BMHS : Chapter 41.3 – This night was their actual wedding night

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Let4

Proofreader: KainGuru

The original plan was to stay in Rose Manor for five days then return to F Country’s capital for another two days. Despite their plans, Yan Sui received an invitation from his elder cousin yesterday. He unexpectedly acknowledged a son and, in this banquet, he was going to rectify his son’s name.

If Yan Sui was not in F Country, his men stationed here would send congratulatory gifts in his stead. However, since he was here in person, then things had to be done differently.

They got up at five o’clock and, as always, Yan Sui was the one packing up. Meng Ting went to the flower fields to take a walk. He picked a bunch of flowers before coming back because he was itching to do so.

“If only I can make perfume from these, then it’ll be nice…”

Meng Ting looked at the bouquet in his hand and suddenly uttered such a line ruefully, in which he, himself, was dumbfounded.

Originally, he had decided that he absolutely would never touch anything remotely related to perfume in this life again, yet when he looked at these flowers and sensed that Yan Sui liked them, he unwittingly took his chances on them once again.

Yan Sui came out from the living room and searched around once before he found his target sitting on a long rattan chair beside the flowing lake. Meng Ting was holding a bunch of white roses while his mind had wandered elsewhere.

Yan Sui approached and stood in front of Meng Ting, ruffling his hair. His voice was deep and gentle, “What’s the matter? Reluctant to leave? Let’s come here every July from now on. We’ll stay as long as you want.”

Having heard what he said, Meng Ting gradually focused his sight. He slowly came closer and looked into Yan Sui’s eyes. He asked him earnestly, “Do you like the flowers I picked for you? Do you like their scent?”

Having heard what he said, Yan Sui lowered his head and tried smelling it carefully. “I like it.”

Meng Ting’s handpicked bouquet was very special. Yan Sui could not say that he did not like it. Although he had never been given flowers nor had he used any perfume before, he still liked it.

Meng Ting looked down at the white roses then laughed. “It doesn’t suit you. In the future, I’ll give you better ones.”

Meng Ting, who was talking like this, was quite charming. Although Yan Sui could not explain clearly why he was charming, he was bewildered by it. He looked slightly to the side. When Meng Ting sensed this, he moved closer and kissed him on his cheek.

Little by little, he straightened his body as he stood up. Meng Ting shoved the bouquet at Yan Sui. Before Yan Sui could even hold it properly, Meng Ting closed in once again and directly kissed him on the lips. He kissed Yan Sui very earnestly—even more earnest than any of his previous kisses.

When he was picking the flowers earlier, he also tasted it. His mouth was filled with some fragrance of roses, filling the kiss with fragrance. This was the kiss with the sweetest aftertaste before their departure from Rose Manor.

This time, they travelled by private plane to F Country’s capital. Around an hour later, they arrived at the Yans’ mansion in the capital.

Yan Sui led Meng Ting down from the plane and Yan Sui’s elder cousin, Yan Mu, walked over from a distance.

“For what reason are you being so modest with me? That Rose Manor’s just a bit peaceful. How can that compare to the fun in the capital?”

He spoke as he looked at Meng Ting, thought over it for a short while, then immediately smiled. “This is…Brother-in-Law?”

“He’s my wife, Meng Ting. You can call him by his name.” Yan Sui led Meng Ting and continued to walk over. Yan Mu was thirty-seven years old. He was nine years older than Yan Sui. They did not mingle much, and it could be said that their relationship was neither good nor bad.

“Indeed, this way of addressing you is too strange. Then, I’ll just call you by your name.” Yan Mu more or less knew about Yan Sui’s temper. Him bringing Meng Ting here was already considered as an honor. “Meng Ting, welcome to F Country and to my home.”

“Thank you,” Meng Ting replied. He did not look around, but from the tip of his nose, he could smell that there were less flowers here and they did not bloom as fine as those in Rose Manor. He thought that Rose Manor was better than here.

Of course, Yan Sui did not refute, nor did he say anything.

While they were talking, a male servant approached. “Mr. Yan, the old master’s inviting you over for a chat.”

“That’s my dad. He’s well-informed,” Yan Mu said with his eyebrows raised. “Okay, go and see my dad first. I’ll introduce you to my son later.”

Yan Sui nodded gently, took Meng Ting, then left with the male servant.

It was quite obvious that Yan Mu and his father had not reached a consensus on his son who suddenly appeared, so Yan Mu deliberately waited here, with the stance of wanting to win over Yan Sui.

In the study, Yan Sui and Meng Ting met the patriarch of the Yan family in F Country, who could be regarded as Yan Sui’s uncle, Yan Zhenbo. He was in his sixties and bore a rather serious appearance, but when he saw Yan Sui and Meng Ting, his expression eased up a bit.

“Patriarch, please have a seat and let’s chat.”

“Uncle, there’s no need to stand in ceremony,” Yan Sui said as he pulled Meng Ting to sit down.

“Hello, Uncle.” Meng Ting followed Yan Sui as he greeted the man.

When Yan Zhenbo saw Yan Sui coming in with Meng Ting, he was a little surprised. However, Yan Sui was the patriarch of the entire Yan clan and unlike his usual juniors, taking this boy along with him was just his way of displaying his authority.

Moreover, Yan Sui had done exceedingly well all these years, surpassing everyone’s expectations. He stabilized the clan without requiring much assistance from the collateral branches. He had shown them his strength and it was enough to gain their respect.

“Patriarch, you came to F Country to have some fun, so there’s no need for you to rush here for Yan Mu.”

Having heard what he said, Yan Sui nodded slightly. “You don’t need to worry, Uncle. I know how far to go and when to stop.”

Yan Zhenbo looked at him and immediately laughed. “If only Yan Mu was somewhat as good as you, I could die in peace.”

“Uncle, I really don’t deserve so much praise.” Yan Sui came here today with Meng Ting mainly to give face to this uncle. Of course, apart from this, he also had other things he needed to ask him personally.

“Eight years ago, my aunt was looking for someone in F Country. Uncle, you should’ve known this.”

Even if Yan Manjia said that she did not alert anyone, Yan Sui speculated that Yan Zhenbo was not just anyone. If she wanted to look for someone, it was impossible to depend on the people in their own manor. Most likely, she would have sought help from Yan Zhenbo.

“Yes, I know.” Yan Zhenbo nodded admittedly. His smile faded and his face gradually turned grave. “I’ve been looking for him all these years. If only your father still showed up in F Country, or even in several countries nearby, I would’ve been able to find out about it the soonest.”

He spoke then shook his head remorsefully. “But no, he never came again.”

Yan Sui did not show any regret on his face. As he felt Meng Ting’s grip tightened on his, he turned to face him and even reassured him with a calm smile. Just like Meng Ting who did not care that he was not one of the Mengs, he did not hold any longing toward his father as well.

He wanted to find an answer, hoping that he could settle some matters thoroughly and nothing more.

“Uncle, can you tell me, why did he show up in F Country…or, do you know what he was looking for all these years?”

Yan Zhenbo looked at Yan Sui. He was quite taken aback in his heart. He tapped on the table with his fingertips, hesitating whether he should disclose the matter or not.

He turned to look at Yan Sui in the eye and his expression suddenly froze. It dawned on to him that Yan Sui must know something. He only came here to seek confirmation from him.

“Your father lived in F Country for two years when he was a child. I was closer with him, but the things I know are also limited.”

He looked at Yan Sui and gave a small sigh, then continued, “You’re already this old now. You should also know the truth.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Meng Ting. The fact was, he was hesitant about his position in Yan Sui’s heart.

“It’s no bother.” Yan Sui placed Meng Ting’s hand on his lap as he said this.

Yan Zhenbo slowly leaned back to the chair and the look on his face was a bit more indescribable. On that very year, when Yan Yu brought a certain person with him, he also said this and also had the same expression.

The members of their family had always loved passionately. The only exception was his son. Yan Mu had wandered about half of his life amidst the clusters of flowers. Yan Zhenbo originally thought that Yan Mu was going to continue loafing about like this, but never did he expect that out of the blue, Yan Mu would bring back a son—a son that he must recognize, but could not.

“If your father’s not dead, then it’s very possible that…that man’s also not dead.”

This was Yan Zhenbo’s guess, but it was not completely speculative. Otherwise, with Yan Yu’s temper, it was quite strange that he did not try to kill He Wan.

“Who’s that man?” Yan Sui asked, then looked down at Meng Ting’s hand. Those slender fingers—they were not particularly good-looking, but when holding the flowers, they were the most beautiful.

“He Yue, He Wan’s eldest brother who’s previously gone missing.”

The He family was not considered as a big family in Haicheng, but in the recent decades, they had managed to gain some reputation. After becoming in-laws with the Yans, their position was elevated by leaps and bounds and was already considered as one of the top prestigious families.

Regretfully, though they made use of the Yans’ connections, there was not much interaction between the two families. Yan Sui’s maternal grandparents were alive and well and yet, for his marriage, they only sent gifts. The relationship was awfully cold.

Originally, Yan Sui thought that it was because of He Wan. Now, it seemed that the reason was He Yue, who was He family’s eldest son and the one his father truly loved.

Yan Manjia thought that it was He Wan who had forced Yan Yu to his death. How could the Hes have not believed that it was the Yans who caused He Yue’s death. However, following Yan Yu’s death, no matter how angry they were, they could not vent it at anyone. The relationship between the two families became stale and eventually, they drifted apart. And as for He Wan who had dug her own grave, she was no longer part of the He family.



13 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 41.3 – This night was their actual wedding night

  1. Astrid

    Kinda had that inkling that it would be for that reason that Yan Yu left but who would have thought that it would be He Wan’s own brother.
    Does this means He Wan might be the cause of his own older brother’s death and Yan Yu’s supposed to be death?

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    1. I think it is that drama where the sister played insideous trick to get pregnant and married into Yan family forcefully. So He Yue might be despaired and committed suicide and Yan Yu also followed after. That is why the Yans (Yan Manjia) blamed He Wan while the Hes blamed the Yans?? But maybe the truth is the two wasn’t died but is either chasing after one another or already planned to elope together??
      Still, the pitiful one is Yan Sui. He had to take the family mantle way earlier than his peers, and had no guidance since his grandparents died, his aunt running after her love and shadow of her brother, while his father is playing hide and seek. The adult figure in this story is honestly potrayed to be so selfish with minimum child care.

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  2. Cathy

    So, I’m guessing that if YY married HW than that means he slept with her to conceive Yan Sui. I wonder, if they used artificial insemination or not. Considering, Yan Yue loved the older brother, so sleeping with a woman afterwards is kinda -_-! Unless, he was drunk….which is usually how these cliche scenes go. Hehe

    Either way, I love drama! Bring it on!!! XD


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