TUMBT: Chapter 7

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Chen Youzai cheerfully went to school. He was walking on the roadside while calculating who he wanted to become. Just past the school gate, a section of a dialog interrupted Chen Youzai’s train of thought because the girl who just spoke was the girl that Chen Youzai secretly had a crush on.

“See you in the evening. It’s just behind our school parking lot, I’ll wait for you!


“Don’t forget! It’s 6 o’clock …”

“I won’t forget. I’m going to class now…”

Chen Youzai bitterly spat out a breath as he glared at the boy who was running away. His heart was palpitating. His legs are a little longer than mine. He’s taller than me. His eyes are a little bigger than mine. Is his shoulder a little wider than mine? Isn’t he so insolent?

See you at 6!

Also at the parking lot!

Indeed without honor and shame in mind, Chen Youzai cursed as he habitually placed his hand into the pocket of his pants. As a result, it just so happened that he touched the silver coin inside. Chen Youzai froze for a moment and his face suddenly became cloudy, then it cleared. Tonight, I will meet with your girlfriend to have some fun, ha ha ha… Chen Youzai thought, while he excitedly ran toward the classroom.

After four classes, Chen Youzai sneakily walked over toward the parking lot. Of course, nobody even paid any attention to him, but his looks clearly attracted other people’s attention, although Chen Youzai, in his heart, did not plan it to be like this.

Not far from the parking lot, Chen Youzai stood still while he silently schemed: was he going to transform into that girl, or that boy? If he became the girl, he could take the opportunity to hit the boy. If he became the boy, he could take advantage of the girl.

I’ve got a solution! Chen Youzai snapped his fingers. He looked delighted with the expression on his face. He could change first into the girl to hit the boy, then change into the boy to take advantage of the girl, and finally swing his (the boy) sleeves in anger to leave. This would give that girl an impression that he was irresponsible. This way, a misunderstanding would arise between the two and he would be the only one who would be able to take advantage of the situation in the end. Chen Youzai presumptuously laughed a few times. He secretly praised his own cleverness in his mind.

While he was still laughing, a despising look came from his side. Chen Youzai turned his head and found himself facing the girl he has a crush on. That girl was still walking from afar. Chen Youzai, still alone in the same place, was clenching his fist. His heart was endlessly full of resentment. This was all because of his love rival. If that man did not exist, that girl would not have had despised him.

The silver coin in his hand shone. Chen Youzai then felt his arm became heavy. He looked down and saw that on his arm, there was a small hand bag. He also emitted a faint delicate fragrance. Chen Youzai suddenly felt pleasantly surprised. He felt from head to toe that he was brimming with enthusiasm; thus, he started to take large strides, and quickly rushed toward the parking lot.

The boy was carrying a sports bag and his face looked pleased as he stood there. He saw the silhouette of the girl, not from afar, as she walked toward him. A trace of a smiling expression appeared in the corner of his mouth.

“Why are you so anxious? Baby!” The boy all of the sudden caught the girl who bursted in his embrace and very politely took her hand bag.

The “girl,” after hearing this, almost did not speak. Her facial expression was even more ferocious, as if the boy owed her two hundred yuan.



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