BMHS : Chapter 41.2 – This night was their actual wedding night

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Let4

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

“Don’t move, Let me do it.”

Yan Sui turned on the faucet and checked the temperature, then he took Meng Ting into his arms.

Meng Ting raised his head to look at the man and nodded.

The last time he was drunk and asleep, he was helped by Yan Sui to take a bath. He was completely sober this time, but they did more intimate things. It seemed that there was nothing particularly embarrassing, but the fact was that the slight redness of his face had not dissipated.

Yan Sui asked Meng Ting to raise his hand and he raised it; asked Meng Ting to raise his leg and he did right away. After washing off the bubbles, Yan Sui was even in charge of drying his body. Finally, he wrapped the boy in a bath towel and carried him back to the bed.

Since he had experienced it once, Meng Ting was very cooperative. Yan Sui did not sweat as much this time. Looking at the boy wrapped in a bath towel, revealing half of his face, Yan Sui smiled with a great sense of accomplishment and bent down to kiss Meng Ting’s hair.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting answered softly and looked at Yan Sui walk back to the bathroom. He pulled the quilt over and wrapped it around his body.

He leaned his blushing face on his knees and all the shyness that he had been holding back came out in a flash.

Aaah! He actually did this kind of thing with Yan Sui…and on top of that, his performance was very frustrating. In a moment, he screamed and in a short while, he stopped. Did Yan Sui not like it?

He touched his burning hot cheeks and his mind was in a complete mess. He did not even realize it when Yan Sui came back.

It was not until he was picked up and placed down on the bed again that he was able to look up and see the man.

“Yan Sui, did you dislike it?”

“Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

The voices of the two men almost overlapped, but after understanding what they heard, both of them were dumbfounded.

“Dislike what?” Yan Sui asked. He did not wait for Meng Ting to answer his previous question. He pulled the quilt, lifted Meng Ting’s legs up gently and examined it himself. His eyebrows were slightly knitted. Although he did not sustain any injury or serious bleeding, it was still somewhat red and swollen.

He put down Meng Ting’s legs, looked at his red face, leaned over and kissed him, then Yan Sui turned around and rummaged through the bedside cabinet.

“That…making love with me, did you dislike it?”

Meng Ting asked as he pulled the quilt up and covered his steaming hot face whilst persistently looking at Yan Sui.

Yan Sui stopped looking through the instructions with foreign language and looked back at Meng Ting. He reflected on it and pondered, was he too serious that Meng Ting misunderstood him?

He raised Meng Ting’s chin and used his kiss to make Meng Ting understand his feelings. “I like it.”

“Hmn,” Meng Ting pursed his lips, then nodded. He thought about it for a bit and said, “Then, can we try it again tomorrow?”

Hearing this, Yan Sui’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down. “Okay.”

He could not refuse at all.

After he finished reading the instructions, he called Zhen Han to confirm it. At that time, Zhen Han could not help but roar with rage and immediately hang up the phone. It was past ten o’clock at night local time, but back home, it was five o’clock in the morning. When Zhen Han wakes up on weekdays, he gets up at six or seven o’clock the earliest.

However, after he hung up the call, he pondered over it with a black face. He called Yan Sui back to ask what he wanted. After which, his complexion became worse. As a doctor who was single and also his cousin, Zhen Han’s experience was too inhumane!

After Yan Sui finished applying the medicine for Meng Ting, he laid down on the bed and held the boy in his arms, then he kissed him on the space between his eyebrows and forehead. “Good night.”

“Good night.” Meng Ting whispered, then closed his eyes. Since he was too excited at first, he did not feel tired. It was only now that he started feeling a little tired and a little drowsy. “Yan Sui…”


Puzzled, Yan Sui hummed lightly, but after waiting for Meng Ting’s follow up, after a few seconds, the boy who called him was already breathing evenly.

Yan Sui had no choice but to rub Meng Ting’s hair, then he also closed his eyes to sleep.

In truth, the desire of the body had not been relieved that much, but the satisfaction of the soul was inexplicable. Finally, this night was their actual wedding night.

It was reasonable to say that knowing those matters would more or less affect Meng Ting’s mood, but the impact was gradually forgotten in a dense and passionate night. He sensed a safe and familiar smell from Meng Ting with his nose. This sleep was awfully pleasant and deep and void of any dreams.

Once Meng Ting woke up, he wanted to go for a run, but his waist was hugged by Yan Sui. “Let me take a look at it first and see if you’re fit to run.”

Meng Ting thought over it for a while before reacting to where Yan Sui wanted to inspect. He grabbed Yan Sui’s hand that was gradually going down and anxiously said, “No need. I can feel it. I’m already okay.”

However, Yan Sui proceeded to undress him. Yan Sui had become even more proficient in undressing Meng Ting than himself. In no time, Meng Ting was stripped of his pants. He could not stop it and could only pull the quilt to cover his head and feigned death.

After completing his examination, Yan Sui dressed Meng Ting again. He wrapped the quilt over the boy and hugged them together. “In the next few days, don’t run. Once we get home, I’ll run with you.”

Meng Ting, himself, was touched when he heard him say this. He then moved closer to Yan Sui and said, “I’m a man. It doesn’t matter.”

He was not as delicate as Yan Sui thought. The marks on his body showed that he was injured a lot. Even at those times, he could still run as usual. The little discomfort from last night was nothing to him.

“It didn’t matter before, but from now on, it matters.”

Yan Sui added a little more strength to embrace the boy. He pulled the quilt that covered his head, then he kissed the corners of Meng Ting’s eyes. “It doesn’t matter if you’re injured or sick, it still makes me sad when I see it. It has nothing to do with whether you’re a man or not.”

Meng Ting pondered for a while before digesting the meaning of Yan Sui’s words. “Is it because you love me that it matters?”

“Hmm, I love you.”

A smile appeared on Yan Sui’s face and another light kiss fell on Meng Ting’s lips.

“I like you. Seeing you and touching you makes me happy. But how should I know if I love you?” Meng Ting held out his hands, clasped them over Yan Sui’s neck, and then muttered. He had never been loved before and did not know what it was to fall in love.

Yan Sui thought for a moment. He really felt that this question was somewhat abstruse and difficult to answer. After a long time, he gently pulled Meng Ting closer and answered him, “Don’t worry about knowing it, once you fall in love with me, you’ll know.”

Meng Ting blinked and drew a little closer to Yan Sui. “I’m sure I‘ll fall in love with you.”

Yan Sui took him with his hand and kissed him on the lips. As if bewitched, he was unable to control himself and continued to French kiss the boy.

The two men kissed and embraced each other. After waking up, they snuggled for nearly an hour before getting out of bed and washing up. After which, they went downstairs to have their breakfast.

After breakfast, they continued to have some fun in a nearby village, but the two men seemed less focused than yesterday. To be more specific, they only changed villages to continue kissing.

On the bay boardwalk where the sea breeze was gently blowing, in the square where several hundreds of white pigeons were flying, in front of the city wall full of historical charm—anywhere where they were aroused with each other.

Including this night that had not passed, they had stayed in the Rose Manor for four days. Except for the first night, their nightly activities had caused them to stay up late. Meng Ting had not gone for his morning jog for four days. The morning run was overruled, but the evening walk was still preserved.

And so, Yan Sui received a bouquet of flowers every evening that was handpicked by Meng Ting. Each bunch had slightly different fragrances, but they were equally likeable and fascinating.

When they were out sightseeing, Yan Sui let Meng Ting take a lot of photos. He even asked some passersby to take their photos. Yan Sui planned to choose two of them for display: one in the company and one would be hung up in their bedroom.

“Yan Sui, Cousin said he’ll send Rhubarb and Furball’s photos to me and I have to send him our photos.”

Meng Ting, who was holding his phone and resting his head on Yan Sui’s thighs, slightly tilted his head and worriedly looked at Yan Sui. He wanted to see Rhubarb and Furball’s photos, but he did not want to send him Yan Sui’s photos.

Although Meng Ting was still uncertain if he was in love with Yan Sui or not, his desire to monopolize Yan Sui was becoming more evident day by day.

“Say, can I just send him scenery photos?”

“You can.” Yan Sui ruffled Meng Ting’s hair. “Tell him I said so.”

Meng Ting softly hummed and thought over it for a while. After that, he sent a scenery photo with both of their shadows to Zhen Han. The blue ocean, the vast sky, and the two shadows that nestled together—no figures could be seen—yet the overtone of love could be felt.

Zhen Han looked at the photo for a long time and felt depressed and helpless. It was too bad that all of the photos he took were about Rhubarb and Furball’s facades or while they were playing around. Certainly, it was nothing like the shadow of this “artistic” photo.

Yan Sui automatically lit up his sister-in-law’s artistic side. Indeed…it was too funny!


Laughters could be heard from the second floor of the pet clinic, startling many cats and dogs.

“Meow meow meow…”

“Woof woof…”

After snapping out of his amusement, he sent the photo to his circle of friends. If Yan Sui and Meng Ting were present in the picture, he would certainly not send it, but it would not be a problem if it was only their shadows.

It would be better to oppress the entire crowd than be oppressed alone. In any case, the people in his circle had been mostly “oppressed” by Yan Sui and Meng Ting.

“Oh, he sent it to his circle of friends…”

Meng Ting originally wanted to send the affection photos of Rhubarb and Furball, but first saw the photo that he sent to Zhen Han.

“They’re very sharp. They know that it‘s us.” The comments that Meng Ting could see were not as many as Yan Sui’s; nevertheless, Gu Lang and Zhong Ming’s eyes were awfully sharp. They could recognize them without thinking too much.

Yan Sui also turned on his phone and browsed it a few times, then he took away the phone in Meng Ting’s hand.

“We’ll be leaving very early tomorrow. Now, go to sleep.”

Yan Sui, himself, really could not help but want to compete for favor with the phone, but Meng Ting was already drawn in by Zhen Han and those people recently. Meng Ting really likes to play with his Moments; but of course, it was because he suddenly browsed through Furball and Rhubarb’s photos in the afternoon, which made him happy.

In the evening, Meng Ting even took the initiative to contact Zhen Han, wanting to see more photos. One way or another, Yan Sui seemed to have been left out.

“Hmm”, Meng Ting responded and rolled himself from Yan Sui’s thighs to the side of his neck. He placed his lips on Yan Sui’s cheek and kissed him. “Are we doing it again tonight?”

Yan Sui hugged and ferociously kissed him back. “We overdid it last night. Let’s talk about it tomorrow night.”

In the past, Yan Sui only had to bear with his own impatience. Now, he also had to deal with Meng Ting, who had just had his first taste. This was a lot more difficult. There seemed to be no end to his endurance.

MengTing smiled happily and kissed Yan Sui a few times. “Okay.”

He actually knew that Yan Sui was worried about him that he made the decision. This kind of warmth was warmer than the sun in the Rose Manor.



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  2. Aww this lonely me is so soft. Meng Ting missing his children, Yan Sui competing against phone for favour and the warmness that is warmer than Rose Manor. I am a puddle of sugary water ^w^


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