the ball would be held.

When Yan Sui and Meng Ting were intimate, not everyone had a smile on their faces. Forcing someone to keep his or her face unchanged was hard work.

Yan Sui…how could he disregard his sense of shame in public and kiss Meng Ting deeply like that!?

A distinct level of anger arose in the hearts of several people at the same time. Certainly, they were getting more annoyed, more indignant, and more unaccepting. They had to keep on looking helplessly and watch Yan Sui take his own heart and give it to a boy that they had been looking down on.

Yan Sui was bewitched, or Meng Ting really had that power of magic. They had no idea how to distinguish it. Almost everyone in the wedding hall had dispersed. They were behind the couple naturally, they kept up to them, but the mood was obviously heavy.

As soon as Su Siyu was about to chase after Yan Sui and Meng Ting, his hand was grabbed by Old Madame Su, who was beside him.

His grandmother did not use much strength. How could Su Siyu, who had experienced a rebirth, still could not understand her position in their family. He had spent so much effort to let her look at him differently, so at this time, he was still patient even if he was in a hurry.

“I haven’t been here in the Yans’ residence for a long time. Siyu, walk with me.”

“Yes,” Su Siyu looked back at the drawing room. Even if he did not hear much, he knew that it was very lively and happy over there.

“That child is Meng Ting, right?”

Old Madame Su stopped walking. Su Siyu also let go of her hand, and he nodded, “Yes.”

Meng Ting snatched his predestined marriage, how could he be mistaken or forget his name.

“You’ve seen it, too. Yan Sui…likes him very much.”

Whether a person really likes another person or not was not so difficult to distinguish, let alone Yan Sui, who did not want to hide his love for Meng Ting. She could clearly see it since the first time. She saw the two men were getting along well, so there was no reason for Su Siyu not see it.

“So what’s wrong with that?” Su Siyu’s tone was still calm, but he could not hide the unwillingness on his face.

Old Madame Su looked at Su Siyu, then turned around and looked at the old residence of the Yans. She said, “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that members of the Yan family has always been cold and devoted. You already have no chance. That Yan Sui likes Meng Ting and he doesn’t like you. Or, do you think that if he marries you, it‘ll be different?”

Old Madame Su asked this question even if she thought that there would not be any difference. Now, she thought that it may be better to leave things as it is, rather than let Su Siyu have his own way and stir up trouble, which could make Yan Sui feel unhappy with him afterwards. If that happens, the two families would drift apart, so they might as well as let go of this matter now.

Love and affection was this kind of thing. If one could not find the right one, then it would mean nothing.

“How can I not? I’ve changed. Over time, he’ll be moved by me.” Su Siyu was unwilling, and it was because he lost his chance to make Yan Sui feel moved.

Old Madame Su thought that she had spoken bluntly enough, but Su Siyu still could not wake up to reality and perhaps, he was not willing to accept the fact that Yan Sui could never like him.

Su Siyu looked at He Wan, who finally came out from the wedding hall. His voice was even gloomier, “Please, tell me, why did He Wan change her mind? Why can’t I marry Yan Sui again?”

He was only a little bit greedy and wanted to have a better start with Yan Sui. How could he make a mistake that could not be repaired?

At the beginning of his rebirth, he was looking forward to everything—how he would sit steadily on his position as the wife of the Yans’ patriarch, how he would make Yan Sui fall in love with him, and how he would punish those who previously let him down. He thought a lot, but he just did not expect that Yan Sui would not be involved in his after life.

“You two were destined to meet but not fated to be together.” The Old Madame knew that what Su Siyu wanted was not her perfunctory answer, but how could she easily talk about those old matters with a junior like him.

“Today, I’ve allowed you to come with me because I want you to see more clearly,” said Old Madame Su as she shook her head. Su Siyu already got caught in a misty barrier. If he does not bump his head and get injured, he would not realize his mistakes and show repentance. She had to pay more and more effort, but it was still in vain.

She turned around, “If you want to see it, let’s go and see it, but you have to remember that this is the Yans’ residence, and you’re not a member of their family. If you get into trouble, I can’t protect you.”

After hearing what she said, Su Siyu stopped for a bit, yet he still turned around and walked over to the drawing room.

In the drawing room, Yan Sui and Meng Ting were surrounded by a circle of people. Su Siyu could not even see the tip of Yan Sui’s clothes. He looked around and went over to Meng Qi, who was tasting the wine, then he sat down in front of him.

Meng Qi only looked up, swept his eyes on Su Siyu, and continued to drink. It did not look like he was drinking the wine to drown his sorrow, but he also did not look like he was tasting the wine seriously. And apparently, Su Siyu felt that the brilliant radiance in Meng Qi’s eyes when Meng Qi looked at him before was fading away.

As a matter of fact, their relationship did not last long. Shortly before Su Siyu graduated from college, he and Meng Qi had already started playing around with each other. They would go straight to the main point when they see each other once in a while; he chased after others, while Meng Qi would also give him an advise.

In the future, Meng Qi would fall behind the inheritance of the Mengs. He…they would meet again, but they would no longer talk with each other. He saw through Meng Qi’s eyes that he no longer have the same interest as in the past, but that matter would be more than ten years later. Now should be the time when Meng Qi was the clingiest and most fond of him.

Su Siyu suddenly felt a little bit empty and somewhat sour in his chest, and all kinds of thoughts ran around in his mind. Yet, he still thought that there was no point of regretting it. Even if Meng Qi was serious about him back then, his seriousness did not last long, and they always broke up.

“The formula I asked you to look for…have you found it?” Su Siyu asked as he lifted his wine glass, then he took a sip of it. His red lips, his beautiful hands, the wine glass he held, and the way he took a sip of his red wine—all of these were so pleasant to the eyes.

Meng Qi measured him with his eyes and suddenly laughed. Since their ‘breakup,’ the melancholy and anger in his heart suddenly dissipated. What Su Siyu said was right—he did not like him that much. What he liked more was Su Siyu’s young, beautiful, and energetic body.

At this moment, Meng Qi still appreciates it, but it was no longer the kind of like wherein he wanted to take it for himself. This was also fine.

“I haven’t.” Meng Qi answered Su Siyu’s question indifferently.

“How come you haven’t found it? Meng Qi, after all this time, are you even looking for it!?” Su Siyu hurriedly placed the wine glass on the table. Since it was fast, the red wine swayed around the glass, so it spilled a little around the mouth of the wine glass.

Meng Qi stared at the wine glass and looked particularly absorbed into it. It made Su Siyu even angrier, “Do you even know how serious this matter is? When the time comes and you won’t get anything, don’t come and beg to me!”

Meng Qi looked sideways and the inquisitive look in his eyes suddenly faded. Unlike this Su Siyu who was so annoying and also self-opinionated, Meng Ting was not as smart, but how come their family’s Little Seventh was so cute?

“Beg to you? It would be much better to go and beg to my family’s Little Seventh and also to my cousin’s husband.”



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  1. rosyprimrose29

    Pity he doesn’t know they won’t ever get that formula cuz those b*tches “sold” the person that created it. Poor Meng Ting, they really took advantage of him.

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    1. Also Su cleaned up his act which led to He Wan changing her choice. If he stayed acting wreckless, he would have still gotten married to Yan Sui lol. What he should have done was realize the reason He Wan chose him the first time around, stayed more or less the same, then modify his behavior after getting married lol…

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      1. No, actually he had no time to clean up before he was replace. Remember the first meeting at the party under the tree? Su Siyu was still in the middle of breaking up his entanglements while Meng Ting was already chosen.
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      1. bluemoon2020

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    1. I believe Meng Qi truly cares for Meng Ting now especially after learning his past. At the beginning though, he is just listening to his grandmother Feng Zejiao to take good care of Meng Ting so that he can be roped to their side. Now, if Mengs collapsed I believe the first branch of Mengs won’t. Because in the past, it seems Meng Qi branch lost the fight for the family head position due to Meng Ting’s contribution towards that secret formula perfume while he is still under Li Yifei’s control. Since there is no such formula in this life, it is debatable that Meng Qi can win the position if only Meng Ting had a little bit of affection as cousin to help him when he need it later.


  8. bluemoon2020

    SS should realise from the beginning that things aren’t the same as his past and there is something wrong when MT were chosen as Ys partner instead of him🧐instead he chose not to look at this fact and insisted that everything will still goas as his past😕


  9. “Beg to you? It would be much better to go and beg to my family’s Little Seventh and also to my cousin’s husband.”
    You said it well Meng Qi 👏👏 Thinking that he, Su Siyu, knows the event of the whole world just because he was reborn? Why won’t he think that if he can be reborn, they will also be others that can too, so the course of events can deviate just like how he deviated some of his? He thinks too highly of himself! Hmph.


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    It’s like if someone who was constantly offered different variations of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream but always refused to eat them walked in one day with a cone of pistachio lemon or something. The most reasonable explanation is that they weren’t interested in the ice cream flavors they saw before and only like this particular flavor of ice cream.


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