Jubo : Text 037. Someone’s Meal Invitation

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Having never been in the society, one would never know how sinister and cruel reality is.

Tang Sisi is obviously such a person, and she obviously treated Chu Yifeng as a fool. A college student who had just graduated without any ‘actual baptism’ and ‘tempering’ had tried to fool a group of old foxes. Her confidence in herself was even beyond Wang Cheng’s imagination. She spilled the beans in her last few words.

Tang Sisi thought of nothing but personal gain and was rejected by her colleagues in the company, so there was resentment in her heart. At this time, Changde found her, so she did not hesitate to agree.

At the meeting, Chu Yifeng did not say anything at all. She, herself, made a willing confession earlier on. It was actually not difficult to guess who was the most motivated person in the whole company because it was none other than Tang Sisi.

Before today, Li Yu had long discovered that there was a mole inside the company. At first, they suspected Tang Sisi. Even if someone later wanted to blame Wang Cheng and created the so-called evidence, they did not change their doubts about Tang Sisi. But really, the matter about the courier had nevertheless made them firmly believe that Tang Sisi was the mole.

Zhang Yiheng went to investigate after listening to Wang Cheng. The courier was not a real courier, but the manager of Changde—Manager Zhou. They originally wanted to send some special materials to Wang Cheng and use him against Hua Ying Real Estate. As a result, they came across Wang Cheng who did not play the cards according to common sense.

At that time, they had everything arranged. They only waited for Wang Cheng’s signature for them to take action. Who would have known that Wang Cheng would insist on looking into what was inside the express mail before signing it. That courier was afraid that his undercover had been exposed, so he was forced to grab the mail and fled in a hurry.

Since the plan fell through, Manager Zhou ran up to Wang Cheng and spoke to him in gibberish as a ploy. In order for the people at Hua Ying Real Estate to think that Wang Cheng colluded with them, he personally came forward.

Tang Sisi was finally dismissed from the company.

Her resume had been tainted. If she looked for a job later, no company would dare to take her in and have her sell their company’s secrets. This kind of employee was the most unacceptable.

If you think that Chu Yifeng would easily let Tang Sisi off, then you are wrong.

Wang Cheng later heard that Tang Sisi had been taken to court by Hua Ying Real Estate. Tang Sisi was not able to enjoy the money that she received from Changde Real Estate. She lost all of it. Later on, he heard that she fled the city of Shanhai. No one ever saw her again. That was her future.

“Wang Cheng, you joker. You actually have such an amazing brother—the vice president of Shenghui Group branch. That’s a promising position. You hid it quite well.” Fang Tian exerted himself as he hugged Wang Cheng’s neck. Shenghui Group was a large pharmaceutical-oriented company which he had heard of in the capital.

“Stop. My brother is my brother. I am me.” Although Wang Cheng was proud of his big brother, he did not expect to use his big brother’s reputation to gain anything.

“Each and every one in your family is really not someone who’s easy to deal with.” Fang Tian said admiringly.

“That’s a given. The genes of each and every one in our family are top-rated.” Upon hearing this, Wang Cheng acknowledged it without the least hesitation. He likes listening to others praising his family.

“You’re so proud of yourself, huh.” Fang Tian could not stand his cheekiness.

Chu Yifeng came over.

Fang Tian suddenly dared not to make faces and even nudged Wang Cheng.

Wang Cheng looked back, “Boss.”

“Still won’t get off work?” Chu Yifeng stood in front of the two. He looked at Wang Cheng, who had not noticed that he had already clocked out of work.

Wang Cheng looked at the time and it turned out to be half past five in the afternoon already, “I’ll get off work now. Boss, have you finished with your work, too? I’m on my way home. Let’s go together.” After running to get his phone, he said goodbye to Fang Tian, then he and Chu Yifeng left together.

Fang Tian stupidly looked at the backs of the two. The boss actually invited Wang Cheng to go home together? It must be his imagination. Impossible. He must share this news with Brother Zhang. As a result, Zhang Yiheng did not believe it. He would not believe it unless he saw it with his own eyes.

After leaving Changde Building, Wang Cheng sat in the front passenger seat and outside the window, noticing that the bus stop was jam-packed. He could not help but feel that it was good to have a free driver.

Chu Yifeng glanced at him and found that Wang Cheng seemed to be lost in his thoughts, as if he was thinking about something profound in his life; but experience told Chu Yifeng that this person could not just be judged on the surface.

“Your big brother hasn’t returned yet?”

“Hmm?” Hearing the boss take the initiative to bring up a topic, Wang Cheng almost could not react. “Oh, he’s not back yet. He called me a few days ago and said that he would come back a few days later. It’s been three days. If he came home this morning, perhaps he would’ve given me a call this afternoon.”

Chu Yifeng was about to reply when his phone rang.

Wang Cheng saw that he was answering the phone, so he did not talk again.

When Chu Yifeng was listening to the other person on the other end of the line, he almost never replied. He only said a few words until the end. Until then, he suddenly looked at Wang Cheng, then he said to the person on the other end of the line that he was free. After that, he hung up, drove the car to the intersection ahead, and made a U-turn.

“Someone invited me for a meal, wanna go together?”

“…” The car had already made a U-turn before he asked for Wang Cheng’s opinion, could he still refuse? However, he recalled he would also be alone if he goes back. Without thinking twice, Wang Cheng agreed to it.



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    Thanks for the update. As someone with perfectionist tendencies, I totally understand your not wanting to post something in a rough draft stage, but, as a reader who can only MTL, a rough translation is still a step up and I appreciate your willingness to put it out there. I will definitely be back for the polished version. The quality translation work on this site is one of the reasons I like it so much!

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