BMHS : Chapter 19.1 – You’re also my treasure

Author : Jianjia Nizi

Translator : Chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader : KainGuru
Meng Ting’s eyelashes quivered at Yan Sui’s peck. He merely closed his eyes and yet, he opened them wide again. There was a bit of unusual astonishment in his eyes. He slightly raised his face and it rubbed against Yan Sui’s cheek. When Yan Sui briefly stopped and as he tilted his face, Meng Ting’s lips also brushed against his lips.

It was too fast, too light, and too sudden. It could almost make people feel that this kiss was an illusion. Yan Sui took a deep breath. With his fingers, he supported Meng Ting’s head in leaning back, then gently pushed him back. This abrupt loss of control of his had made Meng Ting’s heart somewhat flustered.

Meng Ting’s eyes were still pure, but Yan Sui’s peck on his forehead was a careless and yet, so gentle touch, which let him discover another way of expressing their intimacy, apart from hugs.

“When I become better, I’ll kiss you again. I’m still sick now. I mustn’t infect you.” Meng Ting whispered, then he slowly closed his eyes. He was sick after all. The event that took place just now really consumed his mind. Yan Sui enclosed him with his warm and securing embrace. Soon afterwards, he fell asleep.

Yan Sui gazed at Meng Ting’s face for a long time. After he was certain that he fell asleep, he reached out and touched Meng Ting’s lips. After a long time had passed, that soft and gentle touch was still clearly engraved in his mind, and his eyes gradually darkened, and his ears flushed. The influence of this kiss on him had exceeded his calculations.

He moved his gaze away from Meng Ting’s lips, then stretched his hand out to rub the little space in between his eyebrows. Soon afterwards, his distressed feeling and those raging emotions faded away. He continued to stay at the bedside for a while before he went downstairs to look for Li Yi, then they talked about Meng Ting’s situation.

“This can be difficult…” Meng Ting was sick, yet he could not take medicine. Now, he only had the common cold, so he would most likely endure it; however, if he suffers from other illnesses in the future, he definitely would not endure it.

“You’ve hired me to think of a way. I’ll contact some psychiatrists and ask for their opinion first, then I’ll let you know.”

He wanted to know more about the situation, and Meng Ting’s circumstances should not be hurried at all.

“If he can’t take Western medicine, how about Chinese medicine?” Li Yi looked at Yan Sui with knitted eyebrows, then suddenly gave him this suggestion. Generally speaking, he learned Western medicine and he rarely recommended Chinese medicine to people. However, Meng Ting could not use Western medicine.

“Would you like to try medicinal food? I learned it from your grandmother.” Nanny Wang suddenly cut in. When she saw Meng Ting just now, she felt that he really needed to be nourished. Yan Sui’s grandmother, who had passed away, had excellent medicinal food recipes. Nanny Wang had learned a lot of them as her assistant.

“It may not be a bad idea,” Yan Sui recalled how Meng Ting looked like when he enjoyed eating his food. He thought this idea was still feasible.

Nanny Wang hurriedly left and Uncle Xiao escorted Li Yi out. Yan Sui sat in the living room for a while, then went back to the room to continue watching Meng Ting.

He moved his laptop and sat down on the sofa next to the bed to work. At least if he raised his eyes, he would be able to see Meng Ting.

Meng Ting also continued sleeping soundly. As he had said so himself, when he slept, he was really well-behaved and did not move that much, but his eyebrows were slightly knitted, and he did not have a good sleep.

When it was almost five o’clock, Yan Sui put down his laptop and stepped forward, then pulled the quilt to cover up to Meng Ting’s chin. After that, he reached out and caressed Meng Ting’s hair. “Wake up. Eat something first then you can go and sleep again.”

Meng Ting slowly opened his eyes. After he was sober and calm, he slowly sat up then leaned against Yan Sui’s arm and mumbled with some sadness and frustration. “I’ve died many times.”

Meng Ting was telling the truth, but it was too difficult for Yan Sui to believe and understand his feelings. He only treated him like he was having a nightmare. “What are you saying? You’re still in good shape with me here.” He patted Meng Ting’s back gently and did his best to make him feel better. “Do you want to eat in this room or eat downstairs with me?”

“Let’s go downstairs. I want to be with you.” He rubbed his face against Yan Sui. He felt reluctant to part from the other. Thinking that he could be together with Yan Sui in the future made his mood gradually brighten up. At night, he would ask Yan Sui to hug him tightly for a while.

Yan Sui opened the luggage that Meng Ting brought. He gave him comfortable clothes to change into and took him to the bathroom within his room to wash his face, then he led the boy with his hands down the stairs. In both of his lifetimes, Meng Ting had never felt being taken cared of like this.

He quietly thought to himself as he measured Yan Sui with his eyes. It seemed like if he was a bit troubled, Yan Sui would promptly block it. Yan Sui’s actions when he took care of Meng Ting were not very skillful, but he did not show any signs of impatience from beginning to end. Perhaps, it could be said that he had already began enjoying doing it.

The two men came down the stairs, holding each other’s hands and Nanny Wang and Uncle Xiao could not help but look twice; however, they immediately brought the dishes in.

“Why don’t you guys sit down and eat together with us. There’s so many dishes here. Yan Sui and I certainly can’t finish it all.”

The long table was half full. Even if Yan Sui and him were starving, they still could not eat them all. Not to mention that he was still sick now, which would affect his appetite a bit.

“Uncle Xiao, Nanny Wang, let’s sit down and eat together.”

Yan Sui would usually only eat breakfast at home and he did not mind it if they ate together. There were not many opportunities like this and there was nothing wrong with Meng Ting’s idea. Nanny Wang and Uncle Xiao hesitated for a moment, but they came over and sat down.

It was okay if they only ate together with Meng Ting, but if He Wan was there, they would never do this.



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  1. rainrein

    Every chapter i read is full with sweetness, make my teeth hurt because to much of sweet. But i can’t help for wanting more. Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Dancing dolphins Yo!

    Aww come here Meng Ting , let me hug you !! (Gets kicked by Yan Sui) 😢 Thanks for the wonderful chapter !! Cutie cutie

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  3. ghostie

    ah gosh
    whenever they talk about meng ting’s health my heart aches

    this baby needs all the love and care in the world
    and yan sui bringing these good shit makes me want to protect them

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  4. Nes

    Did you spot putting the next button/previous button/etc type of links from this chapter forward? Just wondering so I don’t point them out ~

    Medicinal food and Chinese medicine not being used as much in China is surprising, I’d have expected to keep what works since I know some natural medicines and herbs are much better without side effects than western medicine.


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