TUMBT: Chapter 27

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Pline

Proofreader: KainGuru

As he was thinking, the black cloth was suddenly plucked off. His eyesight was blurred for a while but his sight was soon restored. As a result, he saw a child kneeling on his bed, staring at him with big eyes.



They both simultaneously shouted. Mu Xueshi was shocked with the child in front of him. He did not know what this child ate when he was growing up. The child looked white and tender, and looked like water would leak out if pinched. If the child grew more, he would look exactly like an exquisite porcelain doll. A little hair was crooked near his ear making him look clever and lovely. Mu Xueshi could not move, otherwise, he would have pinched this little face. Although Mu Xueshi hated those who judged people solely on appearances, but to see someone so pleasing to the eye, he could not help but want to be close to them.

The child shouted out because of Mu Xueshi eyes. Mu Xueshi’s face, which seemed to be missing a piece, was grasped by the child. With a piece missing from Mu Xueshi’s face, it looked very funny. But his big flawless eyes were shown in front of the child. The child was clearly fascinated, and with his small hands he touched around Mu Xueshi’s eyes.

“Don’t touch, it tickles, I can’t move ah, this little brat…”

“King… King…” After the child murmured, he climbed onto Mu Xueshi’s body.

Mu Xueshi pondered about the words he did not understand. He only knew that this child may have said “ancestors,” but the pronunciation was not clear, so it could be “king.” Just a moment ago, this child also said that something “has arrived” when he was blindfolded, Mu Xueshi secretly thought.

Suddenly, the child moved over close to his body and lied down on his body. With the child’s face pasted onto his chest, he hugged him motionlessly.

“Eh!” Mu Xueshi called out to the child.

The child then raised his little head and looked at his eyes, then pasted his little face onto Mu Xueshi’s chest.

Mu Xueshi did not know whether to laugh or cry. The people here ah, why do they behave so strangely? Look at this kid who is dressed like a little prince — his clothes were made of high-grade fabrics. A bun was inserted with a hairpin adorned with five glittering beads. Seeing its color, you could tell that it is valuable. Mu Xueshi secretly sighed. If he could move, he would have deceived the child and taken the hairpin. Later on he would escape and sell the hairpin for the journey.

Suddenly, the child, who was on top of Mu Xueshi’s chest, moved. Mu Xueshi hurriedly took the opportunity to ask: “Hey what are you doing?”

“Fragrant…” The child stuck his face on Mu Xueshi’s chest and sniffed it with his small nose.

Mu Xueshi finally understood why the child glued himself to him. He originally wanted to know what Mu Xueshi’s fragrance was. Mu Xueshi could not help but laugh aloud. This child was interesting. At the same time, he thought that this child was quite intimate. He then asked: “Who are you?”

Hearing this, the child immediately raised his head. His eyes were blinking, making a curious look.

Mu Xueshi immediately understood that he did not understand what he asked; therefore, Mu Xueshi thought and asked: “Who are you?”


The little child suddenly shouted, followed with staring eyes, he seemed to be truly angry as he stared at Mu Xueshi. His posture was like of a little emperor, watching Mu Xueshi who could not help but be sluggish.

It seemed like he really was a prince; otherwise, he would not be able to enter this room. Thinking of this, Mu Xueshi could not help but be somewhat scared. If he was a prince, that would be an optimistic idea; but in case he was the Crown Prince, that would be serious.



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