BHMS : Chapter 11.2 – Can you like me?

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611 , NancyChen3

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

He was not the same as Meng Qi and the other legitimate sons in the family. Even though he was unclear of the differences, it did not affect what he needed to know. Such as, when it came to meal times. [1] 

([1] The author only mentioned “the meal situation”. The author was probably referring to, no one gives him food to eat since he returned to Meng family. Which is mentioned below.)

“What about lunch and dinner?” Meng Qi randomly asked when he remembered he did not see Meng Ting coming downstairs when he waited yesterday during lunch time.

This time, Meng Ting did not answer because he simply did not want to expose Yan Sui. If by any chance Meng Qi blew the whistle on him, he would not be given food to eat again.

Meng Ting threw the trash into the bin before he walked back, while a contemplating expression remained on Meng Qi’s face.

After he walked further, Meng Ting suddenly stopped walking. Then, he spoke in hindsight as he glared at Meng Qi in extreme vigilance. “I… I won’t take food anymore. You don’t need to spy on me.”

As for the food that was already taken and eaten, it was simply impossible for him to return them to Meng Qi.

Upon hearing that, Meng Qi carried a helpless expression where he did not know whether he should laugh or cry. “No one told you the dinning rules of this house?” 

Seven o’clock in the morning to eight o’clock, eleven o’clock to noon and seven to eight o’clock in the evening were the meal times. No one will wait for late comers.

Just as Meng Qi was about to continue to advise him the dinning rules, Meng Ting shook his head. However, it was not for the reason that Meng Qi thought.

“No need. None of you have the obligation to provide any food to me to begin with.”

Meng Qi finally noticed that as much as how foolish Meng Ting was, there were parts of his nerves that was rather stubborn. He could not be easily coaxed. Who and what kind of people were instilling his mind with this type of sophistries?!

Perhaps he should think about how badly the days fared for Meng Ting in the past.

“Don’t follow me anymore!” Meng Ting squinted his eyes as he spoke, while he waved his fist as a threat if Meng Qi was going to follow him.

Meng Qi stopped walking. With a face full of aggressiveness and helplessness, he did not follow Meng Ting again.

Meng Qi considered for a while before he turned his course and seeked out Uncle Wen. After some investigation, they realized that Meng Ting did not have anything to eat on the first day when he arrived in the house. The next day, the kitchen hand only gave him two servings of sandwiches rather than giving him a proper meal. As for yesterday…it was someone from the Gus who brought him a decent meal for him to eat.

After finding out the truth, Uncle Wen’s face was flushed from shame since he rarely made mistakes. He and Meng Qi were very concerned, simply because Meng Ting was not the same anymore. He was the one who will be marrying into Yans.  For this exact reason, there was utterly no room for negligence when treating Meng Ting.

However, the result remained the same when Uncle Wen contacted the Gus. The arrangement was to deliver three meals a day to Meng Ting. This vaguely revealed that it was actually Yan Sui’s intention.

After Old Master Meng’s announcement, nothing happened or changed. Asking Meng Ting to establish deep relationships with the Mengs within only half a month was impossible. He also did not expect Meng Ting to side with the Mengs after he would marry into the Yans. In his master plan, Meng Ting was merely used as a bridge to tap into the Yan empire.

In the evening, taking the advantage of the time when the servant brought food to Meng Ting’s room, Meng Qi appeared at the doorway again. This time, he did not wait for Meng Ting to throw him out. He spoke first.

“I have news about Yan Sui. Do you want to hear it?”

Meng Ting’s hand paused its motion. Indeed, he stopped closing the door on him after hearing those words.

“Last night, Su Siyu confessed to him at the clubhouse. The entire city of Haicheng knows about this already. I’m afraid only you might not be aware of this.” Meng Qi expressed coldly, but his coldness was not directed at Meng Ting. Instead, it was directed at Su Siyu and Yan Sui. 

It was obvious, Su Siyu dumped Meng Qi before because he had his eyes on Yan Sui and now, Su Siyu wanted to snatch his little brother’s future husband.

Meng Ting looked at him while calmness remained in his eyes. Of course, that might all be because his reaction was slow. He simply did not fully understand the meaning of Meng Qi’s words.

“Stop staying in your room all day long like a dummy. Because you wouldn’t even know the day when your husband’s stolen by someone else.”

“Are you done?”

While Meng Qi was still in hesitation, the door slammed right before him — causing a gust of wind to blow on his face — which made his face a little sore. As he was also frightened by that, he remained speechless for a while before he knocked on Meng Ting’s door again. “There’s a banquet at the Zhongs’ tonight. Yan Sui should be going too. If you want to go, just be downstairs at seven o’clock.”

He stood there for a while, but when he did not hear any responses from Meng Ting, he left the third floor with a darkened face. Not soon after, the door next to Meng Ting’s room opened. It was Meng Xiao, he leaned against the door for a moment and sneered coldly before he closed his door again.

As for Meng Ting, after he made sure Meng Qi had left, he grabbed his phone and made the call after he deliberated for a moment.

Although he was stupid, it was not to the point where he did not understand the other’s words. Unless those words were too strange and unheard of.

“Yan Sui.” Once the call was connected, Meng Ting immediately called out his name, with a voice that carried in dense anxiety that could not be dispersed.

Yan Sui was startled and he immediately asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Yan Sui, do you already like someone else?” He was too anxious to get married where he have not had the chance to consider whether Yan Sui already had someone in mind or not. Although he was anxious, he still felt that people who were in love should be together. He did not want to be the bad guy to break them up.

There was not a flaw in Yan Sui. But if he likes someone else, then it would be better for them not to get married.

Yan Sui remained silent for a moment before he answered, “No.”

It was undeniable that he was somewhat attracted and fond of Meng Ting, but it was not the same type of fondness that Meng Ting was asking about.

Meng Ting released his breath in relief. His whole body started to relax. As he was too nervous before, causing a vague stiffness to remain in the arm — that clutched tightly onto the mobile phone — even after he had relaxed.

“That’s good then.”

Meng Ting called out again, “Yan Sui.”

He was a bit hesitant about the words he wanted to say.


“Then, can you like me?” Since he felt it was better to get married only when two people have feelings for each other. In turn, it would ideal if he liked Yan Sui and Yan Sui liked him back. “Yan Sui, I want to like you.” 



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