TUMBT: Chapter 33

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Pline

Proofreader: KainGuru

“Admit it, and stop putting on an act. Don’t tell me you forgot that you were begging for mercy when you were serving your prison sentence and still feel that you had not enough?”

Mu Xueshi’s big eyes were lifeless, but he shook his head at the Third Prince. He then laid eyes on the ground. With slender nimble fingers he grabbed the earth’s grains from the ground; so bored that he began to count the grains until he felt the Third Prince from far away came closer and closer. All of a sudden, Mu Xueshi raised his head toward the Third Prince and asked: “That… that Su Ying… just a little kid. You’re not going to kill him, are you?”

The Third Prince was obviously very displeased about Mu Xueshi’s excessive concern for other people. As a result, he coldly replied: “You shouldn’t worry about their situation. And you even went as far as having time to take pity on others.”

“I am not taking pity. I simply feel guilty. Life is precious, but because of my momentary happiness, I’ve let so many people lose their lives. Third Prince, I beg to ask you something?”

The Third Prince was obviously sensitive about the word “beg” that Mu Xueshi had said. Before, Mu Xueshi would not let that word out of his mouth, and would just let it show on his face. This was also more difficult than trying to reach the sky. If there was truly no need to do such a thing, Mu Xueshi would not yield to the Third Prince.

The Third Prince was silent. Mu Xueshi was waiting for him to open his mouth to speak, so without taking the time to think he asked: “If Third Prince can spare that child’s life, I am willing to return back to serving my prison sentence again, or I could possibly turn back into the Mu Xueshi that you are familiar with. No matter what request the Third Prince puts forward I will recognize it and work like an ox. If I don’t appear to be dying, don’t give me any relief. Nevertheless, if I’m unable to endure it, straight away, even though I can obviously help out, stay to the side and watch without lifting a finger. Not to mention, that person died because of me…”

From Mu Xueshi initially helping Su Ying to find fault with the Third Prince, to now disregarding his own life to plead for Su Ying’s life, he seem to have transcended beyond the minimum line of casual acquaintance. The Third Prince thus gave birth to a surge of hatred. This precisely showed that Mu Xueshi was older yet was shown to be young with love for Su Ying.

“If you want to end your life to sustain that child’s life, would you be willing to do that?”

This time, Mu Xueshi did not utter a word, his face clearly wrote three words — not willing to. Although the child was innocent; however, he himself secretly broke in today, relative to him, those servants at the entrance received even some more unjust treatment. Even if this child was in a crisis because of himself, he did not need to sacrifice his own life for a stranger. That was not kindness, that was simply foolishness!

The Third Prince saw Mu Xueshi’s hesitation and uncertainty, immediately he sneered: “The difference between you and Su Ying is that Su Ying wants to live but cannot live, nothing more. You want to die but cannot die.”

Mu Xueshi listened to the Third Prince’s words. Not only has he not been defeated, but had also pat his chest and heaved a big sigh of relief. He completely misunderstood the Third Prince’s meaning. He felt that the Third Prince was suggesting that he had a very strong relationship with the owner of this body so whoever lets them die he would not let them die. Since he had this guarantee, as long as he made a good point, he should at once be able to help Su Ying by pleading for a favor.

“Yes, I am Mu Xueshi, the authentic Mu Xueshi.” Mu Xueshi stood up, patted his chest, and imposed an awe-inspiring appearance.

The Third Prince heard this and then asked: “Aren’t you the superior force? How did you become Mu Xueshi?”

Mu Xueshi listened to these words, in his heart he rolled his eyes and cursed him. Perhaps he could not hear anyone saying anything bad about him, only to capture people to vent his anger at.

Thinking of this, Mu Xueshi regained his mischievous smile and cautiously replied: “Mu Xueshi died… May the Third Prince be insulted by this. From now on, I’m that devil and you are the one who will take me back.”

The Third Prince was almost completely convinced by Mu Xueshi’s naivety. Mu Xueshi unexpectedly believed that if he responded, as if he was in the same social status, the matter could be resolved. How could there be such a fool that existed in this world?



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