BMHS Update and Recruitment

Hi all,

We’re kinda short of staff right now and some are sick. We may be able to update BMHS 25 by Monday or Tuesday.

If you’re interested to join our team as a translator or Chinese proofreader, please contact us at Please be aware that we’re not getting paid for this so don’t expect any salary haha.

Kind regards,
Crescent Moon


5 thoughts on “BMHS Update and Recruitment

  1. ghostie

    i wish i could help you guys but im just planning to learn chinese….im going to have to sign up for some classes and hopefully learn fast enough so that i can also help translating bl novels ufufufufufu

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  2. Amelia TKH

    Dear Renkun27,
    I’ve probably mistakenly posted an offer as volunteer proof reader of the English Language translation work of the novel entitled ‘A Lifetime of Love’. It is being translated by Anna Noh and I noticed there’s no proof reader/editor of her diligent translation work. So at the end of reading the translated novel LMTW chapter 7 I posted 2 comments re offer which I realised soon after wasn’t on the appropriate platform. Both of my postings/comments appeared there and I’m hoping that as administrator you can kindly delete them as they’re quite a private matter not for other novel readers to read. Much appreciate if it could be done ie delete them; again on LMTW comment section at Chapter 7.

    However, my offer as proof reader/editing work only of the English Language translated work (if there’s such a need) of Anna Noh of ALOL still stands and hope it is amenable to you. I understand one proof reads/edits of the original Mandarin version in comparison to its EL version. I’m not yet proficient in Mandarin (still beginner learning stage). I thought you may be open to the idea of proof read/edit ONLY the EL version of ALOL of its grammar, tenses, syntax, sentence arrangements etc ie without affecting/changing its core translated context.

    Do advise me on the matter and how to go about it.

    If as explained afore it’s not needed it’ll be OK by me – no problem to turn down the offer.

    Thank you.

    Amelia TKH

    NB. Please, please don’t forget if possible to delete my offer (2 postings AmeliaTKH/Amielia Mira) at end of Chapter 7 LMTW. I’m a tad bit embarass. It should have been a private matter not for public consumption < :- }

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    1. Hi Amelia,

      I just woke up. Sorry about that. I already deleted those comments that you’re pertaining, too. You have such good background and experience in proofreading and editing. We will discuss this internal and we will get back to you as soon as possible about this.




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