BMHS : Chapter 34.3 – I’ll carry you on my back to see our ancestors

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Yan Manjia just returned to her home country. Although there were other residences in Haicheng, the old residence was different for her. She was one of the few relatives who Yan Sui and Zhen Han could barely acknowledge.

“What do you say Little Ting Ting?” Yan Manjia looked at Meng Ting, who never looked at them after they spoke. Yan Sui and Zhen Han were Sui Sui and Han Han. Only he had ‘little’ as an endearment.

Meng Ting held tightly on Yan Sui’s arm, then he responded to Yan Manjia, “I have no objection. I’ll listen to Yan Sui.”

He thought about it and advised Yan Manjia and Zhen Han repeatedly, “You guys should be obedient, too. If you’ll listen to Yan Sui, he’ll take care of us. It’ll be very exhausting for him.”

He felt that if they would not go back, were disobedient, and would not listen to Yan Sui’s words, they did not show understanding and sympathy for the hardships that Yan Sui had gone through as the person-in-charge in the family.

When Meng Ting spoke like this, Zhen Han, who formerly had some reluctance, also did not say anything.

After thinking about it, Zhen Han glanced at Meng Ting and said with a little sarcasm, “You’re the most obedient!”

Meng Ting did not notice his sarcasm. Even if he did, he did not mind it. He nodded, “Of course, I listen to Yan Sui the most.”

Zhen Han looked up and rolled his eyes when he heard this. Yan Manjia covered her mouth. She laughed as she leaned forward, and she was not able to speak in time. Yan Sui turned sideways first, blocking Yan Manjia’s line of sight, and like a reward, he ruffled Meng Ting’s hair.

Meng Ting looked up and looked at Yan Sui in the eyes, then he chuckled. He was thoughtful and extremely cute.

Zhen Han glanced at them, then the space between his eyebrows wrinkled slightly. After that, he looked at Yan Manjia with a bit of scrutiny, “Did that Xiao bastard also come back or not?” That could be the reason why she came back. Looking back on Yan Manjia’s previous deeds, it was entirely possible.

Yan Manjia shook her head. She smirked then she seriously responded to Zhen Han, “I don’t know. I haven’t been in touch with him for three years. I came back because I wanted to come back.”

Zhen Han conscientiously looked at Yan Manjia, then he looked away. He was still very indifferent.

Yan Sui remembered something. He faced Yan Manjia and said, “Oh, that’s right. Meng Ting doesn’t like foreign etiquette. Please take note of this a little from now on, Aunty.”

Yan Manjia elegantly did not decline when she heard this. She changed her smirk into a passionate stare, “Nephew-in-Law, you’re so cute that I want to kiss you so much.”

Meng Ting, who was earnestly listening to their conversation, immediately shook his head when he heard this, “You can’t. I can only kiss Yan Sui.” Did he not tell her this earlier? “Don’t kiss Yan Sui too, okay?”

Although Meng Ting sounded like he was negotiating and Yan Manjia had no interest in moving closer, he was still going to block her. His Yan Sui would not let others kiss him. Meng Ting was really sure about this.

Yan Manjia covered her chest and sat back on the sofa. Her little heart quivered because of the expression that budded in Meng Ting’s eyes when he suddenly looked over.

Zhen Han clicked his tongue out of disgust. He raised his chin, got up, and was about to go out the door; however, Yan Manjia, who was supposed to be sitting down, suddenly pounced up on him, and Zhen Han subconsciously caught her.

After that, she held Zhen Han’s face—left cheek, right cheek, and even his forehead and chin were kissed all over, “Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah…I feel like dying.”

She kissed him and suddenly cried. Zhen Han’s face was smeared with slobber. He really did not feel good. Even though he did not push Yan Manjia away, he could not bear it.

“What are you crying for?” Zhen Han hated and avoided coming in contact with anyone, but he still pulled Yan Manjia up. After that, Yan Manjia leaned on his chest.

“I could finally hold my son in my arms. I mustn’t cry, but I still cried…”

Zhen Han looked at the clean shirt that had been messed up by Yan Manjia. He was about to go crazy.

He gave a look at Yan Sui that cried for help, but Yan Sui merely swept a glance at him indifferently, and he did not even give Zhen Han a chance to send a cry for help to Meng Ting. He led Meng Ting by the back and left the study and gave some space to the mother and son in the study.

There was no such thing as motherly love in Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s life, so regarding Yan Manjia’s sudden emotional outburst, they could not comprehend it at all. However, they could somewhat understand a bit her state of mind—her impatient desire to reconcile with Zhen Han.

“Aunty’s a bit odd, but also cute.”

After returning to their room, Meng Ting put down his vigilance and thought about it again and again. After that, he summed it up by saying this.

Yan Sui ruffled Meng Ting’s hair, but he thought it was not enough. His hand returned to the front and caressed Meng Ting’s tender cheek. Meng Ting stood still obediently and allowed Yan Sui to move deliberately. When Yan Sui had enough, he withdrew his hand. Meng Ting took a step closer, reached out, and hugged Yan Sui’s waist tightly.

The two men unconsciously retreated back to the bedside, step by step. Yan Sui sat down, and Meng Ting was still stuck to him. He raised his head and looked at Yan Sui. With a sudden force, he pushed the man down on the bed. He held Yan Sui by his neck and stuck his forehead on Yan Sui’s neck, rubbing against it again and again.

He seemed to have something particularly important to say, but he was a little shy. After a long time, he whispered, “Yan Sui, only I can kiss you, okay?”

Yan Sui could not help but laugh and Meng Ting got confused about this.

“Do you mind it so much?”

When Yan Sui asked this question, he thought that if others might kiss his Meng Ting, he would not be happy, too.

“Yeah, I don’t like it. I particularly don’t like it.” Meng Ting leaned on Yan Sui’s body. He looked at the man intently. The look on Yan Sui’s face was pitiful, yet adorable.

Yan Sui embraced Meng Ting and asked him to prop up, so that they could look at each other face to face. The corners of his mouth slightly curled up and he promised, “Okay. I won’t let others kiss me.”

Meng Ting did not respond. He pursed his lips and earnestly kissed Yan Sui all the way from his forehead to his chin, and only after that did he respond to Yan Sui, “Be good, too.”

Yan Sui was so good. As to why Yan Manjia and Zhen Han wanted to say that he was bad, Meng Ting could not figure out.

The corners of Yan Sui’s mouth slightly curled up when he heard it, then he reflexively placed Meng Ting under him, and his gaze fell on Meng Ting’s lips. The man leaned over at once, then exchanged a sweet and sticky kiss with the boy. Although he could not escape the flames of his desire, Yan Sui had some experience in restraining himself.

Before going to sleep, Meng Ting took the initiative to come forward and give the man a firm hug, “I can’t help you with work, but I’ll always accompany you.”

Meng Ting was not sensitive to other people and other people’s matters, but Yan Sui’s feeling was an exception for him. Meng Ting could sense that Yan Manjia’s words had made Yan Sui very concerned.

Yan Sui gently hummed. That bit of gloom that was originally left in his heart subsequently vanished.

Having someone accompany him felt really good.

Time passed and, finally, it was already early in the morning of the seventh of July. Today was the day Yan Sui and Meng Ting held their wedding ceremony. The wedding was held at the Yans’ old residence. This was regarded as the confirmation of Meng Ting’s status in the family.

Starting two days ago, except for Meng Ting, everyone was completely busy. Apart from being pulled to try out his wedding clothes, he did not need to worry about other things. He only had to take the dog for a walk, play with the cat, and do whatever he liked to do.

Yan Manjia, who had returned to the Yans’ residence, also could not help with anything else. However, she could ward off He Wan and that was very helpful.

Yesterday, He Wan came over. She was attacked verbally by Yan Manjia for less than half an hour. In the end, she left panting in rage. She had not come back here yet today, but since Yan Manjia was back, if He Wan come back here, it would not matter much.

Furthermore, He Wan would never be willing to come. The only thing that she could control was Yan Sui’s marriage. Now, when she had tasted the results, it may be too unlikely for her to come.

Most of Yans’ ancestors were literati officials and they were top-notch people who truly have heritage, so this wedding ceremony did not follow the Western style, but a festive old-fashioned wedding ceremony.

When Meng Ting woke up, he went to the room that Uncle Xiao had prepared for him at the beginning when he came to this residence. He changed into his wedding clothes here.

The red satin had three colors embroidered at the bottom: gold, silver and black. It was not too much, but its exquisiteness aroused people’s admiration. When he came out of the changing room to a room where a few people waited, all eyes were on him.

Meng Ting’s skin was originally white. Under the bright red wedding clothes, his skin was as white as snow, and it was more exuberant than snow. He originally had some gorgeous facial features, but now, he was even more charming.

He glanced at the mirror, then he turned around to look at Yan Sui. He asked softly, “Does it look good?”

Yan Sui stared and looked at Meng Ting in the eyes. There was silence, then he nodded gently, “It looks good.”

There was no need for makeup to confirm it. Meng Ting already looked stunning wearing this.

Meng Ting smiled and his eyes were filled with joy. He took a step forward, then he drew nearer after a few steps. In the end, he gently held Yan Sui’s hand, “Yan Sui, I’m very happy.”

“What are you happy about?” Yan Sui asked while knowing the answer, and he also held Meng Ting’s hand. He gently stroked the scar in Meng Ting’s palm with his thumb.

Surprised, Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui, but he still spoke frankly, “I’m happy to marry you.”

Yan Manjia and several servants who were still inside the room retreated quietly. There was no space for them to stay here anymore.

Yan Sui pulled Meng Ting gently. He took the boy into his arms then landed a kiss on the space between Meng Ting’s eyebrows, “I’m happy, too.”

Before the age of twenty-eight, no, he did not expect it before last month that there would be a day when he would be in such a mood to be in his own wedding.

Meng Ting embraced Yan Sui back, and rubbed himself against the man contently. From Meng Ting’s point of view, the most important things in this ceremony were Yan Sui and their marriage certificate. As for the wedding banquet, he did not care much at all, but he also did not want to object to it.

Yan Sui took Meng Ting back to their room, then Yan Sui changed into his wedding clothes which had the same style as Meng Ting’s.

Meng Ting’s clothes were exquisite and remarkable; however, what Yan Sui wore felt quite special. The bright red wedding color faded away from his imposing manner that had grown with each passing day. Because of this, people noticed things other than his imposing manner and style.

Meng Ting blinked. He walked over to Yan Sui’s back, stood on his tiptoe, and pounced on to Yan Sui’s back. He sounded delighted, but there was some inexplicable uneasiness, “Oh dear, you look very handsome and attractive in these clothes.”

His handsomeness could be seen in a glance. His elegance and mature good looks made him rather dashing. In short, he was very attractive.

Yan Sui slightly bent down his waist and slipped his hand into Meng Ting’s thighs, then he carried the boy on his back.

Meng Ting wrapped his arms around Yan Sui’s neck and stuck his slightly blushing cheeks on the man, then he whispered to ask, “Why are you carrying me on your back?”

Having heard this, Yan Sui’s face broadened into a smile, “I’ll carry you on my back to see our ancestors.”



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