HIHEZL : Chapter 55. Conspiracy Theory!

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

“You already know about Duo La’s true nature long ago?” There were only two people on the roof—Ke Bu and Zhi Li. Zhi Li held a band-aid and applied it on the wound on Ke Bu’s face. The wound was quite shallow and would heal in two days.
“I’ve roughly guessed it.”
“If you’ve guessed it, then why did you let Youyan…”
“It’s not a bad thing to let them compete with one another. However, Youyan’s temper was still too lacking. At first, I thought she could teach Duo La a lesson.”
“Who do you think will suffer from it? You clearly know that Duo La‘s so dangerous.”
“I’ve already asked someone to eliminate the real danger.”
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t need to know.”
“Anyhow, you’re unexpectedly kind-hearted, too. It’s obvious that Duo La wanted you to bear the guilt for her but unlike anyone, you pretended not to know about it. You do that with others, too. No matter if it’s Youyan or Ying Xiujie, their badness is all tolerated by you. Do you want to be judged as a triple-A student?” Ke Bu ridiculed.
“Tolerated?” Zhi Li showed a meaningful expression that made Ke Bu’s hair on his nape stand on end. “Isn’t that the real fun part of darkness?”
“Are you a demon reincarnate? Even though I don’t think Duo La will change, she was exposed in front of you, so she wouldn’t mess things around and play those tricks, right?”
“That child can still be taught.”
“Taught? Duo La’s dark heart can still be saved?”
“Those who like me proved that they still have a noble sentiment.” Zhi Li actually said these words as a matter of course which made Ke Bu vomit blood: “This is the most shameless sentence I’ve ever heard in my life!!!” After Ke Bu roared, he felt that all of his energy was used up. He leaned against the wall, then slipped down, and sat. He reached out and tugged on the corner of Zhi Li’s pants. He patted the spot next to him. Zhi Li then sat down and leaned his head against the wall.
“This is what you always do. Let me face my own fears. If you’ll put a stop on it in the beginning, then I’ll only feel like I‘m a useless waste. Even though I usually don’t care about things that doesn’t concern me, I always say this to myself. This is fine, but I still can’t help but have the idea that I can narrow the gap between us, even only for a little bit so that I can match with you a little bit more. It seems that after your training, I gradually become stronger. I’m no longer the junior high school student who dared not to face the facts and will only throw myself in your arms and cry.”
“Then thank me properly.” Zhi Li accepted it too calmly.
“You’re definitely not the kind of person who‘ll do these kind of things out of kindness. You should say your purpose, Zhi Li.” Zhi Li had not even spoken yet when Ke Bu added: “Don’t just say this ‘because you love me’ nonsense.” Zhi Li faintly smiled and placed his hand on his knee, waving his finger in the thin air. “Of course, the result of the training will remain until you confess about us to your parents.”
Surprised, Ke Bu’s mouth was agape. He adjusted his position so he could face Zhi Li, then he shouted in disapproval: “You schemer. You even think about things that’s so far away! On top of that, who…who will confess to them!? Stop dreaming. I…I’m just playing with you.”
“A child who lies will be struck by lightning.”
“Then you would have been struck to death countless times. Besides, aren’t you too confident? Haven’t you thought about it? If Duo La did take me…”
Zhi Li pinched Ke Bu’s mouth: “I won’t let it get to that point.” Zhi Li released his mouth and covered Ke Bu’s lips with his. The slightly cold lips took Ke Bu by surprise. Ke Bu’s eyes opened wide as he whimpered. He pushed Zhi Li away with blushing cheeks: “Idiot, you want others to see this.” His usually thick-skin became weak in this kind of place after all.
“If you resist, I’ll pinch your wound.” Zhi Li then approached again.
“In any case, up to what extent do you want to be bad?” Ke Bu could not help but smile and accept the approaching Zhi Li. There‘s really no way. Why can’t I always take on this bad guy? It seems that I’m also like you. We’re not good guys. What‘s really attractive is perhaps a part of the darkness. Is loneliness, pain, helplessness, and hatred not at the point where we meet?
“What are you doing?” Ke Bu realized that his clothes were being unbuttoned by Zhi Li. “You’re not going to do it in this place….” Ke Bu gulped down his gibberish talk in his mouth as Zhi Li’s fingers sneaked into his clothes, seizing the sensitivity of Ke Bu’s body. His fingertips grazed on Ke Bu’s blushing bulges. With just a light scratch, the man in front of Zhi Li could not help but face upward. Zhi Li’s other hand skillfully undid Ke Bu’s pants, then he supported Ke Bu’s waist, and took him to his lap. Ke Bu was forced to separate his legs and expose his shyness toward Zhi Li’s lower abdomen. Zhi Li held this sensitive part of his body—sometimes fast, sometimes gentle, sometimes he wrapped it, and sometimes he kneaded it.
“It’s getting wet so soon.”
“Ah..hah…don’t say it…hmm..uhh…”
Zhi Li’s fingers went deeper and deeper into Ke Bu’s back as his wet and fiery kisses fell all over Ke Bu’s neck and collarbone, then he cherished Ke Bu’s blushing bulges as he sucked and licked them. Ke Bu, who was sitting on Zhi Li’s lap, swayed his body, rubbing Zhi Li’s lower abdomen, which showed the owner’s excitement.
Zhi Li’s fingers were getting wetter and more slippery, and when they slipped into Ke Bu’s body, Ke Bu helplessly grabbed onto Zhi Li’s shoulders: “So cold, ah…Zhi Li…ah…ah..hmm..ah..ahh..ah!” The coldness of Zhi Li’s fingers fused with his body’s heat, stimulating him. When his back was ready, Zhi Li pulled his zipper down. Ke Bu got up and sat down slowly as he aligned his back with Zhi Li’s member: “Ss…ugh~~” His body strenuously devoured Zhi Li’s hardness.
“I’m gonna move.”
“Don’t say that out loud ~~ah~~” He hardly gave Ke Bu the opportunity to talk. Zhi Li supported Ke Bu’s waist and lifted the rather weakened Ke Bu up and down, then the dubious sounds of the rubbing skins and muscle lingered. Ke Bu squinted his eyes as he moaned. His lips felt parched and with nowhere to vent the heat, the heat climbed up to his cheeks. He bowed down and plunged his tongue into Zhi Li’s mouth as he grabbed onto Zhi Li’s hair with both of his hands. This intense kiss—he had accepted, gobbled down, and thawed it. It was not only his body that had warmed up, but so did his feelings of being loved. He really, really likes him. How could he like all about him. He desperately likes him. He likes him with all his heart. With this endless feeling of like, you made me swallow it all, Zhi Li!
Afterwards, since Duo La’s true color was caught by Zhi Li, she finally turned over a new leaf and became a pure and flawless young girl. She got along well with Ke Bu, Youyan and the others. She obediently poured everyone—her elder sisters and brothers—coke during their lunch break.
“No need to pour some for His Excellency Zhi Li?” asked Gong Zhu.
“Elder Brother Zhi Li only drinks milk and mineral water. How about you, Youyan?” Duo La turned around and asked.
“I never drink what others opened.” Youyan pushed her glasses up and continued reading.
“What happened to you in your past life?!” Ke Bu drank a gulp of coke. Not long after, he felt pain in his stomach. Everyone else who had drank the coke seemed to have the same symptoms as well. Ying Xiujie laid down on the table while holding his stomach: “What’s in the coke?”
Duo La jumped away. Across the waist, she covered her mouth and looked at the few surprised people who were staggering: “Alas, I’m sorry. I seem to have accidentally dropped a constipation pill into the coke.”
“You!!! Duo La!!”
Ke Bu should have guessed that this dreamlike image was impossible! Duo La became more unscrupulous within the boundary that Zhi Li had allowed.
Chu Haoyu’s trembling fingers reached out to Zhi Li: “Zhi Li, Zhi Li…” Chu Haoyu was completely being ignored: “Idiots never learn their lessons.”
The door of the school building was kicked open and an enchanting face seem to have absorbed the background. As her index finger flicked the ash off her cigarette, she said: “I’ve come to recycle Duo La.” Ke Bu only heard the words for recycling garbage.
Duo La stood in a fighting stance: “Lan Yin, how come you’re here? You…this ghost woman who sticks around Elder brother Zhi Li!” Even Lan Yin was not allowed to be close with Zhi Li? What kind of obsession was this? Lan Yin’s expression did not change. She raised her eyes and threw her cigarette away. Duo La focused her attention on avoiding the cigarette ends. Lan Yin took advantage of this opportunity. She took a step forward and kneed Duo La in her stomach. Duo La, who was unable to ward off the blow, was caught by the collar by Lan Yin: “Go back to your school.” After that she dragged Duo La toward Zhi Li, then she pushed Zhi Li’s drawing book down with her other hand: “Reward.”
Zhi Li put down his pencil: “Do as you please.”
“This is good enough.” Lan Yin lowered herself down to the left side of Zhi Li’s face and kissed him. She licked her lips in satisfaction, then she quickly dragged Duo La away, leaving the spectators at a loss.



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