Jubo : Text 004. The Wangs


Author: Yin Ya

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

“How did Cheng Cheng know about this?” Papa Wang had not yet heard of the Mount Feng Xia matter, so he did not associate it with that aspect. Hearing his son mentioning about the developer’s matter, it was a bit unexpected.

“When I went to see my Little Sister, Aunt Zhang told me.”

“Your Aunt Zhang’s absolutely correct.” Papa Wang knew that sooner or later, Wang Cheng would find out about this matter.

Anyway, there was nothing to hide.

“This matter happened half a month ago. There were strangers who came to our village, calling out all of the villagers to discuss with them about the purpose of their visit. Then, someone got news that those people were sent by the developers, who wanted to buy the Wangs, Zhangs and Chens’ Villages. The rumors were indeed true. It was said that the Chens’ Village had been negotiated. Some villagers even began to move. They have accepted the possibility that the Wangs and Zhangs’ Village would be the next ones.” Papa Wang continued to explain it to him.

Wang Cheng thought that half a month ago, the old monk just passed away. He did not have the idea to go down the mountain, and also did not want to let others find out about this matter, especially at home, or else his parents would certainly run to the mountain to see him. Although they did not have much time to get along with one another before, he knew that his parents were really concerned about him. Because of this reason, he temporarily cut his connection off with the people down the mountain, so he did not find out about the news in time.

“Did dad inquire in the Chens’ Village if how much would one house was sold over there?”

This question was very important. If it was too little, then it would not be worth it, but since the majority of the people had moved away from the Chens’ Village, the price that the developers offered should not be too low.

Papa Wang compared the numbers and it seemed to be comparatively satisfactory.
“They gave out so much, but I heard that because of the different geographical locations, the price may slightly change. Our Wangs’ Village happened to be located in the middle of Zhangs and Chens’ Village, and the village secretary also said that the price may be a little higher.”

The news had not yet spread out. The Chens had also been ordered not to say too many things. Papa Wang knew a lot of details about it, thanks to his good relationship with the village secretary.

“The developer seems to have a conscience.” He said. Wang Cheng saw that Papa was happy, and that made him also happy. At least their household had no ‘nailed down’ household [1] potential. He had heard of rumors about ‘nailed down’ households when he was reading previously. It was just tiring, and if you met a bad developer, life would not be quiet.

([1]「钉子户」householder who refuses to vacate his home despite pressure from property developers)


At this moment, a developer, who was talking to a subordinate in an office, suddenly sneezed. The subordinate had a shocked  ‘boss actually also sneezes’ expression and calmly continued with the topic just a moment ago. 2

“Mount Feng Xia — this piece is very important. I don’t want any mistakes.” 1

Sitting in the boss’s chair was a man who pushed the data out of his desk with his slender forefinger. He had an indifferent attitude but brought the person in front of him a great deal of pressure. Fortunately, he has adapted to this for some time.

“Boss, please rest assured that I’ll personally go to negotiate with the other side,” Zhang Yiheng immediately committed himself. Without the boss reminding him, he  already knew the importance of this piece. He was not at ease handing this matter over to Assistant Fang Tian. He was sure that he would run it by himself. He only hoped that the other side was open to persuasion and would not take too long for to decide as he was not good in explaining things.


Two days later, Village Secretary Wang announced the land acquisition price. The price was indeed a little higher than the price of the Chens’ Village, so except for some elderly in the village that were still reluctant to move, most of the people were very happy, especially those with more houses and more land area than others. Everyday, they were thinking about how much money they could get, and some even could not wait to publicly show off.

Wang Cheng’s eldest uncle and second uncle were even among those idiots.

The Wangs had a total of three brothers. Wang Cheng’s father ranked as the third. He was the youngest one, but that did not mean that he was the Wangs’ most favored. His living grandparents actually preferred his eldest uncle, Wang Hongwei.

At that time, the Wangs had two sets of houses, and was reckoned as the largest household in the Wangs’ Village. When his eldest uncle married, he bluntly went to the largest house.

His second uncle, Wang Hongwen had a valiant wife from the Zhang Clan. She was Wang Cheng’s second aunt. She was married over from the Zhangs’ Village, and gave birth to a son and two daughters to the Wangs. At first, Wang Cheng’s father talked about marriage, a stage, earlier than his second uncle. The two brothers’ age difference was just two years, but there was a disagreement over the house. His second uncle saw that the two houses would soon be divided by the two brothers, so he swiftly and slovenly kept on looking for a wife for himself.

The Zhangs’ Village was famous for their valiant women. For the sake of the house, his second uncle took the opportunity to get close with the Zhang Clan in the end. The Zhang Clan really lived up to his second uncle’s great expectations. He resolutely did not concede on the issue of the house, rolled about being unreasonable and made a scene, and brought out all sorts of shameless means. The second elder was concerned about saving his face. He conveniently persuaded Papa Wang, expecting him to give in. He even took out a bit of his savings, even though it was actually not that much, and the house simply could not compare with it. Papa Wang did not want it. Sometimes, there were people who would stake all of their moral integrity and proper pride.

Fortunately, Mama Wang did not dislike and avoid Papa Wang because of this matter. Although her family was strongly opposed to their marriage at that time, but still resolutely married Papa Wang.

Because of this matter, Papa Wang and his second uncle drifted further apart. Although they would still exchange a few words here and there, their relationship was not as good as it was before, all the more because his big brother’s wife and second brother’s wife did not get along with his own wife.



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  1. Berryblast

    《The subordinate had a shocked  ‘boss actually also sneezes’ expression and calmly continued with the topic just a moment ago.》
    Like…..the hell?! Come on! there is a limit to idealise your boss akin to a deity. 😑
    I fear the next it would be like omg! Boss actually knows to breathe…..🤣


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