HIHEZL : Chapter 57. Ke Bu’s Testament

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex, Let4, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Zhi Li,


When you read this letter, it means I’m no longer alive. I’d like to say that I was very happy to have known you in this life. Well, I should say that I was very happy for a short period of time. There are still many things I haven’t told you about and they’re not all good words.

I didn’t expect fate to be so tricky. I’m sorry that I can’t accompany you on the road ahead. You must take care of yourself and scatter my ashes into the sea.

Remember to burn paper offerings for me on New Year’s Day or other festivals. Also, bring a bottle of red wine and all of the episodes of “One Piece” after episode 591, then burn them together. There’s also that 1.50 that you owe me for that popsicle, as well as winter clothes, and Su Youyan’s black and red notebook. Most importantly, the high school math teacher, Chu Haoyu, and Ying Xiujie; burn the three of them on the first day after my death.

I have 500 yuan in cash, three or four books in the dorm room, and other daily necessities.

Rest assured, I’ll fill in your name as the beneficiary.

Don’t be sad. Don’t be sorrowful. I won’t take you away. If someone bullies you, burn their photo to me and I’ll take them away.

You have to live well, don’t cry, forget about me, and find a better person.

That’s it. Farewell, my Excellency.

Best wishes,

Your Ke Bu’s last words!!

Ke Bu capped his pen and carefully folded the letter. The letter, which should have been very light, became heavy in his hand and he could not cover up his restlessness. His head dropped. “Hey, Su Youyan.” Ke Bu was ignored by Youyan who was reading beside him. Did she even have any inkling about what was about to happen? This ungrateful woman.

“Don’t be jealous. I’ll give Zhi Li the rotten books and leave the good ones for you.”

“No need.”

“My death might be approaching. Can’t you let me see your tender side before I leave? Let me have a good impression of you in this world.”

Su Youyan’s eyes remained on the book. “As for you, isn’t it just a school physical exam?”

“Isn’t it just a school physical exam? What a relaxed tone you have.”

Ke Bu grabbed his hair. “In case I was diagnosed with a terminal disease, what should I do? I’m not mentally prepared. Some diseases have a very long incubation period. It’s possible that I already have these bad seeds in my body. I don’t wanna know. I don’t feel like knowing it. I wanna die an ignorant and blissful death.”

Ke Bu was a person who was afraid of death and he was particularly afraid to die of illness.

Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie came in with the bread that they bought from the supermarket. One was fresh and energetic, while the other was sweating all over. Chu Haoyu touched his hair. “For all we know it might be a beautiful nurse who’s gonna do the checkup. I’ll let her smell my breathtaking body fragrance.”

“I went to do some exercises. My muscles will be especially noticeable later, ahaha!”

“Two mental cases.” Ke Bu picked a loaf of bread from the bag. Chu Haoyu patted Ke Bu’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Ke Bu. No matter what, you have to stay strong.”


“In the time when you have not much time left, we’ll accompany you to the last moment.” Ying Xiujie said.

“I…bah, bah, bah!”

Zhou Xinhe held her lunch box and Zhi Li leisurely came. Zhou Xinhe took out a pair of chopsticks and a clean bowl, then handed them over to Zhi Li. She pinched her tummy and said with some concern, “Don’t you think I’ve gained weight?”

“I hope I grew taller again.” Gong Zhu was comparing his height.

“Su Youyan, you probably hope that your chest will grow bigger, yeah. Don’t worry, I heard that rubbing causes a woman’s chest to grow bigger. Let me help you.” Chu Haoyu clutched his fingers and walked over. This pervert had not learned his lessons. Su Youyan held out one hand in a pinching gesture. “In exchange, I’ll crush those two small balls below you into a big one.”

“That’s too uncivilized for a girl to say.”

“What about Zhi Li?”

After seriously thinking about it, Zhi Li lifted his head. “I wish my drawing level will improve to some extent.”

“We’re not asking you to make a wish!! Listen to people properly!!” Ke Bu said. He found the wrinkled testament in his bag and handed it to Zhi Li in grief. “Read it after I find out the results of the medical exam. Of course, I hope that the results will be good, but just in case…” While Ke Bu was still thinking about the right words to say, Zhi Li had already opened the letter.

“Don’t you ever listen to what others say?”

Zhi Li pinched the testament and after skimming through it, his expression did not change at all. He spoke indifferently, “Don’t die.”

“Zhi Li, you…” Ke Bu was deeply moved and had the urge to rush into Zhi Li’s embrace in the heat of the moment. Zhi Li gave the letter back to Ke Bu. “At least not until One Piece ends. Burning episodes one by one for you is very troublesome.”

“I’m taking it back. Even if I die, I’m gonna take you with me!!”

Ke Bu took the medical form and fell in line. He looked at the students in front of him as they roll up their sleeves and forcefully blow air into a strange tube. It was not hot, but Ke Bu still used the medical examination paper as a fan. He turned to look at Zhi Li. “Look at me. Is my face yellow? Are my eyes cloudy? Are there any strange signs?”

Zhi Li got a headache from the noise. He held Ke Bu’s face in place with his hands. “I only see stupidity in your face.” Ke Bu bit his nails. “I’m thinking about how I’ve been eating a very unhealthy diet in these past years. My father told me that two days ago, the uncle next door found out that he had cancer. In the news, they say that there are lots of young people with leukemia. Tell me, can I stay calm at times like this?”

“Ke Bu.”


“Multiple choice question.”

“What are the choices?”

“You shut up now or I’ll never let you open your mouth again.”


It was almost Ke Bu’s turn to face the woman dressed in a white lab gown. He anxiously looked back again and took Zhi Li’s medical form. Zhi Li used his emptied hands to roll up Ke Bu’s sleeves. Ke Bu stared at Zhi Li who was looking at his rolled up sleeves. “Hey, Zhi Li.”


Ke Bu whispered so that their conversation could only be heard by the two of them. “Are you sure that your body’s okay? You didn’t infect me with AIDS or syphilis, right?” Zhi Li took back his medical examination form as well as Ke Bu’s testament. “I’ll do these things according to your wishes. This should give you a peace of mind, so can you please die now?”

“I didn’t think you were such a person.” Ke Bu was spurning with anger.

“I also didn’t think so.”

Ke Bu sat in front of the woman dressed in a white lab gown and rested his arm with the rolled-up sleeve on the table. “Take a deep breath, then exhale. Is there any part in your chest that you feel stuffy and uncomfortable?”

“There is. My heart’s in a little bit of pain.”

“What kind of pain is it?”

“It’s the pain from being pierced by a sword because of a certain someone’s ruthless words.” The woman dressed in the white lab gown showed a puzzled look, then Zhi Li slapped hard the back of Ke Bu’s head. “Just ignore him.”



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