TUMBT : Chapter II – 10

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: xallisonjanex, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Mu Xueshi was basically fobbing him off with an equivocal answer. The Third Prince’s expression became grave. He leered at Mu Xueshi, who suddenly became nervous. Standing next to the Third Prince, Mu Xueshi glanced at him from time to time, then looked at the floor again — he still did not see anything.

After a long time, the Third Prince responded: “That’s not the one I’m making you see.”

“In that case, is it…” Mu Xueshi asked tentatively.

The Third Prince replied coldly: “If you can’t see it, you‘re not allowed to go back to the imperial palace tonight. Stay in this principal hall for the night.”

As soon as Mu Xueshi heard these words, his complexion changed. Without losing time, he pleaded repeatedly in front of the Third Prince: “Xi, although this person is my father, I‘ve lost my memory. If, by any chance, my father comes back to look for me, I won’t be able to recognize him. That will make my father furious, what should I do if he takes me away!?”

“If that’s the case, take advantage of the hints I’ve given to you before dark.”

Mu Xueshi looked depressed and seemingly wanted to cry. He looked at the floor again for several times and he could not see anything except for that the flooring that was pretty good. Besides, it‘s been a month since the incident took place, wouldn’t it be difficult to search for evidences at the crime scene now?

Mu Xueshi gave up the gentle strategy, and simply frowned and glared at the Third Prince. He put out funny faces, one after another, causing the Third Prince not to know whether he should laugh or cry. Seeing that the Third Prince remained unmoved, Mu Xueshi came up with the skill he had learned in school previously. He imitated a gorilla, and walked around the room. He hardly realized that his face and body now were already unsuitable to do these funny gestures. It would only make others think that he was adorable through and through, without the slightest feeling whatsoever of wanting to laugh.

Mu Xueshi was tired and panting. He put on a show and, at the same time, tried to distract the Third Prince. He wanted to let the Third Prince let him off completely. He also spoke a lot of pleasantries, all of which were taught by his teachers before. Because Mu Xueshi heard these many times before, he recited them from his memory. No matter what the issue was, there would always be a process and this kind of ability was also just a step-by-step process. The Third Prince had taken the lead for him in this investigation, so Mu Xueshi should already know where to proceed next.

Unfortunately, the one facing him was the Third Prince, and how could the Third Prince be the type, who could be bewitched by this little trick. The more fun Mu Xueshi made, the more at ease the Third Prince’s expression was. In the end, he simply sat down on the round stool next to the big table, and savored his tea in a leisurely manner.

“Humph… Cold-blooded…” While Mu Xueshi was muttering, his eyes suddenly lit up. He turned to gaze at the Third Prince, then flashed a mischievous smile.

The Third Prince welcomed his gaze and basically did not know what the smirk on his face was for, but he was interested in Mu Xueshi’s ever-changing face.

“Hng… It seems I can only use this trick as a last resort.” Mu Xueshi shook his little head and finally came walking over with triumphant look. He went as far as embracing the Third Prince and stuck his face against his chest.

The Third Prince was dumbfounded. Mu Xueshi brought a very warm and comfortable feeling to the Third Prince. The fragrance from Mu Xueshi’s body wafted to his nose and the Third Prince enjoyed this kind of sensation. Although it was not his first time to come into contact with someone else’s body, this feeling of intimacy could only be given by Mu Xueshi.

Finally Mu Xueshi won, and the Third Prince agreed to let him go. When Mu Xueshi saw that his final trick was effective, he quickly pulled a stool over, sat down on it, and listen carefully to the Third Prince.

“The floorboard’s color in this room is somewhat light, but the part where Imperial Tutor was burned is a little darker. This is something that can be clearly seen.”

After Mu Xueshi listened to him, he had a look of dissatisfaction, then said: “I thought the floorboards in the middle of the room were set up differently, and that it just so happens that the color became darker in this small area in the middle. It’s strange that he was burned too neatly…”

“This is where the problem is!” The Third Prince reminded Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi also pondered over it immediately afterwards, and then looked over and over again at the floor that was burnt in the middle. It was indeed an oval with no messy traces. Normally, if you burn something, it would definitely leave a messy trace next to it; moreover, he was even by himself, could it be that he was not able to struggle?

Looking at Mu Xueshi’s eyes, the Third Prince knew that he would comprehend without being told explicitly what it was and asked, “What do you think of this burn mark?”

Muxueshi looked at it and broke out in a cold sweat, then he slowly raised his head and said to the Third Prince: “It’s like… like a person… don’t say that I didn’t notice this. It’s area fits exactly like a person’s.”

Mu Xueshi said and dared not to look at the floor again. It seemed like if he were to take one more glance at it, the mark on the floor would grow a face and bloody eyes staring at himself.

This time, the Third Prince’s voice softened as he slowly said to Mu Xueshi, “A moment ago, you said that Imperial Tutor accidentally burned himself to death; this time, you understand what I mean, right?”



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