HIHEZL : Chapter 30 – This Classmate is Kind and Dazzling to the Eyes?

(Title – 这位同学善良夺目?– Zhe Wei Tong Xue Shan Liang Duo Mu? – This Classmate is Kind and Dazzling to the Eyes?)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Ke Bu’s love for Zhi Li was not only a kind of feeling — it was also a desire, hope and longing that had been accumulated over time. He liked to stay by Zhi Li’s side — bantering with him and also looking after him. Even if he just sat quietly and watched him draw, this kind of peace of mind made him understand that as long as Zhi Li was there, that place would be a good place. In the stronghold, he inserted the straw into the milk and handed it to Zhi Li: “The weather has been getting worse recently. You should wear more clothes.”

“It’s cold.”

“That’s why I told you to wear more!!”

Zhi Li took a look at Ke Bu, examined what he wore, and looked back: “I don’t want to.”

“What kind of response is this when you’ve hurt someone’s feelings?” Zhi Li was different. Zhi Li could not withstand heat while Ke Bu could not withstand cold and he did not want to do anything when he was cold. He hated the feeling of shrinking his neck because of the cold, so he would wear a lot in winter and pack himself like a bear.

“It’s cold.” Zhi Li said while biting the straw. Ke Bu frowned. “Are you listening to what I’m saying?” Zhi Li put the milk on the table. He stared at Ke Bu with that natural look.

Ke Bu felt uncomfortable being stared at like that: “Although my country bumpkin image’s not very good, you should be used to it after so many years.”

Ke Bu could not help but remember the first winter the couple had passed. When Ke Bu hurried to the top of the school building and pushed open the door, the first sentence of Zhi Li was: “How unsophisticated.”

Zhi Li’s next action was unexpected. He suddenly held Ke Bu up and took Ke Bu into his lap, then he put his hands into Ke Bu’s coat, but his cold fingers did not directly touch the other’s skin. They just laid in between the insides of his coat, then Zhi Li issued out a sluggish voice, just like a cat, basking under the sun: “You’re so warm.” Ke Bu’s face was burning in the part where Zhi Li could not see. He seemed to be able to hear his heart beating violently. The pleasant smell of detergent on Zhi Li’s body drifted into his respiratory tract and surged into his body.

Ke Bu picked up the milk box and shook it: “Don’t waste it. You have to finish it.” Ke Bu lifted the milk up and made Zhi Li drink it from behind. He put it on his shoulders and Zhi Li bit the straw. Ke Bu kept on doing this and waited until he finished drinking the remaining milk.

When Ke Bu was ready to go back to the classroom, a tall, well-dressed boy stood outside the classroom door. His well-proportioned features were charming, and he seemed to be anxiously looking for something in his class. Ke Bu was not a kind boy who wanted to help him at all. He was just trying to pass by the boy when the boy grabbed him. The boy’s fingers were warm — unlike Zhi Li’s fingers that were cold as ice. Ke Bu tried to shake it off in reflex: “What’s the matter?”

“Excuse me, did I scare you? In that case, I apologize. I just wanted to find your homeroom teacher.” The boy smiled. It was a warm smile similar to the smile of an angel — a smile that revealed his spotless-white teeth. It was as if Ke Bu could see white wings behind him.

“Oh,” Ke Bu answered. He looked inside the classroom and did not see their homeroom teacher’s shadow: “She’s not here at the moment. You’ll have to come again later.”

“Thank you so much. What’s your name? I’m Xia Jiazuo from the Department of Psychology.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t have any plans of making friends with you.” Ke Bu indifferently went straight back to the classroom.

Xia Jiazuo unexpectedly smiled again with his sunshine-like smile: “Ha ha ~ ~ Did I scare you so much so that I made you take precautions? Forcing people is not my character. Then I’ll go first. Oh, by the way, wearing those thick clothes makes me feel that you look like a silly teddy bear. How do you say it, it’s very cute.” After saying that, Xia Jiazuo left. Ke Bu was dumbfounded. He had a strange feeling in his body and he felt rather weak, so he put his hands on the table to support his body. What should I do? What kind of feeling is this? What to do, I, I really want, I really want to throw up.

Ke Bu asked himself what was going on. He should be happy being praised like this, right? Yet he did not like it. Back then, when they were in senior high school, Zhi Li directly called him out: “How unsophisticated.”

Hearing Zhi Li say this, he stood on that rooftop, two meters away from Zhi Li and laughed: “You’re the one who’s unsophisticated.”

After his class, Xia Jiazuo came again and bumped into Ying Xiujie, who was also about to enter the classroom door. Ying Xiujie looked at Xia Jiazuo and, with a stern voice, he said: “You want to fight?!”

Xia Jiazuo was not afraid nor angry, instead he showed his admiration: “You’re really awesome. Do you practice boxing?”

Being praised like this, Ying Xiujie was somewhat embarrassed. He scratched his head: “I’ve learned a little?” It seemed that he found someone with the same interest. Xia Jiazuo’s eyes twinkled: “Really? I’m still learning it. The one I admire the most is Ying Wule. Have you heard of him?”

This time, Ying Xiujie’s expression clearly changed: “He’s my dad.”

“No way, you’re not lying to me. Then we need to find a chance to learn from each other sometime.”

“It can’t be helped.” Ying Xiujie was obviously also somewhat happy.

After Xia Jiazuo met the homeroom teacher and had a long talk with her, he was not in a hurry to leave. He even chatted with Ying Xiujie while Ke Bu looked at them from inside the classroom. Ying Xiujie seemed to really like Xia Jiazuo. Ke Bu looked at Xia Jiazuo. This person seemed to be kind. He was so kind so that he was dazzling Ke Bu’s eyes, but his kindness was different from Gong Zhu’s and different from Zhou Xinhe’s. His kindness was the kind that could contain everything. When Zhi Li passed by, he was stopped by Xia Jiazuo: “You [1] must be Zhi Li.” Xia Jiazuo addressed him respectfully.

([1] Xia Jiazuo used 您 to address Zhi Li which is an honorific word for ‘you.’)

Zhi Li did not say anything and just looked at Xia Jiazuo. Xia Jiazuo continued to talk: “I just heard Ying Xiujie talking about you. I envy you so much. You’re good-looking and also powerful,” Xia Jiazuo said. He leaned forward and whispered something to Zhi Li. Zhi Li still did not say anything. He suddenly outstretched his hand and punched Xia Jiazuo in his face. Xia Jiazuo was beaten until he fell to the ground.  Everyone there was so shocked, and so was Xia Jiazuo. Ying Xiujie was also shocked. All of their classmates in the classroom were also shocked, as well as Ke Bu.

When Ke Bu stood up, Zhi Li was about to hit Xia Jiazuo again, so Ke Bu rushed toward them and said to Zhi Li: “What are you doing?” Then he moved closer to Zhi Li. In a low voice, he warned him: “If you want to hit him, you need to wait until there’s no people around. What if you get a demerit?” Gong Zhu and Chu Haoyu also came over immediately afterwards.

It was a pity that Xia Jiazuo could not hear him. Xia Jiazuo stood up from the ground. Even if it was like this, he was still not angry. He wryly smiled and looked at Zhi Li: “Sorry, I was just teasing you by saying that I envy you. Had I known earlier that you don’t like this kind of joke, I wouldn’t say it. My bad. It seems I made all of your classmates misunderstand. I’ll explain this later.”

Zhi Li coldly sent out a word: “Eyesore.” Ke Bu fixed his gaze at Zhi Li’s back, who was leaving that place. This time, it was the end. To everyone in that classroom, Zhi Li, at the moment, appeared to be the one who was unreasonable.

His image now was that of someone who easily beats others — it was completely overturned. Xia Jiazuo even asked Ying Xiujie, who was still on the side: “You mustn’t let your feelings be affected because of me. He doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

“It’s okay. Maybe he was not in a good mood today.” Ying Xiujie recovered from his surprise and it seemed that he had not figured out what happened just now.

“I live in your dormitory downstairs. When you’re free, come and play with me.”

What happened next was beyond Ke Bu’s expectation. Xia Jiazuo was like an angel who suddenly descended from heaven. He just landed in the middle of this team and made a good relationship with them very fast. After he heard that Chu Haoyu specially collected a lot of limited edition big breasts atlases, he even helped him create a group and brought together people with the same hobby in the school. After knowing that Gong Zhu liked boys, he did not show any disgust. Instead, he encouraged him. He thought that he was very strong. He was even willing to pay Zhou Xinhe a visit and made her as his teacher. He learned to cook from her and praised her by saying that he had never eaten such a delicious dish. Furthermore, he even planned to generously purchase a computer for Zhang Luo.

From the first time Xia Jiazuo visited the stronghold, he was attracted by the beautiful scenery of this school building. He felt somewhat overwhelmed by this unexpected favor, so he asked: “Are you sure I can come here once in a while?”

“Of course, you have done so much for us.”

“Thank you, guys.” His expression was the kind of expression that shone on all creation. Ke Bu looked at Xia Jiazuo. He could not tell why Zhi Li did not like him. He was indeed a good man. There was no deception in his eyes. He was very happy as long as he was able to help others. Ke Bu looked at Zhi Li again. He still sat in the same place as he drew. He did not have any intention to join them.

Everyone went over there to eat the snacks that Xia Jiazuo bought. Xia Jiazuo brought a share of snacks and handed it to Ke Bu. Ke Bu did not take it; he just asked, “Why?”

“Are you asking me why I’m so good to people? I’m afraid you’ll laugh if I’ll tell you what’s the reason. My parents often quarrel. Their quarreling at home gives me headaches. I don’t like that feeling. Since it’s so depressing at home, I don’t want to be in this kind of atmosphere at school. You’re a group of good people. I’m very happy when I’m with all of you, so I’m trying my best to make you all happy. I think that helping others is a pleasant thing, but I’m not that selfless. This can also be regarded as an excuse for me to escape from the atmosphere at home. You don’t like it?” Xia Jiazuo seriously said. Ke Bu was stunned and he kind of sympathized with Xia Jiazuo.

Usagi notes: This arc pains me so much. Lol. Watch out for a memory chapter again soon…



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