HIHEZL: Chapter 3. Military Training or Camping?

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

“I believe that everyone has heard that this university is slightly different than other universities. We pay great attention to the cultivation of students in all aspects. We also value the university’s enrollment rate and employment; of course, these words are meaningless to you. In order to exercise the ability of students to live independently, three days after the original military training in the university, there will be a nearby forest camp. The university will ensure everyone’s safety. Now, please, rest assured that seven people camping together will act as a team, irrespective of men and women. Team members can choose in the freshman year. This is a step into the community to have better communication skills and a spirit of teamwork. Well, today’s class meeting is over. The rest of the time can be used for discussion,” the teacher said before leaving the classroom.

The classroom was filled with roars of laughter and seethed with excitement. Everyone began doing their own thing and associating with their own companions.

In the end, was it camping or military training? No one was curious about ‘camping-military training.’ Was this a new phrase? Yet, everybody seemed to be more enthusiastic than usual.

Gong Zhu grinned at Ke Bu: “Ke Bu, let’s be on the same team?”

Ke Bu loathed seeing Gong Zhu at a glance: “Why would I want to be on the same team as you?”

“You don’t want to end up being left behind.” Gong Zhu really made sense, Ke Bu silently thought. Him, taking the initiative finding team members, indeed, was a little difficult. His ability to communicate was not as good as Gong Zhu’s sloppy communication skills. It could be a very troublesome matter if he rejected Gong Zhu. Ke Bu finally agreed after pondering over it.

“Then, you could trouble Chu Haoyu and His Excellency Zhi Li by inviting them over, after all, a team must have seven members, you should find someone you know well.” This was Gong Zhu’s real idea.

He did not expect that for the sake of pursuing his own convenience, he would have to allow them to join. Forget about it, it’s better to be with someone you know than someone you don’t know. Ke Bu cast it aside, curled his lips, then greeted Chu Haoyu: “Hello, Yu Tai.”

Chu Haoyu’s expression was full of disdain: “What did you call me?”

“Chu Haoyu Big Pervert[1], the abbreviated form is ‘Yu Tai[2].’ I say, do you and Zhi Li want to join our team?”

([1]「楚浩宇大变态」is the Chinese form.)

([2]「宇态」”宇” came from Chu Haoyu’s “Yu” while “态” came from “变态” which can mean “pervert.”)

“Please line up if you want to invite me, but I decided to join the boobies group, right, Zhi Li.”

Zhi Li lifted his head up and stared at Ke Bu. Ke Bu freaked out being stared at. Ke Bu thought that Zhi Li would always come up with some terrible words. “I’m thinking about it.”

“No, Zhi Li, you can clearly see that Ke Bu’s flat-chested, not to mention military training, I can’t even eat food.”

“If I really have a pair of big breasts, all of the people in the city won’t eat food!” Ke Bu gritted his teeth. Why was it that he insisted on engaging in this kind of matter when he should not have? He raised his head with a smiling face, as if one could see a tail swinging gently from his back: “Your Excellency Zhi Li, come to our team. Here, we offer warm and thoughtful, cordial and considerate service.”

Zhi Li did not respond. He took a pen and threw it, then let out a voice intended to call an animal: “Get it~~”

“You’re treating me like a dog!!!”

Because of this, Zhi Li was drawn into Ke Bu’s team; however, Zhi Li, himself, was a baffling person. Of course, Chu Haoyu also followed him in. Four people sat together discussing the rest of the team member matters. Ke Bu, who had finished his mission, just sat around and played mobile games. Zhi Li, even more so, acted as if there was no one else present and silently read the freshman handbook. What’s in it for you to keep looking at this boring thing? Ke Bu did not speak out the indignation in his heart.

Gong Zhu would often look at Zhi Li with enthusiasm in his eyes.

Chu Haoyu spoke first: “Since it’s a camp, all team members must be useful. I’ll be responsible for supplying porn magazines for everyone in this boring mountain life.”

“That’s really helpful,” Ke Bu mocked.

Chu Haoyu ignored Ke Bu and looked at Gong Zhu. Gong Zhu, with a clear expression in his eyes, looked back at Chu Haoyu: “Your words only apply to this group. Just use your beauty to deceive other groups to eat and drink, then fool some girls to let them come over. As for Ke Bu, there’s nothing else that we can do. Every team has a dead weight. We can only put up with it. Next is looking for someone responsible for logistics, we need to be on good terms with someone who can do the cooking for us, and also look for someone who can put up a fierce fight. If a black bear would roam about, we can let him handle it. It doesn’t matter if you can’t eat, at least we can run. Also, we need to look for someone powerful. Luckily, we’re attending to all of these aspects.” It seemed that Chu Haoyu had a very thorough analysis of the concept of life.

Gong Zhu then discussed: “I do know that there’s a girl in the next-door class who can cook. She almost never eats food outside. She always makes good stuff at home and brings it to school. If you want someone who can put up a fierce fight, in the past few days, there seems to be a bad student in the school who has been a headache for the teachers. He just comes to school to look for a fight with the seniors. I heard his father’s a boxer. Looking for someone with power is something difficult to deal with. The most powerful in the school should be the headmaster. Freshmen haven’t entered the student union yet. The headmaster has a daughter who’s also a freshman, but this one’s difficulty’s too high.”

“Are all of you on this team going to compete in the Olympic Games? Why on earth are you looking for so many amazing people? Do you really think that by licking your face while sending out invites to other people would make them excited to accept and shake hands with you? Stop dreaming, that’s the best thing to do. Do you all still want to take turns?” Ke Bu shattered their dream into pieces.

Chu Haoyu shrugged his shoulders and smiled: “I’ll take care of the matters about women. Since we’re going to be a team, we should become the best team; otherwise, this dull school life would be meaningless.”

Gong Zhu seemed to be moved by Chu Haoyu’s words. He forcefully nodded: “Then in the next three days, let’s work together.”

Ke Bu laid his eyes on Zhi Li, who had not been talking. This guy’s still reading the freshman handbook, how boring could that be.

Noticing Ke Bu’s gaze, Zhi Li tilted his head, then threw the pen he was holding in front of him: “Fetch~”

“I told you I’m not a dog!!” Ke Bu ferociously shouted.


Ke Bu shook the water droplets off of his hands as he left the rest room. He saw a small group from the next-door class gathering around while they enjoy watching a bustling scene: “Come, little girl, don’t be afraid of uncle here.” Hearing this kind of language would really scare people. Ke Bu moved close to the window. The girl’s face was red through and through as she hid herself in the corner. She had a terrified look in her eyes.

“Uncle’s not a bad person, come with us. Uncle will take you to heaven that you’ve never experienced before. Come, don’t be shy. Uncle’s bosom is your warmest harbor.”

Ke Bu left the terrible scene and hurried away. He did not really want to let people know that he knew Chu Haoyu.

In the afternoon, this crazy Chu Haoyu unexpectedly recruited the girl from the next-door class named Zhou Xinhe to join the team. Zhou Xinhe was an unusually shy girl. Her eyes had been evasive and she stood uneasily. Ke Bu looked up and down at this petite, little round-faced lovely girl. He reckoned that this weak-natured girl had no friends to form a team with so she agreed joining Chu Haoyu.

Chu Haoyu touched his chin: “Next is the problem student. It seems a bit difficult huh. Ke Bu, you go boy, give him a fight.”

“Why should I do such a dangerous thing? Is it possible that you’re thinking that the two of us would punch each other and sweat in the sunset. I punch him, then finally, the two of us would get tired and would lie on the ground, gasping for breath and laughing at the gorgeous sky: ‘I didn’t think that you’re strong,’ from then on, we would weave a deep friendship? Stop dreaming.”

“I also feel that fighting isn’t very good, after all, we just entered the school. If we get busted, we’ll be punished.” Gong Zhu said in a low voice.

Zhou Xinhe just had a restless look, as if thinking about saying something, yet she stammeringly said nothing.

“Uhm, Your Excellency Zhi Li, you okay?” Gong Zhu asked.

“He doesn’t appear to be quite well.” Chu Haoyu said.

Ke Bu raised his head and looked up at the sky and suspended was a fiery hot sun: “Oh yeah.”

Gong Zhu was somewhat puzzled by the words of the two men.




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