BMHS : Chapter 26.1 – I said, I want you

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

He Wan was also there the night when Meng Ting and Yan Sui said that they were going to adopt a pet because she had some leftover food. During that time, she did not feel anything, but now that she was looking at the native dog with bald patches and half of its tail gone in the courtyard of the Yans’ residence and thought that her leftover food during that day might have been eaten by this ugly dog, she felt nauseous in her mind.

She pointed at Rhubarb and felt so nauseated so that her whole body was already trembling.

Uncle Xiao, Nanny Wang and the other servants came out either from the hall or the parterre. They soon understood what was going on, but they hesitated to follow He Wan’s order.

In the past, they would never have such hesitation. However, Meng Ting had already became like another master of the household in the Yans’ old residence, so his dog and kitten could not be touched casually. On top of that, Rhubarb was also brought back by Yan Sui himself. Even He Wan herself could not make any untoward actions toward Yan Sui’s pets, let alone them as the servants.

“Why? Can’t you hear me?” He Wan turned around and looked at Uncle Xiao. Her expression grew colder and colder. Uncle Xiao had lived at the Yans’ residence for so long. It was impossible for him not to know about her temper. Offending her was no different from offending Meng Ting, who just came to the Yans’ residence. Before Uncle Xiao was be able to do something, Rhubarb already dashed forward and barked louder than before. It also looked a little fiercer, “Woof woof woof!”

He Wan was so shocked so that she took two steps back. She looked at Rhubarb and simply burst with rage. She said sarcastically, “Like owner, like dog! It ate the Yans’ food and actually dared to bark furiously at her! The dog’s nerve was the same as its owner’s.

Uncle Xiao hastily stepped forward and pulled the leash on Rhubarb’s neck so as to prevent it from adding more fuel to the fire, “Madame, calm down. Please get inside the house quickly. Rhubarb is usually very obedient.” He could clearly see that it was He Wan’s screams that had made Rhubarb become so alerted to her at first.

Rhubarb just barked because of its natural instinct to guard the courtyard, and it had no intention of hurting people. In any case, it had not barked a few times yet, but He Wan already wanted to throw it out.

He Wan sneered and immediately took out her phone from the bag that she carried, “Xiao Qin, come here.”

She still could not believe that she could not even teach a pet a lesson in her old residence! If she could not order Uncle Xiao, she could always order her own bodyguard.

“Rhubarb, come here.” Meng Ting appeared at the top of the entrance stairs with Furball in his arms. Uncle Xiao heard his words and let go of the leash. Rhubarb immediately rushed up the staircase and ran to Meng Ting’s side. It rubbed itself against Meng Ting’s thigh and completely obeyed him.

Meng Ting slightly bent over and reached out to rub Rhubarb’s head, then he continued to walk down the staircase.

He Wan stood still in the courtyard, waiting for Meng Ting to come closer. When she saw an even uglier pet — which happened to be Furball in Meng Ting’s arms — she took a step back. She pointed at Meng Ting and screamed even louder, “What are you doing bringing this kind of animal home, throw it out for me, throw it away!”

These animals were so ugly so that it surprised people and Meng Ting was actually brave enough to bring them right before her eyes, how could she not lose her temper?

Meng Ting patted and wanted to calm down the agitated Rhubarb. He stood straight up and looked at He Wan as he spoke. His tone was not affected by He Wan’s agitation, “Mom, this is Rhubarb and this is Furball.”

He Wan did not want to respond to these uncouth names. She continued to stare furiously at Meng Ting’s pampered pets.

“This is Yan Sui’s mother,” After Meng Ting finished introducing He Wan, he warned Rhubarb, “Mom’s temper isn’t very good and makes a fuss over nothing.”

Rhubarb grunted and rubbed itself against Meng Ting’s thigh as its answer. He Wan almost got angry when she heard what Meng Ting said, “You, you—gosh!” Bad temper… she had bad temper? Meng Ting just pointed this out to her face and said that she was making trouble for no reason.

She stuttered as she said “you” for a long time but could not come up with anything to say.

By that time, the bodyguard that she called arrived, so she finally said, “Get these two animals out of my face!”

If she could, she also wanted to throw this inconsiderate Meng Ting out from the Yans’ residence.

The bodyguard was about thirty years old. He was tall and big and seemed quite skilled. He listened to He Wan and immediately headed toward Meng Ting. Meng Ting watched him come closer and did not say anything. When he stretched out his hand, Meng Ting grabbed his wrist and the two confronted each other.

“Hit him!” He Wan saw this but she made another order. She wanted the bodyguard to continue acting regardless of Meng Ting’s identity and continued to hit him.

However, it was Meng Ting who started to hit first — not the bodyguard.

He pulled the man’s wrist and hit his own shoulder directly on the man’s chest. After that, Meng Ting kneed the man below his belt. The man could not help but groan and when he was about to bend over, Meng Ting elbowed the man on his back.

“Oh!” He could not refrain himself from screaming in agony, yet Meng Ting still did not let him go. Meng Ting elbowed the man on his chin, then he took advantage of the situation and kicked the man with his right foot. The tall and big man flew toward He Wan’s feet. By then, Rhubarb also rushed forward, bit him, and then smugly shook its head as it went back toward Meng Ting’s feet.

The event that took place looked complicated, but it actually did not last more than two minutes. Uncle Xiao’s mouth that was agape gradually closed.

Meng Ting’s fighting skill was really shocking. He was still holding Furball in his arms, yet he effortlessly accomplished to beat a tall and big grown-up man.

Meng Ting looked at He Wan with slightly knitted eyebrows. He looked gravely serious, “Rhubarb and Furball are already my and Yan Sui’s family members. This is their home, too. If you don’t like them, just tell me. I’ll keep them away from you. Why do you need to chase them away?”

“When did this become your home? I didn’t know!” The anger in He Wan’s eyes grew bigger. She flew into a fit of rage and completely forgot why she went to the old house. Today, she would not allow Meng Ting to make her bow her head. She also would not allow him to climb up above her head and dominate over her in the future!

“Without me, what will you be in the Yans’ residence? How dare you to talk to me like that!”

Meng Ting looked at her and appeared puzzled. He Wan sneered and her voice also grew a little louder. She was not only talking to Meng Ting. She was also talking to all of the servants in the Yans’ residence, “I can make Yan Sui marry you, so I can also make him divorce you. He’s my son!”

“If you won’t listen to me and throw these two animals out today, I’ll ask Yan Sui to divorce you tomorrow.”

As He Wan spoke, her expression gradually calmed down, yet her words were even colder. She had not spoken to anyone like this for a long time. It was all because of Meng Ting, who forced her to act like this.

“In Haicheng, if the people who wanted to marry Yan Sui line up, the line will continue from north to south of the city. Do you honestly think you’re something!? It’s a good thing that you’re a child from the Meng’s family, but what’s bad is that you’re just an illegitimate child who shouldn’t be revealed to the public!”

Meng Ting’s identity was an indelible stain on his body, and in Haicheng’s noble circle, he should never be seen in public, too. If it was not because He Wan took fancy of him, Meng Ting would have better let her know her place. Otherwise, she could exalt him to heaven and also could trample him to hell!

“Choose, do you want Yan Sui or these two animals!”

“Grrrr!” Rhubarb growled at He Wan once again. It could clearly sense He Wan’s ill-intention toward Meng Ting and them.

However, Meng Ting gently patted Rhubarb again, and it could only return next to his feet, but it was still staying alert as it looked at He Wan.

Meng Ting thought deeply for a moment and slowly shook his head, “You’re not Yan Sui. I won’t decide.”

Even though she was Yan Sui’s mother, he did not think that she was qualified to make him choose like this.

However, apart from him being unable to make any decisions, he did not feel that He Wan was wrong when she talked about other things. Yan Sui indeed had many people who liked him, and Meng Ting certainly was an illegitimate child who should not be revealed to the public.

“Or, you can let Yan Sui know and let him let me choose.”

By that time, he would no longer be afraid and would not be greedy again.

“Choose what?”

Yan Sui’s voice was heard at the entrance of the courtyard. He walked over to them, step by step. When he passed by the bodyguard who was covering the lower part of his body, he stopped walking and his gaze slightly sunk. The bodyguard, who was in his line of sight, trembled. Although the pain that he felt in his body had not completely dissipated, he dared not to make any more sound.

Yan Sui walked passed by him and He Wan and continued to walk toward Meng Ting. He stood beside Meng Ting and pulled the boy to him, then he carefully looked at Meng Ting and made sure that Meng Ting was not injured. After that, he turned around and looked at He Wan, “What’s the matter?”

With this sentence, he directly interrogated her for what had happened to his Meng Ting!

He Wan pursed her lips. She could justly and forcefully say anything to Meng Ting, but when it comes to Yan Sui, she could not tactlessly speak. The courtyard was silence for a moment. Both He Wan and Meng Ting fell into their own trains of thought. For a while, they could not say anything to Yan Sui.

Uncle Xiao slightly bowed, stepped forward, and whispered a few sentences to Yan Sui, then he stepped back to one side. He briefly told Yan Sui about the conflict that took place in the courtyard, but he did not favor He Wan; in fact, he favored Meng Ting.

Yan Sui’s eyes became slightly colder. He said to Uncle Xiao, “Find another bodyguard for Mother and ask Zhao Bing to take that man back.” That man dared to hit Meng Ting in the Yans’ residence. He definitely violated Yan Sui’s taboo. It was also impossible to let He Wan use such a person again.

“Yes,” Uncle Xiao nodded and waved his hand. Several young servants, who had been hesitant all along, came forward to prop up the man and take him away.

Yan Sui reached out and held Meng Ting’s hand. He held Meng Ting’s cold fingertips in his palm, but he still did not talk to Meng Ting. He looked at He Wan and said.

“Mother probably didn’t know that Rhubarb and Furball are pets that I and Meng Ting are going to raise. It was Meng Ting who brought them, so no one, except him, is allowed to throw them away.”

He paused for a moment and then continued talking, “I’ve transferred ten percent of the Yans’ company’s shares under Meng Ting’s name. I’m a member of the Yan family and he is my husband, so this is his home.”



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