BMHS : Chapter 43.2 – My luck has changed for the better, too. I have you.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Let4, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Even Meng Ting, himself, understood this principle. How come Yan Shuya did not understand it at all? He had to be reminded by Meng Ting?

“And you’re not him, how did you know?” Meng Ting’s tone was still good, but what he said was not so good and difficult to refute; especially to Yan Sui, who had been reticent, he obviously shared the same standpoint with him. Meng Ting was quite imposing when he was teaching Yan Shuya a lesson.

“You’re defending him because it wasn’t you who was harassed, or did you want to see him harass me?” Even if he was a man, it would still be considered harassment if the foreign man wanted to kiss him. On top of that, he was already married to Yan Sui. The more Meng Ting thought about it, the more disgusted he felt.

Amidst Meng Ting’s straightforward words, Yan Shuya could not keep his pitiful act anymore. That split second of hesitation truly exposed his intention. Like Meng Ting had said, he only wanted to see Meng Ting make a fool of himself. He wanted Yan Sui to see Meng Ting make a fool of himself.

He was nothing but an illegitimate child. By clinging on to Yan Sui, he was able to get the reputation he had now. Otherwise, who was he in front of the Yan clan? In front of him?

“Shuya, kneel down!” Yan Zhenbo abruptly opened his mouth. Yan Shuya and Yan Mu suddenly felt numbness on their backs. The surrounding onlookers in this drawing room were all prestigious people. What would happen to his reputation in F Country in the days to come if he knelt down?

“Dad, Shuya‘s young and insensible. He’ll bear it in mind.”

After Linda spoke to Yan Zhenbo, she looked at Meng Ting. “I’ll apologize to you on his behalf.”

She was one year younger than Yan Mu. She gave birth to Yan Shuya when she was nineteen. Now at thirty-six years old, she had groomed herself pretty well. She could even be mistaken for a fresh graduate.

However, at the moment, her complexion was a bit ghastly. She obviously did not expect that Yan Zhenbo would care so much about what Meng Ting had said, even to the extent of making Yan Shuya kneel.

Meng Ting did not respond. He was turned sideways by Yan Sui, so he could not see the crowd anymore. He lifted his eyes to look at Yan Sui.

He could not talk. He had spoken for so long, yet there was no resolution to this matter. Yan Sui got into action and settled it with a few words.

“There’s no need to apologize, but you should oversee Shuya’s attitude. A blunder is a blunder, yet he pushed the responsibility to Mingya…we don’t have this kind of vile conduct in my family.”

Yan Sui spoke as his gaze fell on Linda. Linda was mainly responsible for Yan Shuya’s behavior, but when he looked at her, Yan Sui was not blaming her for this.

“Patriarch, please calm down. I’ll discipline him properly.” Yan Zhenbo humbly bowed. He assumed an extremely low bow. This made everyone, including Yan Mu, astonished. However, this was the rule of the Yans. The authority of the main family’s patriarch was not as simple as it seemed.

“Uncle is too modest.” Yan Sui still looked indifferent. He did not even take a step forward to support him. He nodded, then grabbed Meng Ting by the waist, and turned around to leave.

Yan Zhenbo gave Yan Mingya a meaningful glance, then he hastily caught up with them to see them off.

Instead of returning to this household’s guest room, they went straight out of the main gate where a car was waiting in front of the entrance for them.

Yan Sui and Meng Ting got into the car. The car window rolled down. When Meng Ting’s face appeared before him, Yan Mingya stopped and took a step back.

“He’s a bit bad and doesn’t speak the truth. If you’re bullied, don’t hold back. If you can fight, then fight back. If you can’t, then let Yan Sui know. He’ll help you teach him a lesson.”

After Meng Ting finished speaking, he was pulled back by Yan Sui, and Yan Sui also spoke.

“What your Little Aunt said was right. Just give me a call or Zhen Han if something’s up.”

A smile emerged from Yan Mingya’s overly serious face. He bent over and said, “Thank you, Uncle. Thank you, Little Aunt.”

When he took a step back, the car started, then disappeared into the intersection.

Today, if it was not for Yan Sui and Meng Ting, he might have been truly misunderstood and carry a reputation for bullying his younger cousin’s classmates.

It was not the incident itself that had made him sad; rather, it was Yan Mu’s reaction. This was the uncle who once liked him so much and was so kind to him…As expected, he was not his own son. Of course it was different.

Perhaps, the one who did not assume the right attitude was himself.

Looking at the street which was already quiet, he slowly turned around. Fortunately, Yan Sui had not changed and there was also a frank and adorable little aunt. Furthermore, he still had his parents and grandfather. There was no reason for him to be defeated by Yan Shuya.

In the car, Meng Ting leaned on Yan Sui’s shoulder and no longer thought about the banquet incident. “Where are we going now?”

“Hotel.” Yan Sui turned and kissed Meng Ting’s forehead. “Tomorrow, I’ll take you out to have some fun.”

“Okay.” Meng Ting responded. He grabbed Yan Sui’s hand and made it touch the side of his lips, then he continued to throw himself in Yan Sui’s warm embrace.

Yan Sui moved his hand and caressed Meng Ting’s tummy. Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui, who seemed to be in the middle of thinking deeply. In a short while, he muttered to himself and continued to endure the itchy feeling that was brought about by Yan Sui’s caress.

It was not because Yan Sui and Meng Ting could not stay in the Yans’ residence in F Country, nor was it because Yan Sui himself had no place to stay in F Country’s capital; it was because right before the banquet, he received a phone call from his friend. Tomorrow, Yan Sui’s friend would be back to F Country and he invited him and Meng Ting for a meal and also conveniently arranged a hotel suite for them.

The hotel was very close to various scenic spots. He also arranged a special chauffeur to pick them up. So, Yan Sui brazenly accepted his hospitality.

It was already ten o’clock when they arrived at the hotel and it was not long before Meng Ting’s usual bedtime. He yawned, then grabbed the clothes and towel that Yan Sui had prepared for him, and went into the bathroom.

When he came out of the bathroom, Yan Sui was sitting with his back facing him. He was looking at his laptop; to be more specific, the laptop was turned on, but he was looking outside the window, contemplating about something. Since the banquet, Yan Sui seemed to be constantly pondering over something. At the moment, he did not know whether Yan Sui was already finished thinking about it or not.

With light steps, Meng Ting walked toward his back and suddenly embraced his neck.

When Meng Ting was approaching him, Yan Sui had already seen this through his reflection from the window. His raised hand had not reached Meng Ting’s face when Meng Ting pressed his lips on Yan Sui’s cheek. The sound of the light smack resounded which could make the listener’s heart itch.

When he had kissed enough, he muttered to ask, “What are you looking at?”

Meng Ting glanced at it. It was the same email that Yan Sui had shown him the other day. Instead of the written part, it was a photo which was displayed on the screen.

“Is she Yu Meixuan?”

Yu Meixuan did not attend school again after her sophomore year. On Yan Sui’s laptop was her enrollment photo. She was simply dressed, delicate, pretty, young and inexperienced.

How come when Yan Sui looked at her photo, he was lost in his thoughts again?

“Hm.” Yan Sui responded. He held Meng Ting’s hand which was embracing his neck. “Don’t you think the woman in this photo looks very familiar?”

Having heard what he said, Meng Ting seriously fixed his gaze on the photo. After a little while, he wondered, “Yan Shuya’s mother?”

If it was not for Yan Sui’s prompting, Meng Ting would not have connected the two of them. Looking at the photo, there was a lot of changes, both in appearance and temperament.

“Then Yan Shuya, he…”

Yan Sui nodded. “There can’t be this much of a coincidence and the age is perfectly right. I’ll have my men check on it again.” Basically, this could already be confirmed.

Yan Shuya was actually the illegitimate child who the Mengs should be looking for. He did not die; instead, he was taken abroad by Yu Meixuan, who was now Linda. Back in those days, her passionate romance with Meng Yide was the talk of the town, but in the end, she conceived Yan Mu’s child. The child was initially abandoned, then got taken back.

The file indicated that the two-month-old baby died prematurely, but that child, Yan Shuya, was actually still alive and well. It may have been the case that those records from a long time ago were wrong, or Yu Meixuan might have had those people deliberately say so.

Meng Ting looked at the photo and felt a bit upset. “He’s quite lucky. He’s got a loving mom, a dad, and other family members.”

Yan Shuya may not feel how great his previous days had been, but he was absolutely lucky compared to Meng Ting.

He was not starved until he would eat medicine as food. He was not rejected from childhood until adulthood. He was not sent to confinement in a senior high school where no help would come no matter how he cried everyday. He was not controlled by the Mengs and had a life that was not his own.

However, even if he really wanted to blame them, apparently there was not much to blame. Yan Shuya was also a child at that time and Yu Meixuan did not amount to anything in front of the Mengs. The initiator of those evil deeds were still Wu Fengjiao and some of the Mengs’ people.

“My luck has changed for the better, too. I have you.” Thinking this way made it not so depressing anymore.

Yan Sui turned to his side, then pulled Meng Ting over a bit, and kissed him on the lips. Their breaths intertwined and the slightly different temperature blended with each other. Yan Sui’s tongue lingered between Meng Ting’s lips and teeth gently with some power of reassurance.

At the end of the kiss, both of their foreheads met and their breaths were slightly erratic.

Yan Sui closed the laptop, got up, then walked over, and took Meng Ting’s hand and brought him along to the bed.

They still have not reached the bed yet when they both kissed again. This kiss was not like the kiss of reassurance on the sofa; instead, like fire, it could scorch. The kiss was so passionate that it could set him and the other party ablaze.

The two kissed one another and fell back together on the bed, yet the kissing never ended.

Yan Sui ran his hand through Meng Ting’s soft hair. That distressed feeling had once again flooded his heart. He rarely felt sorry for others like this. He had long been numbed, even by his own experience. However, when dealing with Meng Ting’s matters, he had such uncontrollable feelings.

“What are you thinking about?

Meng Ting asked. The fluctuations in his chest remained unchanged. He raised his face and rubbed it on Yan Sui. “You need to focus.”

Kissing required concentration; making love also required concentration.

“Okay, I’ll focus.”

Yan Sui lowered his lips once again. From Meng Ting’s forehead, he went down to where he could kiss all of his skin. When his lips touched his, both of them sat up and fiercely kissed again.



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    1. Nah… he is Yan Shuya.. His dad is Yan Mu. It was just the Mengs that is stupid thinking that they had another illegitimate child when the truth was Meng Yide was cheated by “Linda” lol
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  2. I hope when the revelation of Shuya happens it won’t cause any harm to Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s relationship because Shuya will be the Meng’s lost child then.


  3. What will that hateful Yan Shuya thinks if he isn’t swapped with Meng Ting that he look down so much, the position of Yan Sui’s wife will be his lol I wonder if he will make a fuss like that position is fated to be his, Meng Ting should return it and bla bla bla later


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