TUMBT: Chapter 35

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru

Of course, Mu Xueshi was incessantly excited being taken outside by the Third Prince. He was unable to control his own emotions seeing so much wonderful scenery.

In his eyes, the Third Prince’s small courtyard was like a paradise — it had everything. If it was sprayed by a little bit of carbon dioxide, then it would be no different than the Temple in Heaven.

Mu Xueshi’s heart was happy so that he started forgetting himself. His whole person chattered continuously at the Third Prince’s side, noisy just like a clever little sparrow speaking words that the Third Prince could not make sense of.

Once in a while, he would catch sight of the Third Prince’s changing expression. Mu Xueshi suddenly recalled his current situation. As a result, he immediately began paying attention to his words and deeds, so that he obediently followed the Third Prince from behind. When Mu Xueshi found something amusing again, then he would make a big fuss about it.

Mu Xueshi had snapped off the Third Prince’s beautiful century-old blossom that was in the middle of the courtyard. He held on to the spray in his mouth to amuse himself for a while, then he threw it away. He even knocked off completely the little caps of a few precious fungi, leaving only their bare roots. If Mu Xueshi would see something interesting along the way, then he would conveniently pick it up. He moulded, kneaded, and then threw it on the way. Occasionally, he would also catch an insect to stuff it in his sleeve, and he watched it crawl down along his sleeve…

The Third Prince, with all his heart, had carefully cultivated a Double Seven Vine. It was a very strange kind of blossoming vine as it only grew in the Courtyard of Exuding Harmony. The vine blossomed a row of florets. The Double Seven, alone, blossomed 49 flowers at the same time, and they also withered simultaneously, just so it could bear fruit. It has been said that this specie of fruit could lengthen one’s lifespan, but it was extremely difficult to grow. It was only this year that it appeared to have blossomed 49 flowers at the same time.

As it turned out, Mu Xueshi chose that plant, because most flowers were above it. He held the flower vine in his hand, and rubbed his palm from the vine’s end until its top in one go, until what was only left in his hand was just a bare vine. His other hand was filled with fragments of petals. Mu Xueshi happily threw those petals into the air. He held on to the remaining vine and swung it to amuse himself.

After walking for a while, Mu Xueshi finally noticed from not-so-far-away a few big trees standing side by side. In the books, the fruit they bore formed four long horns. Mu Xueshi glanced at them and noticed that they were just like poor quality star fruit. Although he did not eat star fruit often before, still, being in a foreign land, to see formerly familiar plants to him, all felt extremely close and dear.

Mu Xueshi called out for the Third Prince and then walked over to the tree and violently shook it a few times. He was trying to shake down a few fruit. As a result, no fruit came falling down. Contrary to what one might expect, a lot of downy white bits fell down.

Mu Xueshi walked backwards toward the Third Prince. He stood there fluttering the bits down by hopping just like a fairy. The Third Prince’s eyes shone with fascination. The next second, Mu Xueshi roared loudly, just like a monkey would usually do as it scurry halfway up the tree.

The Third Prince stopped following him. He did not understand what Mu Xueshi wanted to do. This tree bore a fruit that was called a Glistening Honey Locust. After it has been ground into powder, the Honey Locust powder could be used to clean clothes. (T/N: Wonder how stupid our MC was to think that Chinese Honey Locust looked like Star Fruit hahaha)

Because the tree trunk had the effect of adsorbing dust and sand in the air, it was planted in the windward of the courtyard, expelling the dust and sand in the wind. Just by touching it with one hand, one could easily feel a thin layer of sand on the tree trunk.

Mu Xueshi’s posture was strange. Because of the smoothness of the sand, every time he climbed up a meter, he would slide down half a meter. Mu Xueshi took a long time climbing a tree that was less than three meters high.

The Third Prince stood under the tree to wait and see. He did not have the slightest intention to step forward and help. If he leaped high up in the air, and pushed Mu Xueshi up to the tree top, it would only take a wink of skill. However, he would rather stay on the side and enjoy watching Mu Xueshi’s embarrassing state, and he also did not wish Mu Xueshi to save some energy.

It was initially very difficult to climb a large branch. Mu Xueshi held a big Glistening Honey Locust and exerted all of his strength to pull it down. Because he used too much force, Mu Xueshi fell down from the branch.

Fortunately, the sandy soil under the tree was soft. Mu Xueshi did not feel a little bit of pain. He nimbly got up from the ground. He held the fruit that he got from his effort and excitedly walked over to the Third Prince.

The Third Prince had nothing to say. He immediately lifted his feet and continued walking forward to Lingzi Lake. Mu Xueshi used his sleeve to wipe the Glistening Honey Locust. He was about to stuff it into his mouth when he pondered over it, and finally offered it to the Third Prince.

“Just have a bite. You can eat it!”

The Third Prince stood still. He cast a sidelong glance as he gazed at Mu Xueshi’s face. Mu Xueshi’s face was sincere. He did not have the slightest intention to play around and stir up trouble. The Glistening Honey Locust on his hand had been polished using his sleeve. “If somebody didn’t know it, it really would seem like a delicious fruit.”



11 thoughts on “TUMBT: Chapter 35

  1. CoriGray333

    Wow, he’s a walking natural disaster for any garden. Funny. But it’s also really cute.
    I wonder if the prince will just tolerate everything or will he have him pay the bill?
    Awesome, thank you!
    (I think sprayed carbon dioxide is used in a fog machine.)

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  2. FableCat

    I am imagining cars releasing smoke to the palace to make it look like it was in fluffy clouds or in high mountains… just to make it resemble temple in heaven..

    XD this mc really cute.

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