BMHS : Chapter 49.1 – I’ll accompany you. Let’s take it easy. No need to rush.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Looking at them from a distance, Zhong Ming nudged Zhen Han’s arm and asked him in a low voice, “Tell me, who do you think fell deeper between those two?”

Those who knew Meng Ting surely felt that he had changed a lot, but it was not the case for those who knew Yan Sui. With his former indifference, they all thought that he would grow old alone. Otherwise, who would let his apparently-flawed mother arrange his own marriage.

“My brother,” Zhen Han answered him almost instinctively.

Perhaps, only he could answer this question. He knew Yan Sui and had more contact with Meng Ting than Zhong Ming and the others. His gaze fell on Meng Ting and there was a faint smile in his eyes.

“Sister-in-law‘s temperament is simple. If he’s really hurt, he’d just walk away and won’t quibble over it.”

Meng Ting’s world was too simple. There were very few transitional zones in it; love or hate; like or dislike; it was very simple and clearly divided. He might get extremely hurt, but he would not quibble over it.

The more he understood Meng Ting, the more he felt that Meng Ting was suitable for Yan Sui, knowing that what Yan Sui hated the most was complexity—the complexity of human nature. Sometimes, he even hated himself because of this [1].

([1] As we all know, Zhen Han has a very complicated personality and he quibbles a lot.)

“This isn’t the case for my brother. You see he’s still calm and extremely restrained…but if Sister-in-law dares to run away, he’ll absolutely…”

“What?” Zhong Ming leaned to his side to listen to what Zhen Han was saying. The more that he listened, the more that he felt that it was reasonable. However, Zhen Han’s voice suddenly disappeared.

“He can’t let people go…as for how far he can do it, no one can predict it.” Yan Sui’s strength was very deeply concealed, but if it really broke out, then it would be very terrifying.

Seeing Zhong Ming’s frightened look, Zhen Han raised his hand and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, my Sister-in-law‘s a bit special and protects my brother more than anyone else. It’s a bit difficult to get between the two of them.”

Zhen Han merely stated a few well-known facts about Yan Sui before and he was already assigned by Meng Ting to the ranks of those people who loved to talk bad about Yan Sui. What could make Meng Ting sad was not the alienation by others; rather, it was his own determination that Yan Sui might not really love him and Yan Sui would want to leave him by that time.

However, Zhen Han thought that it would be far more difficult to change Yan Sui’s feelings and make him like someone else.

“Mr. Yan, my Old Master’s asking you to go to the study.” The butler of the Gus came over and invited Yan Sui when he and Meng Ting were chatting on the side.

Yan Sui nodded at him, then he looked at Meng Ting. He seemed to be hesitating whether he should take Meng Ting with him or not.

The Yan clan and Gu clan had business dealings. In the past, the patriarch of the Gus would invite him to discuss about it. It would rather be inappropriate to bring Meng Ting along with him. It was not because Yan Sui was not allowed to bring him. It was just that, what they would be talking about would be very uninteresting; therefore, he was afraid that Meng Ting would get bored.

“That’s alright. I’ll be waiting here for you.”

Meng Ting said before Yan Sui could even say anything. He smiled at Yan Sui, then he kneaded his thumb.

Yan Sui clenched Meng Ting’s hand. After briefly thinking about it, he looked at the butler and said, “Wait a moment.” 

After saying this, he led Meng Ting to Zhen Han and Zhong Ming’s side. He gave them instructions repeatedly, then he followed the butler.

Meng Ting thought that there was no need for someone to look after him, but he understood as well that Yan Sui was worried about him, so he did not turn him down.

“What do you want to eat Little Sister-in-law? I’ll get it for you.” Zhen Han and Zhong Ming took Meng Ting to sit on a sofa in the corner of the drawing room and said this to him. Yan Sui had entrusted a heavy responsibility to the both of them. Naturally, they could not neglect his sweetheart.

Meng Ting hesitated for a moment and shook his head. “I already ate too much just now and Nanny Wang has prepared delicious midnight snacks for me and Yan Sui. If I eat too much, I won’t be able to eat anymore when we get home.”

In truth, this was not the real reason; rather, it was because Yan Sui would get worried that he could suffer from indigestion, so Yan Sui would not let him eat too much.

The reason was too simple that it made Zhen Han and Zhong Ming could not help but laugh.

“Okay, then we’ll be right here with you waiting for my brother,” Zhen Han said as he raised his hand to the passing-by wine server, “Two glasses of wine and bring a glass of juice.”

Before Yan Sui left, he specifically made it clear that they could not let Meng Ting drink; thus, Zhen Han and Zhong Ming naturally did not dare to forget it.

It did not take long for the wine server to come over. Meng Ting picked up the juice and took a sip, then he frowned and put it down.

As a doctor, Zhen Han was very attentive. Meng Ting clearly put it down, not because he did not want to drink it, but because he tasted something and could not get it into his mouth.

“What’s the matter?”

“Besides juice, there’s the taste of pills…”

He least liked this unbearable taste. He stood up and walked directly to the bathroom he had once visited.

Zhong Ming and Zhen Han also stood up to keep up with him. After a few steps, Zhen Han stopped and looked at Zhong Ming, “You go.” 

While Zhong Ming went to look for Meng Ting, Zhen Han took that glass of juice. After a little consideration, he went to look for Gu Lang with a dark, yet well-composed face. If anyone wants to harm Meng Ting, this glass of juice would be the evidence.

Meng Ting was already at his limit when he reached the bathroom. He leaned on the toilet and vomited.

The dinner he ate at home and at the banquet just now—everything was vomited. He vomited until he did not have anything to vomit but he was still retching there and his complexion rapidly turned deathly pale. He could not come out for quite a while.

Even though Zhong Ming followed him, he could not help with anything. He could only worry helplessly and ask, “Have you vomited a lot? This is too much. They even dared to drug you right before our eyes!” Inducing vomiting like this—the drug must be something that could make people ill.

The more Zhong Ming thought, the more anxious he felt. “Is it an aphrodisiac? I’ll call for emergency treatment right away.”

Meng Ting did not hear what Zhong Ming said at all. He restrained the stiffness of his limbs and stood up. He turned on the faucet, rinsed his mouth, and washed his face.

Gu Lang and Zhen Han rushed over and almost asked at the same time, “How‘s he?”

“He should’ve thrown up everything completely,” Zhong Ming said to Zhen Han and Gu Lang. His anxious look had not changed. He thought Meng Ting was in a very bad condition, then all of a sudden, he became reticent. Looking at it was even more terrifying than the black-faced Yan Sui.

Zhong Ming patted his thigh and looked at Zhen Han. “What’s wrong with the juice?”

“I’ve sent it for testing.” Zhen Han was a veterinarian and knew a bit of pharmacology. However, to be able to know what medicine it was by its smell and taste, that was too defiant of the natural order. He did not have such talent.

“It’s similar to barbital.” Meng Ting suddenly started to talk and immediately stated the generic name of the drug in the juice.

“What’s that?” Zhong Ming and Gu Lang were completely unaware of what Meng Ting said, but Zhen Han certainly knew about it.

“It’s the chief component of sedatives…” Zhen Han answered while trying to reach forward and hold Meng Ting’s arm, but Meng Ting avoided him. Zhen Han did not dare to force him. His tone was somewhat more gentle, “Sister-in-law, come with us to see the doctor first. Gu Lang already asked someone to call for my brother.” 

“Can you find out who it is?” Meng Ting looked up to look at Zhen Han. His face was unusually pale that his pupils appeared unusually dark.

“It’s under investigation and it‘ll take some time.”

Gu Lang answered as well. They were somehow quite confused. Sedatives were used to treat mental illnesses. Why would anyone wish to give it to Meng Ting? However, no matter what their intention was, the one who added the drug had already violated their taboos and touched Yan Sui’s reverse scales.

Meng Ting hung his head low and followed them. He lifted his hand to hold his abdomen and his frown became a bit deeper. That nauseating feeling was still overwhelming, but he also knew that he had nothing to vomit.

Walking from the bathroom to the lounge, Meng Ting’s complexion became more ghastly again.

Gu Lang, Zhen Han, and the others all felt distressed when they looked at him. In a moment, Yan Sui would be coming back and they did not know what his distressed look would look like.

“I don’t need to see a doctor. I’ll just rest for a moment.”

Meng Ting was now rejecting even Zhen Han’s touching one arm, let alone being examined by a doctor. Meng Ting’s voice was not loud at all, but they could hear that rejection. They were not Yan Sui. They could not force him even if they wanted to.

Zhen Han and Gu Lang were still a bit hesitant. The doctor was also hesitant to come forward. When the door of the lounge opened, Meng Ting instinctively raised his head to have a look. However, the person who had arrived was not Yan Sui; instead, it was Meng Qi.

“Why…” Meng Qi glanced around. He seemed to be quite surprised that there were so many people in here. His gaze fell on Meng Ting. “Little Seventh…what happened to you?”

When Meng Ting realized that the person who came was not Yan Sui, the light in his eyes dimmed down again and his gaze fell on his slightly trembling hands. The darkness in his eyes kept expanding.

“How come you’re in here?” Zhen Han frowned as he asked Meng Qi. The corner where they were sitting was quite remote. He did not alarm anyone when he looked for Gu Lang. Meng Qi and his friends were drinking in the courtyard and they only asked their men to call for Yan Sui. How come he came in here?

Zhong Ming and Gu Lang also stood up. The gaze of the three men and Zhen Han’s tone somewhat carried a skeptical undertone. Meng Qi suddenly stopped walking and frowned deeper. “A servant told me that Little Seventh had something to talk about and asked me to come to the lounge.”

Zhen Han looked at Meng Qi. His complexion became even more ghastly.

What sedative…that was just to make Meng Ting fall asleep. After that, they would lure Meng Qi over…allowing others to brand them groundlessly with such label of ‘brothers committing incest’. The mind behind this scheme was truly vicious, really sinister and vicious!

Zhen Han wanted to know. Zhong Ming and Gu Lang wanted to know as well. However, before they could say and do anything, the door was opened and Yan Sui finally arrived.

He came in with large strides and his gaze fell on Meng Ting. His expression turned icy in an instant with dregs falling off. Meng Qi instinctively moved aside a few steps. Zhen Han and the others, who were in front of Meng Ting, consciously retreated back as well and made way to let Yan Sui approach.

Hearing his steps, Meng Ting slowly raised his eyes to look at the man, then he called out, “Yan Sui…”

Flat tone and expression were useless. No matter how good he pretended, his face already exposed everything. He was unwell; very, very unwell.

Yan Sui sat down and immediately took Meng Ting into his arms. He embraced Meng Ting with all his strength. He did not give Meng Ting a chance to hesitate or reject.

Meng Ting’s whole body slightly stiffened, then he raised his hand and clasped on Yan Sui’s waist. After that, he buried his face into Yan Sui’s neck.

His body was still quite stiff and there was a kind of unexplainable stiffness from his limbs to his abdomen. The feeling of breathlessness still existed, but it would become a bit better with Yan Sui by his side.

“What’s the matter?”

Yan Sui’s voice was not low, but it was solemn and it directly penetrated to the bottom of the hearts of those people around them.

Zhen Han stepped forward, looking a little guilty, “Zhong Ming and I accompanied Sister-in-law and asked for a glass of juice for him. Sister-in-law took a sip and found that it had been drugged…”

“What drug?” Yan Sui interrupted Zhen Han and the space between his eyebrows wrinkled.

“Barbital, a sedative.”



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