TUMBT: Chapter 39

Here goes the last special chapter. Let’s see if we can work on special chapters again in the future. ~ Renkun27

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: KainGuru

Mu Xueshi’s hand flashed past right before the Third Prince’s eyes. The Third Prince moved toward Mu Xueshi and pinched his delicate cheek. Mu Xueshi cried out an ‘ouch.’ His demeanor was very adorable. The Third Prince’s hand did not let go. He rather pinched a part of Mu Xueshi’s face again and again. Mu Xueshi’s face was soft and smooth, and also full of resilience.

The moment the Third Prince turned his head, he originally wanted to directly ‘teach’ Mu Xueshi a lesson, but for some unknown reason, his own hand unconsciously stretched out to his face, and started teasing him up.

Mu Xueshi was not upset. He even looked quite happy. This was exactly the chance for him to curry favor with the Third Prince. Now in Mu Xueshi’s point of view, the Third Prince was downright neurotic. Mu Xueshi did not have to worry at all about when he would get angry, or when he would laugh again. All of his expressions came out naturally. As long as he would learn to seize the opportunity to move forward, that would be enough.

So in the next second, Mu Xueshi also streched out his hand toward the Third Prince’s face. He ruthlessly pinched it. The Third Prince’s threateningly handsome face, in a split second, turned a purplish red. Mu Xueshi immediately regretted in his heart that his revenge was too strong. He was imprudent. However, he saw once more that the Third Prince did not have any reaction on his expression, and a part of his face was white, while the other part was red out of embarrassment. He could not bear again but to laugh a ‘puchi’ sound. The mischievous state of taking pleasure over others’ misfortune was evident on his face.

The Third Prince was in a trance. He suddenly remembered that boy at the lakeside a few years ago. With just a glimpse of that smile alone made himself enamored. Could it be that after Mu Xueshi had regained his consciousness, his mind has not yet recovered, that he guessed right that he was not on guard, and that he entirely showed his early youth disposition?

The Third Prince did not take much of his time to ponder over it. He leaned over toward Mu Xueshi. First, he pecked his cheek, then he moved his lips to the side of Mu Xueshi’s lips. After sucking a few times, he pried Mu Xueshi’s jaws open, then went inside to explore. Mu Xueshi closed his eyes and groaned softly, then looked as if he was also enchanted.

Although it was not the Third Prince’s first time experiencing this feelings, but being intimate with Mu Xueshi nevertheless aroused some other kinds of feelings. It was even more difficult controlling the throbbing in his heart.

After this long kiss, the Third Prince felt that there seemed to be something wrong. Mu Xueshi, from the beginning to the end, did not resist at all. Although he also responded, it was more like it came from his body instincts. The Third Prince used his big hand to hold the back of Mu Xueshi’s head. He stared at the beautiful face before him. The person’s face was as if it was painted. In the shortest possible time, he finally became aware of one thing — Mu Xueshi had fallen asleep.

A flame of fury suddenly rose up in the Third Prince’s heart. At first, he wanted to slap Mu Xueshi to wake him up, but when he caught sight of that tranquil sleeping face, in a twinkling, he could not bear but to show a fierce or pained expression.

Finally, the Third Prince still maintained his composure and properly put on his clothes. In the middle of the vastly dim-lit night, his feet moved forward just like the wind. It was only in the twinkling of an eye that he managed to carry Mu Xueshi in his arms to the bedchamber with his skills.

On top of a large bed, two exceptionally handsome men embraced each other as they slumbered. One had an expressionless visage with his eyes closed as he dozed, while the other was in a deep sleep as his mouth was making clicks. In the Third Prince’s heart, he wondered — in the end, who was the person that rested his head beside him? Why was it that even his sleeping posture had entirely changed a lot just like that?

While he was thinking, the Third Prince opened his eyes. He easily picked up a brocade box beside his pillow. Inside it, there was a fragmented jade piece. He aimed to shoot it outside through the crevice of the window. Because there was no layer of window paper to block it, and also because of the Third Prince’s profound inner force, the shot out jade piece was as sharp as a tough knife. Just in a wink of a skill, outside came the sound of a heavy object falling.

Ever since this Courtyard of Exuding Harmony was bestowed to the Third Prince, there had never been a single person or any other being who intruded it, not to mention the trip outside the Third Prince’s bedchamber, right before Su Ruhan’s eyes to intrude this forbidden area. If a person would want to ‘visit,’ one must have a certain identity background. The Third Prince actually did not directly shoot the jade piece to cut into that person’s fatal point, and he did not intend to push the door open as well. Tomorrow, Su Ruhan, himself, would report the identity background of this person to him, so he broke the matter off his mind.

Tomorrow morning, whether Mu Xueshi would changed his disposition, or his expression, was the most interesting thing for the Third Prince.



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