HIHEZL : Chapter 66. Lose?

Author: Angelina

Translator: Let4, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

The student council was very efficient. Everyone received a message that night:

The match will be held tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. The venue will be the gymnasium. The match time will be increased to 80 minutes, divided into two halves, within two days. There will be 5 players for each team, with no restrictions, and they can be replaced freely. There will be no rules. The side with the most shooting points wins.

Announcement: Since collision will be inevitable during the game, neither party will be held accountable.

Note: To avoid backing out, the key and Ke Bu will stay in the scoring seat.

Ke Bu heaved a sigh of relief and rested his head on both of his arms. “Good thing I don’t have to compete. I’m not interested in this kind of high-intensity sport at all. Isn’t the student council a bit too much? They actually added half to the match time. They’re probably trying to kill us.”

“It’s good that you don’t have to take part in the game. We’ll have a higher chance of winning.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!?”

Zhang Luo raised his hand. “I can’t play basketball.”

“Then stay on the side and eat shit. We’ll win anyway,” Ying Xiujie said confidently.

“The players have been decided on: Zhi Li, Youyan, me, Xiujie, and Gong Zhu.”

“But I’m not…”

“There are no rules, so just play as best you can.”

“What kind of method is this!?” Gong Zhu rolled his eyes at Ke Bu. When Ke Bu was joking, he did have some considerations internally. To be able to enter the student council of Sheng Jie University was not something an ordinary person could achieve. Moreover, the president seemed quite confident. Could they win easily? Also, the there-are-no-rules part was just suspicious. It was more like a sign that the student council was sure to win. It was really a headache. A headache that would give rise to more headaches. Ke Bu never thought that Zhi Li would lose. So what if this president could draw better than Zhi Li? Ke Bu would bite his tongue and commit suicide on the first day that he had to stay beside the president.

On the day of the event, many people gathered in the gymnasium. Most of them were members of the student council, who also came to watch the bustle. Even Ke Bu’s homeroom teacher came. She sat next to Ke Bu and raised her legs. Isn’t the teacher too free?

“Are you here to cheer us on, Miss?”

“I’m here to see how you guys will lose.” This sentence from the teacher hit Ke Bu hard.

“We are your students, right?”

“I’m not looking down on you, but your opponent’s the student council.”

“Are they strong?”

“They’re very strong. They’ve never lost before.”

Ke Bu found it difficult to swallow. The words of the homeroom teacher made him uneasy. He had a bad feeling about this and his right foot could not help but shake. The homeroom teacher shot a glance at Ke Bu from the corner of her eyes. “You don’t have to be dejected.”

“Then you shouldn’t have said those things before.”

“I came here because it’s worth seeing. There’s Zhi Li and also Su Youyan and Ying Xiujie.”

“Chu Haoyu’s probably not too bad either.”

“His explosive force is okay, but his physical strength and stamina aren’t good. The match is a full 40 minutes.”

“You know too well about this.”

“How’s your father doing lately?”

“Not bad.” Ke Bu blurted out. After spacing out for a few seconds, he turned his head and gaped his mouth in surprise. “You…you know my dad, Miss?”

“How else would you be able to get into this school.” Ke Bu then suddenly realized. It was true that he was able to enroll into this school because of his father’s friend, who happened to be a teacher here. He just did not expect it to be his homeroom teacher and all this time, she did not even mention it. Before Ke Bu could even continue to ask, the players from both sides came into the court. Compared to the white basketball uniform of the other side, their side was too sluggish. They were only wearing their casual clothes. Of course, no one would buy clothes just because of a single match. On the other hand, Zhou Xinhe’s cheerleading attire was actually quite well-prepared. Zhi Li’s appearance had garnered many comments from the girls—the little benefit of being handsome. Ke Bu was already used to it. The cheers for the student council was awfully loud. The president sat nearby with a meticulous smile, a sure-win posture. Having changed into the basketball uniform, his appearance had an elegant inclination and was less stiff. It seemed that he had no intention of playing. On the court, except for Mr. Dignified, the other four players were all muscular, with a height of nearly 1.9 meters. Those on the reserve players’ bench were also showing an ominous glint in their eyes.

Ying Xiujie observed the players. “It seems that having no rules was set for them.” Ying Xiujie’s intuition in this regard had always been very accurate.

“Be careful,” Zhi Li simply said. Su Youyan nodded. She removed her glasses and there was no expression on her beautiful face. Gong Zhu was very moved. “Thank you for your concern, Your Excellency Zhi Li. l’ll do my best.”

Ke Bu held his hands together and as if he was praying, he muttered to himself, “Please, Zhi Li. You can’t lose.”

When the whistle was blown, Ying Xiujie jumped in, grabbed the ball, and passed it to Chu Haoyu. No.1 rushed toward Chu Haoyu with his elbow facing him. Chu Haoyu raised the ball and dodged. “Don’t look down on me.” Chu Haoyu kicked past him but he was caught by No.1’s arm. What’s this? His strength was so great that he could not break free. Wanting to pass the ball, he scanned the court. Ying Xiujie was being blocked, Zhi Li was too far away, and he could not pass it to Gong Zhu. If the ball reaches him, he would definitely be attacked and be unable to hide.

“Youyan, catch.” Chu Haoyu then passed the ball over to Youyan. No.1 pushed hard to get rid of Chu Haoyu. Chu Haoyu took the chance to grab No.1’s clothes. No.1 was dragged and he stumbled for a moment as Chu Haoyu stood firm. No.1 then quickly bypassed Chu Haoyu and rushed toward Su Youyan with No.4. Su Youyan stopped as she was pincer attacked, both front and back. She quickly measured up the opponent and ran a few steps forward. No.4 was waiting for Su Youyan with his muscular arms open, ready to crush her. Su Youyan suddenly lowered her body and knees to the ground and passed through under No.4. Of course, she did not forget to use the ball to ruthlessly block that ‘thing’ below. When she came close to the basket, she was just about to jump up and shoot when Mr. Dignified jumped with an amazing bounce and slapped the ball away. As the ball was about to roll off bound, it was caught by Zhi Li. The president smiled and gestured with his eyes. Almost all the players rushed to Zhi Li, who was dribbling the ball slowly. He calmly stared at the threatening people. “So this is how you wanna play.”

No.3 was the first one to come forward. Zhi Li directly threw the ball right on his face. No.3 let out a scream as the ball returned into his hand. Taking advantage of this gap, Zhi Li took the ball and moved past by his side, with his elbow hitting the soft rib. Mr. Dignified leaned over in front of the three-point line to block it, but Zhi Li did not stop. When everyone thought that they were about to bump into each other, a foot unexpectedly stepped on Mr. Dignified’s slightly-bent leg and kicked up and a very high jump was easily done. The bent knee hit Mr. Dignified’s face. A shot was made as the basketball flew from those beautiful fingers into the basket. It was a three-point shot.

Ke Bu stood up and clapped his hands. He raised one hand. “Zhi Li, that’s it. Kill them. Turn them into eunuchs.”

Zhi Li glanced at Ke Bu and the meaning of his stare was clear: Don’t make a fool of yourself.

The president was not annoyed. He said carelessly, “It’s only been three minutes, enjoy yourself. It seems that there’s no need for me to participate.”

Ten minutes later, twenty minutes later, the student council kept switching out their players. On this side, Gong Zhu had already turned pale and Chu Haoyu also began to gasp. “These undead cockroaches.” The score had fallen behind and the defense against Zhi Li had become increasingly strict. The ball fell into the hands of Gong Zhu, who ran to the basket, with No.10 following behind him. His hands curled into fists and made a jump. It appeared like he was grabbing for the ball, but his hands fell toward Gong Zhu’s head. Chu Haoyu shouted and rushed over, “Look out.” He threw himself onto Gong Zhu and fell down on the floor. His feet were twisted. Chu Haoyu clenched his teeth and said, “Fuck, do you wanna kill us? My leg.”

“Haoyu.” Ke Bu wanted to rush over but was stopped. Zhi Li came over to Chu Haoyu without any expression. Gong Zhu cried and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. What’re you crying for.”

Zhu Li squatted down and looked at Chu Haoyu’s leg. Chu Haoyu was forced to endure the pain. “It’s fine, just a slight twist. I can hold on for a while.”

“You’re leaving the game.” Zhi Li’s tone was absolute.


“No buts.”

Ying Xiujie also worriedly ran over. “It doesn’t matter. The score’s not that far behind. You should have your leg checked.” Ke Bu pushed away the people who stopped him and rushed to take his coat off. “Let me play.”

“Go back,” Zhi Li said briefly.

“I can do it.” Ke Bu was very determined.

“Wanna distract me?”

Ke Bu pursed his lips and held Chu Haoyu up. “I understand.” Su Youyan turned and looked at Gong Zhu, who was about to faint. “You’re also leaving.”

“I don’t wanna.”

“There’s no need to risk your life for a basketball game. They’re not something you can handle.”

Gong Zhu looked at Zhi Li, who nodded gently. Gong Zhu also left the court. There were only three people left on the field.

How were they supposed to fight?

The president came over with his hands crossed. “First years, why don’t you give up now? Don’t say I’m unreasonable. As long as you admit defeat, we can end the game. If someone gets hurt because of the game, then it’s very unsightly.”

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you before that you’re full of bullshit?” Zhi Li stood up.



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