BMHS : Chapter 37.1 – Meng Ting, thank you for your willingness to marry me.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

His rationality and intelligence had completely left him. This was the first time Meng Ting encountered such a situation and his rationality was unable to go against his feelings all along. He liked Yan Sui and did not want to deviate from his feelings.

Meng Ting released Yan Sui’s hand then, suddenly, he pounced on Yan Sui. Yan Sui caught him, but he staggered. He sat on the ground. He propped up with his free right hand so both of them would not roll on the ground.

Meng Ting was totally unaware that they almost fell. He buried his face on the side of Yan Sui’s neck and earnestly said, “Yan Sui, if one day you’ll regret it, you must tell me as early as possible. Don’t tell me after you started hating me.”

He was quite determined that he did not want Yan Sui to hate him. Obviously, it was not long ago when his demands to Yan Sui were only to have enough food to eat and get enough good sleep. However, being treated well by Yan Sui, he unexpectedly wanted to reach for a yard after getting an inch.

When he heard this, Yan Sui’s hand that was propping them up from the ground slightly paused. He embraced Meng Ting with his other hand as he leaned forward. He lifted it up and touched the back of Meng Ting’s neck, gently rubbing it, but he did not immediately answer Meng Ting’s question.

“You know that we’re already married, but do you know why I still wanted to propose to you?”

Meng Ting leaned on Yan Sui’s shoulder, and whispered back, “I don’t know.”

A proposal is a process that a typical married couple must have. This should make him happy… There were many possible reasons, but Meng Ting was unsure what Yan Sui was exactly thinking. It could even be said that he did not want to think about it at all.

Yan Sui asked this, but Meng Ting did not know. Yan Sui told him that there was nothing wrong with this.

“Because I like you and I want to marry you.” It was not because of He Wan, nor was it because of the arranged marriage between the Yans and the Mengs. It was because he liked Meng Ting that he wanted to marry him and he wanted the both of them to be together forever.

“I like you. No matter what your past is, I will like it.”

Yan Sui had never said such nauseating words his whole life, but right now that he was holding Meng Ting in his arms, these words came out naturally. He even thought that he could be more eloquent, as long as Meng Ting likes it.

“Earlier… you said that you knew about it?” Meng Ting was very sensitive in some matters and matters regarding his former relative was no exception.

He said this as he slowly withdrew from Yan Sui’s arms and sat on his opposite side. He looked at him like this with some apprehension, some grief, some inferiority, and also some confusion.

Yan Sui did not deny it. “Yeah, I had it checked.”

It could be said that he had not known Meng Ting very long, so he had his men investigate Meng Ting’s past. At the moment, he had only dug into those seven years when Meng Ting was taken back by Wu Fengjiao. For those matters before and after those events, he was still in the process of investigating them. Even if this was the case, it did not affect what he wanted to say now. He wanted to express his feelings clearly.

“I like you and I feel sorry for you.” Yan Sui reached out and cupped Meng Ting’s face, not giving the boy the chance to dodge him. He leaned forward slightly. His voice was lower and more solemn.

“It’s not because I know about your painful experience that I like you, but because I loved you first. I feel distressed so I had my men investigate you.” He had to make this point clear to Meng Ting. It was very important to say this to Meng Ting since it was very important to him as well.

There are thousands upon thousands of pitiful people in the world. If he, because of pity, comes to love someone, how could he love that someone wholeheartedly. He was quite sure that he was so distressed by his past because he likes Meng Ting.

So even if Meng Ting did not need his pity, he felt sorry for Meng Ting. Even without all of this, he would still like Meng Ting, just because he likes him.

If possible, Yan Sui did not want to let Meng Ting know about this. He would continue to investigate his affairs arbitrarily. He wanted to get along with the boy a little longer, and by the time he could give Meng Ting more sense of security, they would openly talk about this matter.

However, with Wu Fengjiao’s arrival, his plan was disrupted. Meng Ting was not as soft as everybody had thought. At the time of resoluteness, he did not hesitate. He never doubted that Meng Ting’s previous sweet nothings for him was genuine, but with this same temperament of his, he would stubbornly insist on some certain fact.

And so, when Meng Ting confronted Wu Fengjiao, he could only say those words that made him sad, and he himself felt sad because of those words.

Yan Sui admitted that when he heard him say “We can’t get married,” he was angry and indignant. On top of these feelings, there was a sudden and intense fear. He was afraid that Meng Ting, who unexpectedly came into his life, would suddenly disappear as well.

Meng Ting already brought everything into a state of confusion for him. How could he let Meng Ting go?

So, what were the arrangements for? What were the pleasant surprises for? What was patience for? What was all the waiting for? Meng Ting threw everything away. What was the point of taking a humble stance? What was the point of going down on his knees to propose? What could Yan Sui say to count as some sweet nothings?

Yan Sui had already said his words frankly enough. How could Meng Ting not understand? When his tears had stopped, there was a bit of a sting in the rims of his eyes, but it was different from that slight sting that you feel when you are sad and scared. At the moment, he was moved.

He looked at Yan Sui and slowly approached him. When he was at a distance of less than a finger’s breadth, he slightly squinted his eyes and kissed the man’s lips. When his lips parted from the other, Meng Ting slightly opened his eyes, but he still did not part from him. He kissed the tip of Yan Sui’s nose, then his gentle kiss fell from the bridge of the nose to Yan Sui’s eyes.

Yan Sui could not help but close his eyes. In the end, Meng Ting’s kiss fell on the space between Yan Sui’s eyebrows.

It seemed that Meng Ting wanted to use his lips to remember his appearance and feel it with his mind. His gentle kiss was a little cautious and was filled with his unspeakable feelings.

Yan Sui slowly opened his eyes, then reached out, pulling Meng Ting into his embrace and hugged him tightly. In a split second, he said it with a stern look, “Later on, don’t rashly say that you wanted to leave me. Bear that in mind, okay?”

“Okay,” Meng Ting whispered back as he leaned on Yan Sui’s shoulder. He looked up and the tip of his nose brushed Yan Sui’s chin. A faint light in his eyes shone with a little warm color. Although his mood had not fully recovered yet, it was not as heavy as it used to be.

“Let’s eat something first, otherwise the food will get cold.”

They had eaten breakfast very early and had no rest all morning. Besides Meng Ting, even Yan Sui was also hungry.

“Okay.” Meng Ting nodded and whispered.

He was so obedient that his appearance softened Yan Sui’s heart. He could not get angry at the boy from the start and even more so now.

Nanny Wang knew Meng Ting’s appetite, so she brought enough food, but the appetites of these two were somewhat affected by the recent event. Meng Ting looked at the leftovers in the food box, then served it again, “We can’t waste food. I can still eat this.”

Yan Sui chuckled, then got up and went to the bathroom and took a towel. On the other hand, Meng Ting ate the rest of the food.

“Lift your face.”

Meng Ting acted in accordance with Yan Sui’s words obediently. He slightly raised his chin and looked up as well.

Using the warm towel, Yan Sui began to wipe from Meng Ting’s cheek, forehead, eyes, mouth, and finally, Yan Sui pulled out his hand and rubbed it carefully. He looked at Meng Ting, pondered over something, and said, “I’m happy to do this for you. If you’re happy too, don’t refuse it.”

“I’m happy,” Meng Ting said with a nod. He watched Yan Sui as he got up and walked back to the bathroom. He fixed his gaze on the man.

His mood had fluctuated violently for half of the day, and up until now, there were still some aftereffects that remained, but it seemed that nothing could affect him too much.

His concern for Wu Fengjiao’s arrival had sent his feelings out of control. This was not because he was afraid of Wu Fengjiao or because of the remaining grip that the Mengs had on him. What he really feared was that Yan Sui would not want him anymore.

But now that Yan Sui still wants him, then what was he so afraid of?

The emotions suddenly became clear, but they were not just as simple as thinking about it. He became even more determined. He strengthened his feelings toward Yan Sui and strengthened his determination to become better.

When Yan Sui came out of the bathroom, he saw Meng Ting, who was smiling at him. Meng Ting leaned on the sofa and rested his chin on his elbow. The ripples in his eyes cleared up, as if it had washed away all of the dust. It was even more gorgeous than the midday sun outside the window.

Yan Sui’s footsteps suddenly slowed a bit. He walked step by step, finally arriving in front of him.

Meng Ting took the initiative to lean on Yan Sui’s bosom. Yan Sui held him up and Meng Ting took the initiative to hold his hand, intertwining their fingers.

He looked at their hands, then gently smiled at Yan Sui, “I wasn’t good. I’ve said something wrong. I won’t do it again in the future.”

“Hmm,” Yan Sui did not know that within the short time that he went in and out of the bathroom, Meng Ting had already thought about something convincing like this, but he still felt happy. He was fond of Meng Ting, who was smiling like this and was willing to take the initiative to get close to him.

They waited in the room for nearly an hour, at the time, He Wan was unable to bear with her own temper to come up to find someone. This even made Yan Manjia stop her.

Yan Manjia had her own way of dealing with He Wan. All these years, what kind of disgraceful things she had done for Xiao Zi and she also had no reputation in Haicheng’s noble circle. He Wan, however, wanted to hold on to her stance as a noble woman, but Yan Manjia, who was warding her off, had no threshold and naturally became somewhat of a hindrance for her.

“Second Madame, how come you thought of bringing Ting Ting’s grandmother over to our household?”

He Wan stopped for a moment and Yan Manjia asked Li Yifei to speak.

When Yan Manjia saw how Meng Ting reacted earlier, she instantly knew that Meng Ting and his grandmother’s relationship did not look good at all. With such a grandmother who could obviously embarrass Meng Ting, what would they think? Actually, it was really not so hard to figure out.

Without exception, they wanted to use Meng Ting’s grandmother to give Meng Ting a warning, or threaten him, and so on. Yan Manjia glanced at He Wan. Perhaps, she also had this kind of idea.

The result seemed to be pretty good at first. Meng Ting and his grandmother’s relationship was indeed not good, but Meng Ting unexpectedly dragged the person away. Obviously, it was also contrary to their expectations. How would he handle Wu Fengjiao? What were both of them talking about? Right now, this was what Li Yifei was concerned about in her mind.

After all, she actually had not much contact with Meng Ting. She could not imagine what kind of decision Meng Ting would make.

“Meng Ting’s grandmother had raised him for seven years. Now that he’s getting married, of course he should ask her to come take advantage of the cheerful atmosphere.”

Or should it be said that she was looking for Meng Ting’s bad luck; otherwise, he must not let himself become more and more ignorant. He was born from the second branch of the family, so he could not run away from their control as well.

“Second Grandma has good intentions. I’d like to appreciate your kindness on behalf of Little Seventh.” Meng Qi appeared at the entrance. After hearing Li Yifei’s words, his complexion darkened and he swept his dark gaze through all of the people in the drawing room.

In the end, he understood the reason why Meng Ting was different from ordinary people. He had such a grandmother, such a terrible experience. How could he be normal? How could he get close to the Mengs? After Yan Sui took Meng Ting away, he should ask Wu Fengjiao a lot of questions.

The whole of Meng Ting’s childhood could be described by two or three sentences, but compared to the other children of the Mengs, Meng Ting was very unfortunate.

Not only did Yan Sui feel that the Mengs were the ones behind this matter, but he also did give much of an importance to what Li Yifei had said. She already had Meng Ting’s deadly information in her clutches beforehand. Regardless of whether he would be useful or not useful in the future, she was going to make use of him.

However, compared to Meng Qin and Meng Xiao, she was really a little too ruthless to Meng Ting. She practically wanted to destroy Meng Ting’s mental state thoroughly. If it was not because of her hatred that was as vast as the heavens, then it would be very difficult for average people to make an achievement to this extent.



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    1. chiangyushien

      Haha yeah they are a big family. He wan is yansui’s mom. Li Yifei is meng ting’s grandmother from his father’s side. You can always check the diagram that we made in chapter 9.1


    2. He Wan: Yan Sui’s mother.
      Li Yifei: Meng Ting’s grandmother from his father side; which is in bad term with Meng Qi family since she is the second wife of Meng Qi’a grandfather. She is Meng Qi’s step-grandmother (?) since she is the second wife of his grandfather. So Li Yifei second branch us the rival of Feng Ziaojie first branch rival for the position of the next family head (just like those Imperial Harem Empress and Favourite Concubine fighting for their own son to be the Crown Prince)
      Mengs had two branch that braching from Feng, the first wife of the Meng grandfather, hence the first branch which is Meng Yihan, his wife and their son, Meng Qi.
      The second branch comes from the Li Yifei, the second wife of Meng grandfather. Consisted of Meng Yigui and his wife and two of their children; and Meng Yide (MT’s father) and his wife with their children and illegitimate children.
      As expected Li Yifei hated MT the most might be because a few chapters back, it is revealed Meng Yide nearly divorced his legal wife for MT’s biological mother that disappeared somewhere. Li Yifei seems to hate something going out of her control so her hates for her might spill over to MT too. Just a bunch of crazy people over crazy grudge and greed. 🤷‍♀️


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