JUBO : Text 047. Newcomers

Author : Yin Ya

Translator : xallisonjanex

Proofreader : KainGuru

Chu Yifeng had arrived at the company more than half an hour earlier than them.

Hua Ying Real Estate was becoming more prosperous with each passing day. In addition to the Mount Feng Xia project, the company was also exploring other projects. Although Gao Yongfu was an all-round assistant, he could not carry all of these on his shoulder by himself.

Even if Wang Cheng did not participate much in any of these projects, he knew that Chu Yifeng did not only have Hua Ying Real Estate; he did not ask about it. Later, the company recruited three new employees, one of whom was assigned to Wang Cheng by Li Yu to let him train the newcomer, just like how she taught him before.

Wang Cheng himself had just joined the company less than two months ago. To let him train a newcomer was like making him grope about in the dark. Fortunately, Xu Siyu reached out to him and helped him allay the dire peril he was in.

Xu Siyu was the only employee he was in contact with in the company, but the project he was responsible for was very important. He could even be regarded as the chief of their department. A lot of things could be learned by following him.

The injection of fresh blood made the company a lot more fun, especially the new employee who followed Xu Siyu. Just like Tang Sisi, he just graduated this year. The difference was that he was full of energy and was very diligent in doing everything. In Wang Cheng’s words, he was like a hardworking bee.

The new employee was named Cheng Cheng. Every morning, he was the first one to come to work. The task of watering flowers and plants was originally Wang Cheng’s. After he came, Wang Cheng gave him this task and he also bought afternoon tea for everyone. He also took the initiative to rush over and straighten the other two new employees.

This Cheng Cheng was not a man of ambition; rather, he was a man of pure energy. He only joined the company to express himself and nothing more. However, this had offended the two new employees. Wang Cheng had heard the two talk about Cheng Cheng more than once and they had expressed their feelings of dissatisfaction with him in their words.

Relationships between people is so intriguing.

“Brother Cheng, is there anything else I need to do?” Cheng Cheng was nominally trained by Xu Siyu, but he was free to learn from others. It was unknown whether it was because his age was closest to Wang Cheng’s or if it was because he was the first person who trained him. In short, he was particularly close to Wang Cheng.

“There isn’t. You’ve worked very hard today and finished all of your given tasks. Let’s wait ‘til we get off work.” Wang Cheng yawned. Since he also had nothing to do, how could he give Cheng Cheng something to work on?

“Being like this…won’t it be too bad?” Cheng Cheng look hesitant.

Wang Cheng thought that he could not teach the staff to be lazy, so he handed over a pile of documents on the table to Cheng Cheng. “If you feel too idle, you can read all of this information. This is nice. It’s much more useful than reading a book.”

Cheng Cheng immediately hugged the documents with a look of joy. “Thank you, Brother Cheng. I won’t let you down in your expectations of me.”

“…” I have expectations of you?

Having seen this scene, Zhu Chunlin and the other newcomer in the tea room felt somewhat scornful of Cheng Cheng. They have only been in the company for several days, but they already know that Wang Cheng, just like them, was a newcomer. He only got employed in the company more than a month ahead of them, so neither of them felt that it was good to curry favor with Wang Cheng, but Cheng Cheng tried hard to go to him every day. At first, they felt that this newcomer had a scheme, but now they felt that they were giving him too much credit.

“Look, the boss came out.”

Zhu Chunlin quickly nudged his colleague beside him. The two immediately pretended to have just come out of the tea room. They wanted to pass by the boss and then get acquainted with him, but before they could even speak, the boss went straight to Wang Cheng.

“I’m getting off work, still not leaving?” Chu Yifeng knocked on the table.

“I’m off, let’s go.” Wang Cheng, who was loafing on the job in front of the boss, looked up without any pressure and yawned. This kind of appearance was the result of him working too diligently. He already finished all of his tasks, but it was still not the time to get off work. Since he had nothing to do, he could only lie on his desk and sleep.

The two left the company side by side.

Zhu Chunlin and the two had long been stupefied. How could an average employee have any dealings with the boss? Could it be that Cheng Cheng had known this earlier, so he usually did something painstakingly to please Wang Cheng? Both of them suddenly felt that Cheng Cheng’s scheme was scrupulous, in spite of everything. They did not see this coming.

“Boss, what do you want to eat tonight?” Wang Cheng took out his mobile phone to check for recipes online. As long as he had time, he would occasionally study new recipes. It was always good to learn more.

“I’m not a picky eater.” Chu Yifeng drove the car to the intersection. By chance, the red traffic light lit up and the car stopped.

“Then let’s go to the supermarket first. There’s no food at home.” Wang Cheng quickly picked several recipes.

After the green traffic light lit up, Chu Yifeng made a turn and drove to the supermarket.

They bought a lot of ingredients from the supermarket. Wang Cheng stuffed the ingredients that he would not be needing for a while in the refrigerator for the time being. The rest of the vegetables and meat were placed in a basin. He wanted to make stewed chicks with mushrooms, but this dish would need to be stewed for a long time before it gets delicious. Waiting for the stew would take up to eight or nine o’clock, so he could only make a relatively simple stir-fried garlic chives with pork dish. Adding stewed beef seemed to be a fine dish as well.

After dinner, Chu Yifeng did not leave immediately. Instead, he took his laptop, then sat in the living room, and typed away. He also did not know what to do.

After Wang Cheng finished taking a shower, he was still typing on the laptop. Wang Cheng wiped his bald head with a towel and dried it all at once. This was the benefit of having a bald head.




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