TUMBT: Chapter 29

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

“Oh…” The Third Prince laughed out loud for no reason, and then ironically said: “Originally, I even hid the Courtyard of Exuding Harmony from the ‘superior forces.’ Mortals like us have been negligent; yet, we still hope for forgiveness from the celestial beings.”

Mu Xueshi sneered a few times. The tensed muscles made Mu Xueshi’s bumpy face look very funny because of the child’s grasp. It was only just now that the child took notice of Mu Xueshi’s eyes because he was too busy paying attention to the latter’s face. The child saw Mu Xueshi’s smile in this distance and also followed alongside the Third Prince’s bosom while giggling aloud.

“It was nothing. Your hospitality was passable. I enjoyed eating good food. If you will give me two beautiful women, then it would be perfect. He he…”

The moment that Mu Xueshi caught sight of the Third Prince, he felt his scalp grow cold. There was a faint uneasiness in his heart. He only said this to lighten the atmosphere. He did not understand why he felt like he was subconsciously afraid of the Third Prince. There used to be bullies in his school; but at that time, Chen Youzai liked to hit the muzzle (or provoke). It seemed that it was a very good act to provoke those people.

“Su Ying!”

The Third Prince’s voice made the bosom villain’s laughter cease abruptly. Su Ying shifted his vision to the Third Prince’s face. He dared not to make a sound after seeing his face. Su Ying’s little mouth became flatter and flatter. Finally, his tears were like a broken line of beads across his cheek; yet, he did not make the least bit of a sound as he pitifully cried.

Outside the Courtyard of Exuding Harmony, the Second Prince had arrived with his men and horses. They have been searching all over the surroundings of the Courtyard of Exuding Harmony but have not seen Su Ying’s shadow. Su Ying was the Second Prince’s son. The Second Prince was 15 years old when he has begotten his son. Now, Su Ying was already 6 years old. Su Ying was still doted on like a baby in the palm of the Second Prince’s hand. As a result, Su Ying has been mischievous since infancy. All of the elders had regarded him like pistachio nuts [1]. This was especially the case with the Emperor, who was very fond of this little emperor grandson. Probably apart from the Third Prince, Su Ying was the Emperor’s most favored amongst the younger generations.

([1]「开心果」kāi xīn guǒ – figuratively, an amusing person)

“Second Highness, do you want to rush in? I saw Su Ying inside the Third Prince’s palace. How long do you want us to wait here?” asked the Imperial Guard Guan Rong, who was bowing while he stood beside the Second Prince.

The Second Prince actually wore a leisurely expression. Even if there was some impatience in his heart, his face nevertheless would not change that habitual casual expression. His patience could be counted on the hands of all the princes in the imperial palace. If someone were to try and spark the temper of the Second Prince, they would surely concede defeat.

Although the people in the imperial palace, including the young Su Ying, were afraid of the Third Prince, the Second Prince nevertheless would always treat him on par with the other princes; however, he was not allowed to enter the small courtyard because it was a forbidden place reserved for the Third Prince. The Second Prince did not want to get into trouble. He was romantic and carefree. He did not like to be involved with the power struggle affairs in the imperial palace. In his eyes, as long as he could play with Su Ying all throughout his life, he had no other choice but to ask.

Guan Rong was still there, awaiting instructions. The Second Prince beckoned, signaling him to be silent. Guan Rong saw this and then retreated to the side, quietly awaiting for the Second Prince’s command.

Now, the Second Prince was already certain about going to Su Ying in the Third Prince’s Courtyard of Exuding Harmony. His Imperial Palace of Winding Brush was not that far from the Third Prince’s Courtyard of Exuding Harmony. Su Ying, aside from the Emperor, could go to that place. They would mainly go to the Third Prince in there.

Although the Third Prince refused to let strangers enter, there was still a small watering hole in the south side of his small courtyard. Su Ying could be easily found there. Once he found something he was interested in, he would spend the entire day playing with it. He would not be interested with a single cup of tea, that he effortlessly let it slip away.

Su Ying’s sense of direction was extremely good. Generally, he did not need a servant to follow him as he went out and played. The Second Prince also treated Su Ying with utmost indulgence, almost docile and obedient. If Su Ying wanted to go out and be naughty, the Second Prince would never send a servant to follow him. The Second Prince would only send a person to look for him if he had not returned for a long time.



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    So Mu Xueshi going be only having dinner after washing up in the bathroom time to time as the little prince takes up most of his time playing with him and takes the snacks?

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