BMHS : Chapter 37.2 – Meng Ting, thank you for your willingness to marry me.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Usagi notes: Finally had the time to proofread. I’m currently proofreading Jubo’s chapter 37. We will be able to update it today or by tomorrow. TUMBT II-19 will be delayed for a bit since it’s quite poetic and difficult to translate. If you wanna help us in translating, please let us know in the comments section. Thank you for your kind understanding. (^ω^)

Meng Qi looked at Li Yifei and a lot of thoughts flashed through his eyes. At once, his complexion gradually became clear.

“It’s just that Mrs. Wu‘s too old and she suddenly rushed here, so now, she’s a bit tired. She feels ecstatic and as a matter of fact, she almost fainted. Good thing Little Seventh helped her so she only lost her balance and got dizzy. The patriarch had asked his men to help her get some rest.”

Meng Qi spoke as a faint smile emerged on his face, then he took two steps forward, “The patriarch originally wanted Mrs. Wu to pass a message to you, but since she’s dizzy right now, I’ll be the one to pass it on.”

“What are you going to say?” Li Yifei looked a bit cold and all kinds of thoughts ran around her mind, but on the outside, she still looked indifferent. She had nothing to be afraid of. She already cleaned this matter up three years ago and it would be useless for anyone to investigate on it now.

“He said that no matter what hardships Little Seventh had suffered in the past, he‘ll help him get paid back.”

Meng Qi suddenly lowered his voice, enough for Li Yifei and Meng Yide, who was beside her, to hear. At the same time, he also expressed the coldness in Yan Sui’s remark before to let them discern it.

He lowered his voice at the beginning, but then the volume of his voice returned to normal when he said, “As for whether it‘s ten times or a hundred times, it might depend on Little Seventh’s mood. What do you say?”

“What did you say, Qi’er? I actually can’t understand it.”

Li Yifei said indifferently. At least, she was still expressionless. As for whether she was afraid or not, Meng Qi thought she was afraid.

She was not afraid of Meng Ting alone, but she underestimated Yan Sui’s concern for Meng Ting.

“If you can’t understand it, then forget about it.”

Meng Qi smiled as he walked by Li Yifei, then he helped Feng Zejiao up, but he was not in the mood to talk with Feng Zejiao as well. Honestly speaking, he unexpectedly understood Meng Ting’s bitter experience. Because of this, his mood was a bit heavy. Some people are just too repulsive, dammit!

“Let’s take our seats at the banquet first. Yan Sui and Meng Ting have a good relationship. In other words, we, as the elders, should show understanding and sympathy for them.”

Yan Manjia said as she held He Wan’s hand. While she was smiling, she asked, “Am I right, Sister-in-Law?”

He Wan wanted to shake off Yan Manjia’s hand, but she found out that Yan Manjia was strong. She wanted to pull it firmly, but when the servants heard Yan Manjia’s words, they came over to lead the Mengs to their seats next door.

“Let me go! Yan Manjia, you’re shameless. Don’t ever think that I’m like you!”

When everyone left, He Wan still could not shake her hand off. Yan Manjia let go of He Wan’s hand first. He Wan rubbed her wrist and her expression was a bit colder, “Show respect to the wife of your Elder Brother as a mother. I’m your Elder Brother’s wife!”

“Pfft…hahaha!” Yan Manjia laughed louder and louder, then her laughter became more and more exaggerated.

“Show respect to the wife of your Elder Brother as a mother my foot! Did you raise me? Or, did you give guidance to me? Give me a break. Let me tell you this. The fact that you hounded my brother to death back in the days…I’ll remember that all my life. Yan Sui remembers it, too. That’s…”

Yan Manjia did not say anything further. She just turned around and left. She did not want to deal with He Wan’s unsightly look.

When the Mengs came out after dinner, they saw Yan Sui took Meng Ting to talk with his circle of friends.

Yan Sui still had his usual expression—serious and indifferent. Meanwhile, Meng Ting’s expression already returned to normal. Although he did not talk much, he would occasionally look and laugh at Yan Sui, then nod at the speaker.

Yan Sui’s gaze on Meng Ting was a bit softer than that on others. Of course, only those who were familiar with him could see this well.

From this point of view, it seemed that bringing Meng Ting’s grandmother here had no effect at all.

“…it seems like when the invitations were sent and the guests came, Elder Brother Yan didn’t like it, but he had to pretend like he likes it.”

Meng Xiao held his arm, then he looked at Meng Ting, and naturally, he remembered that day when Meng Ting broke his arms. It was an undeniable fact that they hated each other. Since then, he did not hold up on using the utmost malice to speculate on Meng Ting’s current plight and even hereafter.

When he thought like this, Meng Qin, and even Meng Jiang and Meng Bo, thought like this as well. Even Su Siyu, who came with Old Madame Su later on, thought so after hearing it.

He supported Old Madame Su and step by step, they walked toward Yan Sui and Meng Ting. He looked at Yan Sui with plain and unabashed eyes.

Su Siyu looked so delicate, so many people could not help but look at him, but this did not include Yan Sui, nor did it include Meng Qi, who was worried about Meng Ting.

When they came over, Yan Sui was in the middle of whispering and talking with Meng Ting. All of a sudden, Yan Sui raised his hand and wiped the corner of Meng Ting’s mouth with his thumb. Just now, he sneakily stuffed a dessert into Meng Ting‘s mouth. There were a few crumbs that smeared his mouth. In fact, if only they were not in front of many people, Yan Sui would have been more than willing to help Meng Ting wipe his mouth clean in some other way.

Meng Ting licked his lips, then swallowed the tasty treat. After that, he gently smiled at Yan Sui and said, “It’s tasty.”

Yan Sui patted Meng Ting’s hair and gently rubbed it first before he withdrew his hand. He whispered, “I’ll get you another one later.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting nodded and when he looked away, he saw that Su Siyu and Old Madame Su were already in front of them.

He opened his eyes wide and looked at Su Siyu for a while, then he subconsciously drew a little closer to Yan Sui.

“Yan Sui, this is Meng Ting, right?”

“This is my wife, Meng Ting,” Yan Sui answered Old Madame Su’s question, then he looked at Meng Ting beside him and introduced her to the boy. He said, “This is the Su family’s old madame. It’s best that you address her as Old Madame Su.”

Meng Ting nodded when he heard him, then he addressed the old lady, “Hello, Old Madame.”

Old Madame Su was slightly taken aback when she heard him, then it suddenly dawned on to her that Yan Sui might have vented his anger out on her. She feared that it was because Su Siyu was standing beside her. Otherwise, with her and Yan Sui’s grandmother’s relationship, he would have let Meng Ting call her grandmother too, instead of addressing her in such a strange manner.

“Hello, Elder Brother Yan.” Su Siyu was not willing to be left out in the cold. He came with the intention to grab the limelight from Meng Ting today. After saying this, he finally swept his eyes on Meng Ting. That indistinct desire to display his strength became somewhat even more intense.

Yan Sui glanced at Su Siyu, but did not respond, then he lightly nodded at Old Madame Su. He was about to take Meng Ting away, but he was pulled back by Meng Ting.

“Since you address Yan Sui as your Elder Brother, then you should call me Elder Sister or Sister-in-Law as well. Gu Lang and all of the others calls me like that.”

Meng Ting spoke with an annoyed tone, then he went on to say, “Since you don’t want to call me Sister-in-Law, then you don’t need to address Yan Sui as your Elder Brother, too. He’s already got a younger brother, and it’s Zhen Han.”

Yan Sui did not inform him if there was something like an in-laws relationship between the Yans and the Sus. Su Siyu and that Rong Nan were alike since they did not want to address Meng Ting as their Sister-in-Law. His thoughts were more obvious than Rong Nan and Meng Ting did not like it.

When Meng Ting finished speaking, he looked at Yan Sui. The seriousness in his tone still remained, “Yan Sui, am I right?”

“You’re right.” Yan Sui smiled when he heard this. Meng Ting, himself, did not realize how jealous he looked right now. How adorable.

When he heard Yan Sui’s response, Meng Ting was satisfied. He nodded, then glanced at Zhen Han. He asked a question once again, “Cousin, what do you say?”

“Sister-in-Law’s right.” His sister-in-law was against his love rival. There was absolutely no need to be worried about his fighting capacity.

Zhen Han answered as he kicked Gu Lang beside him, then Gu Lang gave Zhong Ming a kick. One kick after another. After a while, a lot of them shouted together, “Sister-in-Law is right.”

This sentence echoed within the whole drawing room, and more people managed to see that Meng Ting was surprisingly popular among Yan Sui’s friends.

A few smiling expression dwelled on the tips of Meng Ting’s eyebrows. He looked back at the unsightly look on Su Siyu’s face, and decided to leave after saying his last few words.

“As for what I said last time, I remembered it afterwards. ‘There are plenty more fish in the sea,’ which means Yan Sui‘s my husband. You can’t like him. Like other people instead.”

No matter how close he was, Meng Ting was afraid that he still did not understand what he was hearing. Last time with that Rong Nan, he was not like this.

When Meng Ting finished speaking, he ignored how Su Siyu looked like. He looked back at Yan Sui and pulled him to walk. After taking two steps, he asked, “What are we going to do next?”

Yan Sui took Meng Ting’s hand and continued to walk away. He chuckled and said, “Make the ceremonial obeisance, then get married.”

Meng Ting paused when he heard this, then Meng Ting quickened his steps to catch up with Yan Sui. He held Yan Sui’s hand with both of his hands and leaned forward to take a look at the ring on Yan Sui’s other hand. He nodded and said, “Finally.”

With this hateful marriage appearance, many people who have heard their conversation laughed.

Just as when he was keeping pace, the vein on Meng Qi’s forehead bulged. When he heard what Meng Ting had said, he thought that he was making a good progress. With Yan Sui, no matter what, this situation was…

In fact, the Yan’s household had such a big lawn and a Western-style wedding would be more suitable, but so many generations had come from the old-style wedding, and even Yan Sui was no exception. However, this marriage was held for two men; therefore, some areas needed some alterations. The bridal sedan chair would be exempted and they even did not need a bridesmaid.

At three o’clock, Yan Sui led Meng Ting through a long red carpet and went to the well-decorated wedding hall. There were scarlet ‘Double Happiness [1]’ words stuck on the dragon and phoenix red wedding candles. There were also Yan Sui’s grandparent’s memorial tablets, as well as his father’s. He Wan sat on one side, but there was not much happiness shown on her face.

([1] 双喜 – the combined symmetric character 囍 (similar to 喜喜) as symbol of good luck, esp. in marriage.)

This overly familiar scene always evoked some memories that were not good. She was not able to achieve the wedding that was brimming with pleasures from revenge. She could not retaliate, and instead, she was looking at the same Yan Sui whom she seemed to have helped in accomplishing his aim.

She wanted to get up and do something, but found that Yan Manjia’s hand was pressing against her shoulder.

“Look, if in the end you won’t see this, how would you know? Isn’t this what you wanted?”

When He Wan heard Yan Manjia’s words, her scalp suddenly became numb. She turned around, and wanted to confirm something, but she found that Yan Manjia had already straightened up and was no longer looking at her.

What does she know? What on earth does she know?!

The whole ceremonial obeisance process was quite smooth. After both men bowed to one another, they lifted their heads up and looked at each other, and at the same time, they smiled. No matter how everyone would look at it, they were a match made in heaven.

“The ceremony is over!” The old man, who presided over the ceremony for Meng Ting‘s addition in the genealogical records earlier, shouted these words. This warm and bustling ceremony was finally over.

He smiled. His tasks today were finally done. After this, there would be a banquet at four o’clock and a ball later on in the evening. When the old folks have eaten their meals, they could almost leave.

However, just as everyone had retracted their gazes, and when they were about to withdraw from the wedding hall, Yan Sui took a step forward. Meng Ting blinked and waited for Yan Sui’s next step. After that, he was embraced and kissed by Yan Sui in front of everybody.

It was not the type of kiss wherein their lips would touch then separate; rather, it was a deep yet pretty restrained kiss.

After he had savored the taste of Meng Ting’s mouth, he slowly loosened his hold on the boy for a bit. He did not continue to kiss Meng Ting. He only held the boy in his arms. Then, Yan Sui pecked on his forehead, and once again, on the boy’s hair.

“Meng Ting, thank you for your willingness to marry me.”

Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui. His cheeks were blushing, then he nodded, “I’m willing to marry you.”

He hesitated a little, then he stood on his tiptoes and gently kissed Yan Sui on his lips. After that, he reached out and hugged Yan Sui back.

The hustle and bustle of the surrounding people, all at once, quieted down when they witnessed Yan Sui’s unexpected move. After that, they witnessed this unbearably sweet kiss and the mutual declaration of love of the two men.

Everyone was forced to stuff themselves with a mouthful of sweets and their heads were muddled with sweetness.

“Whooooo!!!” A few blinks later, Gu Lang and several others’ laughter was particularly exaggerated. They took the lead and the whole wedding hall picked up in an instant.

“Kiss once more. I didn’t dare to look a minute ago.”

Gu Lang voiced out most people’s wishes, and in passing, there was also a bunch of happy and rowdy jeering that followed after the shouting.

“One more kiss!”

“One more kiss!”

Meng Ting looked up at Yan Sui, and whispered to ask, “Didn’t we just kiss?”

Why does it sound like they were ashamed to kiss each other?

Yan Sui raised Meng Ting’s chin, then lowered his head and kissed the boy once again.



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