TUMBT : Chapter II – 21

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Su Ruhan’s gaze did not come into contact with the Third Prince at all, but he seemed to have the power to pierce through him and looked straight at the person behind the Third Prince.

“Come out!”

Mu Xueshi heard the words clearly. Although his tone was awfully calm, Mu Xueshi could easily make out the terrifying waves amidst it. He tugged on to the Third Prince’s sleeve with his hands and saw that the Third Prince remained unmoved, so he had no choice but to limp along toward Su Ruhan.

“Fascist…” Mu Xueshi mumbled as he shrunk his neck and obediently stood on Su Ruhan’s side.

In order to punish him, Su Ruhan made Mu Xueshi lift two large buckets of water with his thin arms and a very heavy iron plate on his head. Mu Xueshi felt that his whole body was filled with lead.

With a crying and mourning face, Mu Xueshi tried to plea to the Third Prince, so he yelled as loud as he could at the Third Prince, who looked on him with cold eyes. “If I get weighed down like this, I won’t grow taller. My growth will get stunted.”

There was a trace of smile on the Third Prince’s lips, but he kept on showing no regard for Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi’s determination collapsed of itself. At first, when he saw the Third Prince looking at him, he could still fight desperately. However, when his own body reached its limit, all the convictions in Mu Xueshi’s mind became completely useless. His willpower collapsed and the two buckets of water in his arms both slammed to the ground, then followed by the iron plate on his head.

Although the things in his hands were gone, Mu Xueshi still felt his body aching. Before he was able to feel relief, there was a burning pain on his back. Su Ruhan had whipped his back.

A spell of stabbing pain almost forced Mu Xueshi to tears. When he was bullied here before, he would think of Mama Chen and all of the love he had. However, the longer that he spent time here, when Mu Xueshi felt wronged, the person who he would think of was no longer Mama Chen, but the cold-eyed man standing before him.

The Third Prince must have really looked down on him. Mu Xueshi bit his lips with all his strength and did not let himself make any sound. For the next hour, he obediently practiced the most basic moves in martial arts that Su Ruhan taught him. It was very boring to do it over and over again, but once he saw the Third Prince standing next to him, Mu Xueshi gritted his teeth and endured it.

Finally, after enduring the practice time, the sense of accomplishment made Mu Xueshi cheerful in every means. Although the Third Prince would not openly praise him, when he thought that the Third Prince would not look down on him, Mu Xueshi felt quite happy.

Because of the practice, his face was full of sweat. Mu Xueshi had no choice but to go take a bath and change his clothes. He looked again in the antechamber for a moment, but still, not a trace of Qing Yun could be found. He asked Eunuch Tai’An, “Eunuch, where’s Qing Yun?”

Eunuch Tai’An looked had an awkward look on his face. He was hesitating between Mu Xueshi’s question and the Third Prince’s order. If this happened before, there was no doubt that he would obey the Prince. However, since Mu Xueshi officially stayed here, the Third Prince handled things quite differently than before. There was some public enthusiasm in this small courtyard, too. Everyone was not as rigid as before.

Therefore, Eunuch Tai’An could not help but to think about Mu Xueshi occasionally, because as long as there was something related to Mu Xueshi, the Third Prince seemed to be more considerate.

When Mu Xueshi saw that Eunuch Tai’An did not speak, he thought that he understood him tacitly. He looked around and stealthy took out a string of fragrance fruit seed beads from his sleeve and handed it to Eunuch Tai’An, as he cast a bribing look in his eyes to him.

This string of so-called ‘jewelry’ was no more than the seeds of the fruits that Mu Xueshi compiled from the small courtyard. Mu Xueshi stole the fruits. After he finished eating them, he discovered that the seeds were sparkling and crystal clear. Then, he threaded them into a string, tied with a knot, and made it into a bracelet.

Originally, Mu Xueshi wanted to give it to the Third Prince, but he felt that everything on the Third Prince’s body was exquisite beyond compare. He was afraid that the Third Prince would dislike this gift, so he kept it in his sleeve. If it was not for asking a favor to Eunuch Tai’An, Mu Xueshi would not give the handicraft that he had paid with grievous cost by eating the sour water of those fruits and had diarrhea.

Unexpectedly, Eunuch Tai’An waved his hands and refused.



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