BHMS : Chapter 12.1 – I’ll wait for you

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru


Meng Ting was emotionally straightforward so that he made Yan Sui feel somewhat helpless. Through the phone, he could feel that Meng Ting was determined. He was just like a moth flying into a flame — his determination was out of strong fondness.

“I must’ve troubled you…”

Yan Sui did not say anything for a long time and this made Meng Ting gloomy. He was really holding this phone call in all sincerity, so he asked once again, “In that case, you can’t like others before you decide that you don’t like me, can you?”

Meng Ting was very concerned about that Su Siyu, who suddenly appeared and confessed to Yan Sui. He made a noise so that it was made known to the entire city. He had not heard this name before, but he knew it now.

“Be good.” In fact, when Yan Sui was asked this question by Meng Ting, he was thinking about it. However, all of the emotions brought about by Meng Ting’s question were fermented in his heart. For a moment, he forgot to answer.

“Yeah,” Meng Ting nodded gently. This was all right. Being too greedy would be annoying and for the moment, he was fighting for a chance for himself and Yan Sui — waiting for a chance for them to like each other.

“Why do you want to ask these?”

After making sure that Meng Ting had no more questions, Yan Sui also had time to ask this question he should have asked earlier.

Meng Ting did not hesitate for a moment and sold Meng Qi out. He repeated Meng Qi’s words to Yan Sui, but he did not panic when he heard it. Compared with Meng Qi’s words, he would rather believe what Yan Sui told him.

“Yan Sui, you didn’t accept his confession, right?” If he accepted it, then Yan Sui would surely be able to tell him that he has someone that he liked.

“I don’t like him.”

Yan Sui wanted to give clearer words to Meng Ting. He did not have any feelings for Su Siyu, nor was there any possibility of developing any feelings for him.

Su Siyu’s realm of affection was too rich. What Su Siyu wanted was not what Yan Sui wanted. Not only did they have two parallel lines of life, but they also did not have the same concept of affection. Meng Ting saw that he and Su Siyu were not much different, but they were actually not the same. At least Yan Sui’s feelings toward Meng Ting were totally different from his feelings toward Su Siyu. As for how far they could go, Yan Sui was also unable to ensure it for now.

“I’ll bear that in mind,” said Meng Ting, who was thoroughly relieved. All of the worries in his voice had disappeared.

Yan Sui heaved a sigh of relief. He lowered his tone, then continued to talk to Meng Ting, “I also want it to be like this time in the future. If you have any doubts, call me directly.”

If he was able to let Meng Ting know, he would tell him directly. If he could not say it, then he would also say that he could not tell him. Without having any third person involved to deliver the message, there would be fewer misunderstandings between them.

“Okay,” Meng Ting replied. He also felt that this way was good. “You, too. If you want to ask me about anything, I’ll also tell you.”

Meng Ting said those words particularly slow, as if he was in slight deliberation and late awareness. He was thinking about himself being reborn. He could tell him about other things except for this one — he should never say it. He did not want to be regarded as a monster. He especially did not want Yan Sui to look at him like that. However, Yan Sui regarded this slow reaction as a sign that he was earnest. His face eased up and his tone was the same, “As for the Zhongs’ banquet, if you’ll go there, I’ll come over.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting nodded, then he pondered over it before he said, “I’ll wait for you.”

Yan Sui paused for a moment before he responded to him with an “Okay.” This waiting also included waiting for him to like Meng Ting.

“It will not be too long.”

“I don’t mind. I can wait.” Even if Yan Sui was busy and he could not come, it did not matter for Meng Ting, since they would be married soon. There was still thirteen days left. Meng Ting could wait.

Their brainwaves suddenly changed the subject and they continued to talk for a bit. Meng Ting switched the phone off, ate dinner, and chose a black suit in the closet to put on. He went downstairs at around seven o’clock in the evening.

On the first floor, there was not only Meng Qi in the living room. Meng Xiao was also there. As for Meng Jiang and Meng Bo, they had something to do and left in the morning. Meng Qin also had her own date. She did not leave until five o’clock in the afternoon. They would come back next time. There should also be an event next Saturday night. Meng Xiao had his twentieth birthday in March. He was a full three years older than Meng Ting. He was obviously not as good as the other men in the Meng Family. He was even slightly shorter than Meng Ting. He relied on clothes, so he used a well-known brand, making him appear to be a handsome youth.

Meng Xiao walked beside Meng Qi and Meng Ting, and this made him completely reduced to a foil. Meng Qi’s presence as the Eldest Young Master of the Mengs was there. This kind of extravagance was something that he could not bring to his family in a few years. Meng Ting was born with a good face. Black was befitting to his temperament more than white and that kind of gloom made him look mysterious and even more outstanding.

This kind of contrast was too obvious that Meng Ting himself felt it, too.

Out of the gate, Meng Qi took Meng Ting to sit in his car, but it was to let Meng Xiao drive by himself. His face was even worse. He gave Meng Ting a wink, but it was a pity that Meng Ting completely ignored him.

With his previous experience, Meng Ting did not want to sit with Meng Qi, nor did he want to have anything to do with Meng Qi. However, Meng Qi had decided, so Meng Ting made his way into the car.

“It isn’t good to take him with us. He never gave me face and doesn’t consider his own status.”


8 thoughts on “BHMS : Chapter 12.1 – I’ll wait for you

  1. yuujinjou

    Been following this series on your Wattpad but for some reason when I check the site today your acct and all of your translations are deleted from that site. Hope everything is okay.


      1. I think Meng Qi is his eldest cousin brother not his eldest step-brother? Although in ancient Chinese though, biao (cousin from the mother’s side) can married but not tang (cousin from the father’s side).. I don’t know the recent Chinese though. In my culture custom too, cousin (no matter if it is from father or mother’s side) can get married (can not must).. And I had to admit like lykizan said, Meng Qi is looking out after Meng Ting like during family banquet where he gives eye warning to Meng Xiao to not excessively insult Meng Ting, being angry on his behalf about Su Siyu’s antic, and now giving heads up of Meng Xiao behaviours. Maybe this had to do with his grandmother Feng’s plan of getting in Meng Ting’s good side, but so far Meng Qi had reign his inappropriate behaviour massively.


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