TUMBT: Chapter 36

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Renkun26 ★彡

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru

The Third Prince was not moved the least bit, and he also did not accept it as a token of appreciation. He just chuckled and continued walking.

This was the reaction that I have been waiting for from you! If I would really let you eat it, would it not be a great loss? If it were not for the sake of gaining your favor, I would definitely not pretend to offer it to you. Mu Xueshi, who followed from behind, secretly laughed to himself. He secretly praised himself for being good in handling this matter. So, in the end, it was his intention anyway. He had nothing to lose.

The Third Prince, who was walking ahead, heard munching sounds quite clearly from behind. After that, Mu Xueshi’s figure came rushing in front of him. He stretched out his tongue and had a woebegone look, crying for help from the Third Prince. He just took a bite and it already tasted extremely bitter. His tongue was entirely numbed just like being shocked by electricity.

The Third Prince did not expect that he would really eat it. He was puzzled in his heart. Even if he had not seen this fruit before, he should have taken precautions! Could it be that he was not afraid that this was a poisonous fruit?

Just now, he recalled the mental image of Mu Xueshi offering him that fruit in his eyes. A peculiar feeling arose in the Third Prince’s heart. Originally, he thought Mu Xueshi was playing tricks on him. He did not expect that Mu Xueshi would go as far as to really eat it. Could it be that, a moment ago, Mu Xueshi was sincere to let him taste it when he exerted such great effort picking the Glistening Honey Locust?

The Third Prince took out a tasty and refreshing pill from his sleeve, and handed it over to Mu Xueshi. Mu Xueshi took the pill and stuffed it into his mouth. The astringency was immediately relieved a lot. After that, he kept on expressing his gratitude toward the Third Prince.

The Third Prince quickly regained his cold and detached expression, and his state of mind was also restored its initial, isolated state. It was impossible for Mu Xueshi to have such good intentions. If Mu Xueshi really picked it for him, it was nothing more than a scheme.

Soon, two people arrived at Lingzi Lake. One could see that Lingzi Lake was not big at all. Its shape was an irregular polygon. The lake shore’s lower inner walls were inlaid with pale cyan whetstones, of various sizes, distributed unevenly, but there was a blend of beauty. Light mist lingered on the lake surface. In the middle of the lake, multicolored trailing weeds interlaced in it. The waves still rolled even in this calm state as the stream flowed toward one direction.

Mu Xueshi’s round eyes opened wide. He crouched down with trembling legs, as he watched the direction of the water waves, and also looked for the source of the current. After he looked for quite a while, nothing could clear up the doubts in his heart.

He continued to crane his head out toward the lake shore, and wanted to see if there were any special machines or maybe some kind of tools at the bottom of the water. As a result, he discovered that the lake water was so clear that he could see the bottom. There was nothing in there apart from trailing weeds and reefs — everything was as if made naturally by heaven. If so, what is the driving force behind those rolling water columns?

Mu Xueshi frowned as he pondered. Unconsciously, the Third Prince had already walked over toward him. Mu Xueshi noticed the reflection of the Third Prince’s face on the water. Suddenly, he wanted to turn his head toward the Third Prince to inquire. However, at that moment, he clearly saw an unfamiliar face that was reflected on the water. Mu Xueshi was stunned by the appearance of this person in the lake. He quickly looked around, but did not find a person beside his body. When he turned his head again, he found out that the person on the water surface also turned his head, Mu Xueshi’s figure was shaking so that he almost fell into the lake.

“This… this…” Mu Xueshi was so excited that he could not say a word.

Although the person in the lake possessed a face that could sway a nation, that person could easily be identified as a man. Mu Xueshi took off the bind of his hairpin on his long hair. Simultaneously, the long hair of the person in the lake suddenly fell scattered to his shoulder. This time, Mu Xueshi was completely convinced, this universally shocking, flawlessly handsome and bright face turned out to be his own. He was not very ugly? There were still bumpy wrinkles on his face.

“This lake’s water is holy and pure as if made naturally by heaven. All of the things that would reflect on it would reveal its true appearance; therefore, the ink paste on your face could be automatically filtered out.”

The Third Prince solemnly thought that Mu Xueshi was so amazed because he saw that the ink paste on his face was not reflected, but Mu Xueshi had forgotten this ink paste a long time ago. Now, he only wanted to touch his face, indeed, the surface was still bumpy.

Mu Xueshi anxiously looked back toward the Third Prince and asked: “It would be so bold as to ask Third Highness, but how can I immediately get rid of this mask? It’s already been applied for such a long time, it should be peeled off!” He said and, still, there was some reluctance to part from looking at the person in the lake. He secretly gasped in admiration at all of treasures in the Third Prince’s Imperial Palace. This mask actually had such good results.

In less than a day, the Third Prince was already accustomed to Mu Xueshi’s strange speech, so he directly used his chin to hint Mu Xueshi, letting him know that the lake could immediately wash the dirt off of his face.



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