TUMBT: Chapter 37

Minna-san Konnichiwa,

We have a question. We’re thinking about dropping Jubo for the reason that it’s a bit slow-paced. Please let us know what you have in mind. Should we continue this project or work on Beloved Marriage into High Society? One of our translators confirmed that he has gotten the go signal from the last translator. If you prefer the latter, please note that we will take some time to post since we need to read and start piling up chapters first.


Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru

Mu Xueshi noticed the Third Prince pointing this out, and even though he had not taken off all of his clothes, he ran and took a dive into the lake. The dust from the trunk of the Glistening Honey Locust from a moment ago was completely soaked in the water. All at once, the clear lake water around Mu Xueshi became muddy. Mu Xueshi did not realize it at all. He just rubbed his hands vigorously, with an excited look.

Mu Xueshi perceived that the lake water had a faint and delicate fragrance, and the water was not even icy-cold; it felt quite warm. Soaking in it was very comfortable. People could not help but want to close their eyes.

However, Mu Xueshi, at this moment, was reluctant to close his eyes. After a little while he felt that the ink paste on his face had entirely disappeared. His face started becoming incomparably delicate and smooth. He could not wait to look down into the water. There was a thin layer of ink paste floating on the water. On top of that, the lake water was already muddy — he could not see anything clearly.

Mu Xueshi swallowed, looked ashore, and as expected, he saw the Third Prince’s eyes were very cloudy and ruthless. One glance could kill half of Mu Xueshi’s courage. The kind of excitement that Mu Xueshi had earlier died out. After rubbing his face for a while, he shyly laid his hands down. He tried smiling at the Third Prince a few times but the Third Prince’s expression did not ease whatsoever. Mu Xueshi kept silent, and obediently came over to the lakeshore.

“That…” Mu Xueshi nimbly grabbed his ears with his little hands, eyes wandering about, and said, “Your household’s lake water is dirty… what to do…”

The Third Prince looked straight into Mu Xueshi’s eyes. Dodging the Third Prince’s gaze, Mu Xueshi’s eyes were looking all around. His fingers underneath were absolutely not well-behaved. One moment, he pulled his waistband; the next, he pulled his jade pendant. Just a moment ago it was a little dirty face which the water was used to wash it clean. A short while afterwards the facial skin became very delicate, flawless-white jade, matched with a pair of bright and big eyes — anyone who would look would be entirely captivated.

The Third Prince was still a little sensible. It was said that the water in Lingzi Lake could automatically restore its clarity, but in this period of time, it could serve as a good punishment in front of this pretentious person. The Third Prince himself had never touched the Lingzi Lake water. He was afraid to defile this clear and pure holy water. Mu Xueshi was actually a bit impolite. He jumped down with his whole body full of dirt, polluted the clear water lake without saying anything, and even boldly asked the Third Prince what has to be done.

“It’s very simple. Don’t jump into Lingzi Lake.” The corner of the Third Prince’s eyes smiled looking at Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi pondered for a moment for the meaning. Soon afterwards, he turned pale with fright. Suddenly, he threw himself down kneeling before the Third Prince, and pleaded:

“Prince, spare my life. Prince, have mercy. This worthless commoner will no longer dare. This humble subject will swim. If this worthless commoner will die from drowning… This worthless commoner is unwilling to die…”

The Third Prince was left speechless. After Mu Xueshi woke up, not only his words and deeds were strange, his expressions were exaggerated. He did not even have the most basic ability to comprehend. The Third Prince only desired to tease him but he unexpectedly thought about it so seriously.

“Are you afraid?” The Third Prince raised Mu Xueshi’s chin and asked.

He remembered he had asked the same question before. He asked him if he was afraid of death. Mu Xueshi’s face was calm, as if being alive or dead did not make any difference to him.

At this moment, Mu Xueshi took heed of the Third Prince’s words. After considering for a moment, he said cautiously: “If this worthless commoner was to tell lies, then I can tell the Third Prince without question, I am not afraid.”

The Third Prince was dumbfounded, then chuckled loudly. Never before was there a time that he had seen such a clever person like him do something wacky. Now, though his words were inexplicable. It was actually quite interesting to listen to.

“Since you are not afraid, come and take off your clothes. Did Young Master Xue forget this trip’s purpose?”

Mu Xueshi suddenly realized, ah right! At the very beginning, he did ask me to take a bath with him, how could I forget these words. Mu Xueshi kept this in his mind. He chuckled a couple of times and his smile was very silly. After smiling, he started to nimbly take off his clothes. Although the structure of his clothes was complex, Mu Xueshi did not need to empty his bladder at that time to be impatient; so to compare, he was now more deft in taking it off.

The Third Prince attentively watched Mu Xueshi from the side. Mu Xueshi did not feel the least bit of embarrassment. He was as if having a meal and drinking water casually. The clothes on his body, three-down-five-reject-two [1], were all stripped off, and his whole person stood under the moonlight without a single thread. His white jade-like naked body exuded a breathtaking spirit of temperament, face with a faint smile, just like a holy and pure fairy that people would be unable to bear to blaspheme.

([1]「三下五除二」sān xià wǔ chú èr – an idiom which meant “in a jiffy.” It was originally an abacus formula— when add three to two, three, or four on an abacus, move down a “five” piece of the upper part, and reject two of the two, three, or four in the lower part.)



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