BMHS : Chapter 23.2 – Yan Sui was not ‘struck,’ he was just in love

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: synecdoche-acookie

Proofreader: KainGuru

In other words, he did not mean that he would not go over to the Yans’ residence. There were so many people in the Yans’ residence. How could it be impossible to find someone who would take care of the two small animals? As for the re-examination, with one phone call from Yan Sui, Zhen Han would definitely come over.

Meng Ting stood up. He went to Zhen Han’s side and earnestly asked, “Can you explain it to me carefully?”

Zhen Han swept a quick look at Yan Sui from the corner of his eyes. He immediately stopped and nodded, “Okay.”

With that said, Zhen Han’s talkativeness was exposed. He talked endlessly for two hours with Meng Ting and Meng Ting earnestly listened to him for the whole two hours.

Meng Ting looked at the two cages by his feet. He felt that this was the first time that he wanted to ask for someone else’s phone number.

“Can I ask for your phone number? If there’s a part that I can’t remember, I think I’ll have to check it with you.”

“Yes, you can.” Zhen Han restrained himself then he nodded and glanced at Yan Sui, who went outside to answer a phone call. After that, he reached out to touch Meng Ting’s hair, “Hey, we’re family. There’s no need to be so polite.”

For the whole evening, he had been wanting to touch Meng Ting’s hair but Yan Sui had been eyeing him like a tiger eyeing its prey; hence, he did not have the courage to do so; but now… He still could not do it.

Meng Ting looked a little stunned, but he grabbed Zhen Han’s wrist as soon as he raised his hand. Meng Ting frowned and looked at Zhen Han, “What are you doing?”

Zhen Han bitterly withdrew his outstretched hand. He must not let Meng Ting know that he had been yearning to touch his hair for a long time now.

“Nothing, you just have something on your hair. I’ll get it for you.”

Though Zhen Han said it earnestly, Meng Ting was still puzzled; however, he still released Zhen Han’s hand, then Zhen Han finally ruffled his hair once and Meng Ting endured it for once. When Yan Sui went back in and was faced with this scene, he felt that Zhen Han’s hand had to be twisted and ‘taken care of.’

“Are you done talking?” Yan Sui looked at Zhen Han. He sounded indifferently but Zhen Han immediately straightened his back and nodded, “Yes.”

As they talked, Meng Ting continued looking down at the cages where the frightened kitten and dog were.

Zhen Han simply explained a little more, then sent Yan Sui and Meng Ting to leave. He watched the back of Yan Sui and Meng Ting disappear at the door. He took out his phone and immediately posted in his Moments [1].

([1] Moments is a function in the WeChat app. It mainly focuses on sharing pictures with captions, while sharing statuses and sharing websites are also permitted.)

“Little Sister-in-Law is really cute,” he added a picture in his collection of cute cats.

It had not been posted for two minutes, yet the next line of notifications were already about likes.

Considering that Yan Sui might also see it, no one dared to comment anything, but all the likes that followed suit in the notifications had already revealed that they were wriggling to gossip about it.

Of course, what made it more frightening was that after half an hour, Yan Sui’s name suddenly appeared among this line of likes.

After a long period of silence, Zhong Ming was finally the first one commenting on the post.

“It seems that even Boss Yan also feels that our Little Sister-in-Law is cute, haha.”

A minute, two minutes, and three minutes had passed yet Yan Sui did not respond. Because of that, Zhong Ming’s heart finally fell.

Zhong Ming laughed a few times and easily recovered from this. He actually planned to go out and have some fun but after that, he staggered and fell down on the ground.

He saw the comment below and there was a new line of words.

“I’m not cute. Yan Sui’s cute.”

Zhong Ming howled like a wolf. It was actually difficult to imagine that someone would use the word ‘cute’ to describe Yan Sui. More than half of those who saw the comment, along with Zhong Ming, vomited!

Then, after that sentence, there was another reply which was suspected to be sent by Yan Sui himself, “Hmm.”

After they returned to the Yans’ residence, they settled the cages first for the new kitten and dog. Meng Ting consoled them for a while, then Yan Sui took him back to their room. After they took a bath, they prepared to go to sleep.

Meng Ting took a shower first and Yan Sui after. After taking a shower, he saw that Meng Ting was playing with his phone. He took Meng Ting into his embrace and taught Meng Ting how to use some chat apps.

Actually, Yan Sui did not use it much himself. He keyed in some words and helped Meng Ting set up an account, then he let Meng Ting add his own account. He then took Meng Ting’s phone and passed it back. He taught Meng Ting how to use the Moments.

While Yan Sui was demonstrating how to use it, he came across Zhen Han’s comment then he put a like on it.

“Tap here to reply.” Yan Sui tapped the key once again and a dialogue box popped up.

Meng Ting held the phone and pondered for a while. He wrote a comment. Of course, he did not send it yet. He looked at Yan Sui first and smiled at him. He just felt that Yan Sui was cute. Every part of him was cute.

Yan Sui looked at what Zhen Han shared in Moments and recalled Zhen Han’s hand touching Meng Ting’s hair earlier. He lightly tapped on Meng Ting’s comment with his fingertip, then he sent out another comment, “Hmm.”

This public display of affection showed in his cousin’s phone. The dog food that Yan Sui scattered was inhumane. Many of those who saw it wailed, shaking heaven and earth. However, the man behind it all, Yan Sui, took his and Meng Ting’s phones from Meng Ting’s hand and placed them on the bedside table.

“It’s almost eleven o’clock. Let’s go to sleep.”


Though Meng Ting felt that Yan Sui’s comment in Moments was more interesting than his, he still listened to him and obediently nodded.

He crawled out from Yan Sui’s embrace and lied down on the pillow beside him. Yan Sui got up to turn off the lights and lied down on the bed. He did not wait long for Meng Ting to move slowly so Yan Sui immediately reached out and pulled the man over, then gently embraced Meng Ting.

“Go to sleep.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting answered but his eyes were still wide open. He waited for some time, yet Yan Sui was still just holding him, then he poked Yan Sui’s chest, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“What is it?” Yan Sui smiled but his eyes were still closed as he held Meng Ting in his arms and did not move.

Meng Ting gently freed himself and stretched out his hands from the quilt to wrap it around Yan Sui’s neck, “You haven’t said good night and kissed me.”

Yan Sui opened his eyes and looked at him. In the dim light of the lamp, Meng Ting’s eyes were still bright and he looked puzzled. It was as if they already had an agreement on this matter earlier. At least for Meng Ting, Yan Sui should give him a good night kiss and he would return it with a good morning kiss.

Yan Sui did not hesitate. He held Meng Ting and changed their posture. All of a sudden, Meng Ting was encircled on the bed. Of course, this posture was awkward, yet Meng Ting’s hands were still hooked on Yan Sui’s neck and did not let go. When he saw that Yan Sui was leaning forward, Meng Ting gently smiled and subconsciously closed his eyes.

However, Yan Sui’s kiss did not land on the space between his eyebrows; instead, he directly kissed Meng Ting on his lips. They stayed still like this, with no one leaving nor progressing with the kiss.

Meng Ting slowly opened his eyes. He swept his eyes to Yan Sui’s face, then he moved his hands from Yan Sui’s neck to his cheeks and caressed it. Yan Sui slightly moved away and Meng Ting’s face continued to follow his. Meng Ting stuck his tongue out and gently licked the part where he bit Yan Sui in the afternoon.


Before he could even finish what he was saying, Yan Sui’s kisses fell successively. He trapped Meng Ting between his arms and plundered Meng Ting’s lips. For men, kissing was something that they did not need to learn from others. His senses were his best teachers.

The sounds of their tongues clicking, filled with a clandestine flavor, lengthened this endless kiss. A simple good night kiss turned into a warm good night kiss, which was somewhat hard putting in order.

Both of their breaths were erratic and Meng Ting’s chest continued rising and falling as his enclosed lips were somewhat numbed. He looked at Yan Sui and whispered, “It’sshot, it’sshot.”

In fact, he was meaning to say that it was ‘It’s hot, it’s hot.’ The heat from his lips immediately burned his entire body.

Yan Sui propped up his body. After a long time, he lied back on his original position, then he pulled Meng Ting again and hugged him, “Good night.”

Meng Ting hugged him back and nodded, “Good night.”

This kiss was unexpectedly a tiring good night kiss, but with Yan Sui’s good night kiss and hug, Meng Ting thought that tonight, he would sleep well for sure.

Meng Ting’s heart settled down and soon, he fell asleep. On the contrary, Yan Sui still felt the heat for quite some time before he was able to settle down and fall asleep. For their good night kiss hereafter, Yan Sui thought that he should not easily stir up the fire; otherwise, he and Meng Ting would not be able to handle such heat.

The next day, Yan Sui woke up and got a sweet and cloying good morning kiss from Meng Ting. He went to work and Meng Ting took care of the kitten and the dog at home.

The native dog, which Meng Ting named Rhubarb, was not that bad, but the kitten, Furball, was so unsightly that even Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang did not want to approach it.

However, Meng Ting brought them back without the intention of asking others to take care of them. He wanted to take care of the kitten and dog himself. Besides, he learned a lot from Zhen Han last night. He brought Rhubarb and Furball, then grabbed the medical kit, and went to the front lawn of the Yans’ residence to check on them.

Under the early morning’s sunlight, he held Furball in his embrace and then carefully held a cotton swab and gently applied the medicine on the kitten. Rhubarb, who still did not dare to wander around, happily stayed by Meng Ting’s side. One man and his two pets were in their own world.

After Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang checked on him several times, they were then assured that Meng Ting did not need their help; hence, they decided not to disturb him.

“Furball, quickly take the medicine. Soon, you’ll get better. When your fur will grow, you’ll definitely become beautiful.”

Meng Ting attentively looked at Furball and it still looked dubious, so he added, “Even if you’re not beautiful, it doesn’t matter because Yan Sui and I will raise you.”

Perhaps, because Meng Ting’s caress felt so comfortable, Furball, who never made a single sound since they arrived at the Yans’ Residence, softly ‘meowed’ with a little suckling sound as it took its medicine.

Meng Ting sprung up, he took out his phone from his chest and took a picture of himself and Furball. After he pondered carefully, he sent it to Yan Sui.

Yan Sui picked up his phone to check on the message. At first, he thought that it was from gossipers who were shocked by post in Moments yesterday; however, he then saw that it was Meng Ting and his knitted brows immediately relaxed. When he opened the notification, he saw the picture and stared at it for a while, then he set it as his phone’s wallpaper.

“Furball’s meow is really cute.” Under the picture, Meng Ting sent another message.

That evening, because of Zhen Han’s post in Moments, Meng Ting finally accomplished to really understand the meaning of the word ‘cute.’

He thought that Yan Sui was cute. Their kitten and dog were also cute; however, Yan Sui declined this. Yan Sui thought that Meng Ting, who said this, was the cutest.

Yan Sui opened his Moments and sent out his first post.

He typed in ‘Cute,’ then he added Meng Ting’s picture while holding Furball.

It did not take long for the army, who had liked Zhen Han’s Moments post last night, to flock to the scene. After Gu Lang liked Yan Sui’s post, Yan Sui’s phone rang up.

“Are you Yan Sui? Are you still Yan Sui? Are you really Yan Sui?” He was one hundred percent suspicious that Yan Sui was ‘struck.’

“What’s the matter?” As soon as Yan Sui’s cold voice was heard, Gu Lang’s million doubts disappeared. He had been lectured so many times with this voice and this tone. If he could not recognize it, then who could recognize it?

Yan Sui was not ‘struck.’ He was just in love.



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      1. Lol!
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  7. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how he’s expressing his love for him publicly🥺 I thought he’d mind like, his mother or some other things, but he just doesn’t give a sh** and that’s so pleasing and cool!
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