HIHEZL: Chapter 19 – Nonstandard Answer

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

“So that’s the way it is,” Ke Bu announced this conclusion.

“You boldly said this sentence without any reason, no one will understand it!!” They just got together and he suddenly came up with this sentence. No one would understand. Chu Haoyu actually understood. He took a step forward and lifted Ke Bu’s clothes up. Zhi Li’s ‘military successes’ were exposed out to the open air. Nobody was a fool. This being the case of Zhi Li’s person, even Gong Zhu could make out everything. How could they not understand it clearly? Only Zhi Li did not bring it up, and he turned a blind eye to it, too.

Ke Bu slapped away Chu Haoyu’s hand and pulled down his own clothes. Ke Bu also knew how to be ashamed even if he was thick-skinned. Gong Zhu stood in front of Ke Bu like a wronged kid. “I’m sorry about before. Because I couldn’t accept it for a short while, I said too much. I didn’t mean it that way.”

Ke Bu touched his chin and was silent for a while. “Is it possible that you’re thinking that I’d hold your hands and say that you’re not at fault and that we’re the best rivals in love? After that, we’ll work together. I won’t blame you and I’d blame it on the heavens for playing with people. Providence is hard to violate. Then we weep in each other’s arms in the heavy rain. Since then, a deep friendship has been formed between us. Stop dreaming.” Ke Bu punched Gong Zhu in the tummy. “Man’s business is resolved by man’s means. My love story doesn’t take the harem route. Next time, don’t think about sharing Zhi Li’s embrace again. I’ll beat you. Do you understand?” Gong Zhu was squatting on the ground covering his tummy.

Zhi Li, who looked like an outsider sitting and watching, said, “It seems I’m quite popular.”

“You found out about it too late!!!” Chu Haoyu angrily said.

Gong Zhu forcibly nodded. Ke Bu reached out and helped Gong Zhu up. Gong Zhu smiled with a beautiful face. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. I’m not joking about beating you.”

After the first internal battle had ended, Zhou Xinhe took 50 yuan from her bag, then timidly handed it over to Ying Xiujie. “Ke Bu, I thought you were a good boy, so Xiujie and I made a bet that you’ll keep your virginity in this life, and that you and Zhi Li will only have a Platonic relationship. I didn’t expect you’d be so quick in allowing His Excellency Zhi Li do that…” Because the word after that was too explicit, Zhou Xinhe did not speak it out of her mouth. Compared to the pure Zhou Xinhe, Ke Bu was clearly too obscene. It was too late for Ke Bu to make a fortune. Ying Xiujie also took 50 yuan and added it to Zhou Xinhe’s 50 yuan, making it a 100 yuan which was handed over to Chu Haoyu.

Ying Xiujie stared at Ke Bu. “Ke Bu, as a man, you also have to be a little bit more reserved. You’re too fast! I bet one month on you.” It seems he and Chu Haoyu were betting 100 yuan.

Chu Haoyu also did not have the joy of being a winner. He also took out 100 yuan from the bag, added it to the 100 yuan just now, then handed over the 200 yuan to Su Youyan. Chu Haoyu said, “Ke Bu, I really feel ashamed to be in the same bedroom with you. Youyan and I bet one week on you. I didn’t expect, tsk, I didn’t expect. I really overestimate you. You’re filthy. I despise you.”

Ke Bu could finally no longer contain himself. “What the hell is going on with you people!! You’re betting on our private affairs, and on the contrary, we…Zhi Li, this time, you should also say something. Look at their disgusting behavior. They don’t respect us at all.” Ke Bu was so agitated about it. In order to cover up the frustration they felt in their hearts, they talked about them. Did they think he was not sad? The saddest thing was to be himself. After recollecting the events that took place yesterday, he just wanted to die.

Ke Bu turned his head around and found that Su Youyan was handing 400 yuan over to Zhi Li. It was even doubled!! She squinted at Ke Bu with a look of contempt. “I bet for three days. You couldn’t even stand it within this time. You’re really craving for it.”

Looking at the final winner, Ke Bu could not believe it. It was Zhi Li. With a trembling hand, he pointed at him. “Can you explain to me why Youyan gave you that money? You actually have this kind of attitude.”


“No..no..no..you have to give me an honest answer.”


“Zhi Li, I don’t wanna live anymore. You’d better come and accompany me.” After saying this, he rushed toward Zhi Li, ready to go all out, life and death.

Who would have thought that after this, his bottom would hurt like it was being ripped. Zhi Li’s natural expression would be like that of a pure child. “You better not move randomly. I pierced your ass last night.”

Ke bu covered his ears. “I can’t hear it. I can’t hear anything.”

Zhi Li held open Ke Bu’s hand. “You better not move randomly. I pierced your ass last night.”

“Don’t repeat it!!”

“I thought you didn’t hear it.”

“You deliberately did it, right? Don’t use that kind of face on me. It’s almost tainted with the word innocence. Don’t you have the word ’embarrassment’ in your dictionary? Even after saying all these things, your face didn’t blush and your heart didn’t jump!”

“What kind of words? Does you ass need to blush and beat?”

Ke Bu covered Zhi Li’s mouth. “I’m sorry, I was wrong, Your Excellency Zhi Li. You love to take my body for betting. It’s alright. I shouldn’t question you. I should silently support you from the back, jiayou, use my body for betting as much as possible, ganbatte…”

Being unable to control himself, Ke Bu hurt everyone by making them lose their money. Zhi Li placed that 400 yuan on the table, then looked at Gong Zhu and said, “Take it to buy a birthday cake.”

Gong Zhu had his mouth agape. He was very moved. Although he was excited to do a lot of things, it was a great deal, a very great deal. It turned out that Zhi Li and Ke Bu actually did not have any hard feelings toward him. They were friends, true friends. Gong Zhu’s eyes were filled with tears of joy. “Thank you, thank you so much. Your Excellency Zhi Li, if you don’t mind, let me stay by your side as a spare tire for all my life. As long as Ke Bu’s still alive, I won’t overstep my bounds. I’ll wait until the day that Ke Bu dies.”

“I won’t die!!” Ke Bu clenched his teeth. He was a little startled in his mind. He originally thought that Zhi Li was crudely unhinged, but he was able to pay attention to these things. Although he did not owe Gong Zhu anything, if he thinks about it from a different perspective, it really hit him. There was nothing wrong about loving someone. He carefully measured Zhi Li’s expressionless face with his eyes. It turned out that this guy had some charm after all. He could easily make people willingly stay by his side.

Chu Haoyu sighed and said, “No matter what, Ke Bu’s devious. I realized he held you back. He looked for the greatest backer. He’s a nasty person! Doing such vile things.”

“You’re flattering me. How can my filth be compared to your brain.”

“Gee, take a good look at his villainous face, Zhi Li. What exactly do you like about Ke Bu?” The question that Chu Haoyu threw out became a hot topic. Ke Bu remained calm and looked at Zhi Li. His heart was nervously pumping. It seemed that he had never asked Zhi Li this question.

Zhi Li kept on thinking. He thought again and again, then he thought some more.

“What’s taking you so long to think!! Can’t you think of a good point about my body!” Ke Bu shouted. In the end, this question was still left unanswered after everyone dispersed. Ke Bu was confused and could not listen to the lesson. He could not wait until the class ends so he sat in front of Zhi Li. He seriously stared at Zhi Li. “Don’t think that I’m wordy. I only have one question. What do you like about me?”

“You really stumped me with this question.” Zhi Li confessed.

“I’ll let you think about it.” There was no such thing as forcing others to think about it.

“Isn’t your skin the thickest.”

“I’ve gone all out!!” It was really so embarrassing to say so.

Zhi Li supported his face with his hand, while his other hand was flipping a pen, then he looked up. “Cute, handsome, gentle, considerate, modest, charming, pure.”

“You’re mocking me!!” Looking at the ominous glint that Ke Bu revealed in his eyes, Zhi Li stopped flipping his pen. “What do you like about me?”

“Don’t look blankly and ask such a question!! You’re everything that I like, this is the standard answer.” Even if he said it like this, Ke Bu was also inevitably a little embarrassed. Although he heard these words, Zhi Li was still unperturbed. This person, no matter what he said, or others say, his expression was too simple!

“I can’t figure out what I like about you.” Upon hearing what Zhi Li said, Ke Bu only wanted to reply defiantly. Zhi Li added, “I just like you.”

Ke Bu was dumbfounded and looked stiff. “You, your answer, it’s too nonstandard!” After he finished his sentence, he returned to his seat. As a matter a fact, this answer was really a standard answer; however, it changed the shape of the corners of Ke Bu’s mouth.



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