TUMBT: Chapter 6

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

First, I will try to test it by transforming into my mom. This one should be easy. He would like to think so; however, Chen Youzai was somewhat scared. He was not sure if the uncle was telling the truth or not. Just in case, what if I turned into a dog? How will I deal with it?

Chen Youzai, again, began to hesitate. He hated his indecisiveness every time he needed to make a decision at a crucial time. If he would not try, did it mean that the silver coin was tantamount to having no value at all? How many chances would one get to fight for something worthy in his lifetime! If you would not take your chances, how would you be able to change your own fate!

Eventually, curiosity got the best of him. Chen Youzai repressed his pounding heart. He quivered and trembled as he chanted the uncle’s spell, and followed the spell afterwards by a name.

Suddenly, he felt a ray of golden light flash right before his eyes. By the time Chen Youzai opened his eyes again, he did not scare himself to death because he was standing in front of his own self; moreover, he still had a calm expression. He bowed down his head and looked at his own body. He was wearing an apron and was even holding a frying spoon in his hand.

Chen Youzai was stunned for a few seconds. After that, he went completely frantic. He suddenly rushed to the balcony followed with sounds of crying. He yelled loudly.

“I changed bodies, I changed bodies, I have magic power … ha ha ha …”

A head came through from the balcony on the side. It was the next-door neighbor, Uncle Zhang. Uncle Zhang’s face looked friendly and with a pleasant smile, he said: “Sister-in-law’s spirit is overflowing today! You practice your voice early in the morning…”

“Mama Chen” glanced at him, then laughingly said: “Uncle Zhang… ha ha ha … I completely learned the ‘Soul Transfer’ stance[1]. In order to reward you, I’ll give this frying spoon to you, catch, oh! Ha ha…”

([1] It is a particular type of kung fu practice or move.)

After she finished speaking, “Mama Chen” confidently and easily threw the frying spoon then bouncing and vivaciously went back into the room.

Mama Chen is not excited about anything, is that right? This early in the morning, she’s forgetting her own seniority in the family. She even wantonly threw her frying spoon away. Uncle Zhang clutched the frying spoon in his hands while he stared blankly for a moment. Mama Chen also said two days ago that she has been using this frying spoon since she got married. She said she’s not willing to change it. Now, how come she could just throw it everywhere?

“Mama Chen” took out the silver coin and recited the spell. His mind was full of infinite tension. If he could not change back, he would be no less than his own mother!

Fortunately, after a while, Chen Youzai returned to his own body. Moreover, what made Chen Youzai more excited was, within the body, that so-called child’s soul has already tidied up everything for himself.

It turned out that everything’s true! I said I have been unlucky for so many years. God certainly can help me come around. He did not expect it would be such a big move. Chen Youzai rubbed his hands in excitement. He did not know how he should express his feelings of excitement. Even with the excitement, Chen Youzai nevertheless rationally thought it over all at once: this matter, nevertheless, must not be shared to anyone so as to avoid, when the moment comes, a group of reporters and paparazzi come to interview me. They won’t see the silver coin and they will think I’m deliberately making a hype.

Chen Youzai carefully put the silver coin away. The radiance of spring could be seen across his face as he slipped into the kitchen. He saw Mama Chen and, all of a sudden, patted her back. He tentatively asked: “Mom, I’m starving. Is breakfast ready yet?”

Mama Chen, only then, got back to her senses. She looked inside the pan. The fresh egg fried rice has already turned black, moreover, it got stuck at the bottom of the pan.

Mama Chen patted her head, remorsed incessantly and said: “How did I wander off for such a long time? You can’t have this food!”

Chen Youzai, snickering from behind with a heart full of pride, did not expect that cheating somebody would feel so pleasurable.

Mama Chen looked beside her. She was jittery. She then shouted loudly: “My frying spoon? Where did I put it? You’ve seen it, no? Youzai? Youzai…”

When Mama Chen looked back, Chen Youzai was already gone. She heaved a sigh and helplessly said: “Is my memory getting worse and worse? Forget about it… He can also buy something to eat on the road…”



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  1. Thank you for the chapter! 😀 It’s clear that the MC is really naive and him using the coin on his mom kinda bothers me… But.. It’s also kinda funny… Sorry, I have no heart XD I can’t wait to see whether the MC will become more beautiful on the outside and inside

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